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  1. I plan to be there. Last year I spent the days trying not to look like a squeeing fangirl in front of Judd Winick and the nights running around in a red corset waving a bottle of Parrot Bay and yelling "but why is the rum gone?!"
  2. That would be much appreciated. And I promise I'll have your red paint to return to you.
  3. Why do you figure? Me, I'm thinking about how much better all those dire ape attacks in my last game would have been in Furious George form...
  4. For all the people using Testor's Dullcote, are you using spray-on or brush-on? All I've been able to find is brush-on, and I'm a little nervous to get it because I'm afraid of getting it on too thick. Despite the fact that I really like glossy, I think I need to switch to matte if I want my work to look good.
  5. I've decided that next April I'm going to prime every single mini I could possibly want to paint during an Atlanta summer.
  6. Wow. That's awesome. Sometime I'm going to bug you to share your secrets on cloth...
  7. You know, I recently found a copy of the Dark Heaven Apocalypse rulebook on eBay and bought it to satisfy some of my curiosity about Adon, and I can't help but notice some of the prominent names of old characters seem to be cropping up again... I wonder if this could have something to do with the plans for Reaper Games? *rubs palms in anticipation*
  8. I think 2689 Kurff the Swift was made for this warband. http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2600s/2689_G Also, if you want Robin Hood himself, Sandra Garrity did a limited edition sculpt you can get at Discount Hobby if you spend $30 there. He'll only be available till the end of August, though. http://www.discounthobby.com/Merchant2/mer...roduct_Code=GOD
  9. I didn't find it with the cleaning supplies, but in the automotive section at Target. Have you checked there at the Canadian equivalent?
  10. Simple Green is the bomb. It works like a charm, it's cheap, it smells good and you can use it to clean your whole house. At our mini-painting day in Atlanta, we discussed how figures lying in Simple Green look straight out of the Dead Marshes from LOTR.
  11. If you're average, Kevin, then the rest of us are just doomed.
  12. The person I'm painting for in the Mini Exchange has requested a Warlord fig with a base suitable for gaming. Unfortunately, I haven't painted a Warlord before, and as excited as I am to get my brushes on one of those gorgeous figs, I have no idea what "a base suitable for gaming" entails. Usually I just paint my broccoli base and that's it. Could someone give some advice?
  13. Elvenfury, the type of cat people you're describing sounds a lot like the litorians in Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed. I love them.
  14. For me, it has to be eyes. I stink at painting them, it takes me several tries even to fake it, and everyone online makes it look so effortless! I take comfort in the fact that it is just a tiny part of the mini...
  15. I'm a newcomer to the boards, so: hi! Hope I can get this to load.
  16. Hee. Cade, I watch Law and Order all the time while I'm painting. Then again, I watch Law and Order all the time, period... Though it's not my favoritest show (that would be Homicide), it's really the perfect thing to watch while I'm painting, because it's so familiar and I can follow along even when I'm concentrating on my mini. It's the television equivalent of comfort food. Of course, I'll know I'm in trouble when I find myself with a mini that looks like Briscoe...
  17. *looks at all the enthusiastic lingerie comments* My gosh, what was I thinking when I said that?
  18. I'm a near-total newbie to painting, so I just wanted to say: Wow. I think it's a great job, especially for someone so new to painting. I agree with Enchantra's suggestion about the primer. I think of primer as the lingerie of painting: a good foundation makes your mini look that much better.
  19. Do you do the actual spraying inside or outside?
  20. It stinks. I'm really eager to start painting the new minis and I keep looking at them thinking "Is this really that bad? Do I need to strip it or should I just start painting and hope the paint covers it?" Nice to see some more Atlantans around here!
  21. I decided to try white primer for the first time this week (I've been using gray). After it dried, it seemed rather chalky to me, it comes off in my hand a little bit, and the texture doesn't look very even. Does unevenness just show up more with white, or have I fallen victim to the dreaded Atlanta humidity? And does anyone have any tips on beating humidity? I'm dreading the thought of not being able to get a decent finish till October.
  22. Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and decided to take the plunge and join. I started gaming last year, and one of my games used miniatures, so I ventured out to find one for my character. Maria Roseblade was perfect for my character Martina and I've been hooked on Reaper ever since. Pretty quickly I decided I wanted to paint her and even though I'm clumsy with little patience, discovered I really enjoyed it! I hope to post pictures soon. My question is, could anyone recommend some good books on painting technique? So far I'm a klutz at shading and pretty much any technique more advanced than slapping some paint on. I've checked out Jenova's website (great stuff!) and have printed some things out to try, so please recommend websites too if you know of good ones. Anything would be appreciated! It's nice to meet y'all!
  23. Gabe, would you be willing to share your gem technique?
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