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  1. Though she does not express it so loudly, Aridwyn is just as impressed as Janara is. She allows herself a smug little grin when she realizes that she, an exiled elf, has now seen something the elders never have.
  2. Aridwyn puts an arrow in the fishy intruder with her trademark calm, but it evaporates as soon as the fight is over, replaced by a plaintive wail. "Bhoggy!" Aridwyn immediately drops her bow (a rare occurrence; she usually takes great care with her most-prized possession, carved by her own hands) and pulls her rarely-used dagger from her belt. She slashes frantically at the netting, and appears more agitated than Bhogmur. Only Janara's careful management keeps Aridwyn from accidentally injuring Bhogmur in her haste. Once he is freed, she squeezes him tight.
  3. Aridwyn starts to move to join Rune, but one look at his gritted teeth tells her that he might not prefer company right now. Instead, she wanders over to join Bhogmur, Janara, and Ernesto. She ruffles Bhogmur's hair, hoping the visit to the Reptus city will allow her more time to spend with him.
  4. Aridwyn is unfazed by Rune's reaction to the barge, as most dwarves she has known were not overly fond of water, but she is a little surprised to see that his discomfort seems to be contagious. Surely the Crusaders have boats of their own? She lightly says, "I hear the Reptus are excellent craftsmen, and that their cities look like nothing known to the rest of Adon. And swamp water is seldom deep." She leaps aboard without a moment's hesitation, hoping it will calm the others.
  5. Malachias answers before Aridwyn can formulate an answer, and she nods. "Most likely." She looks at the prisoners still screaming to their vile god and her eyes narrow. "Good. Let them do something useful for once in their miserable lives." "Join the club," Aridwyn says, her eyes on the trail. "We had a most unpleasant visit with some denizens of Craclaw recently... Rune, you would like our compatriot Erik. He has quite the grudge against Craclaw. I've been carrying it on for him in his unfortunate absence."
  6. Aridwyn attempts to snicker discreetly behind her hand, but does a very poor job of it.
  7. Excellent news, Glen! Congratulations! We need some good people in law.
  8. Aridwyn is shocked, and more than a little disappointed in herself for not noticing that she and Rune had company. Though she is unsettled by the Nagendra, owing to her distaste for snakes, she composes herself and acquieses to the Reptus as best she can without understanding their language, trying to convey respect through her movements. She remembers what her mother told her before her first trip out of Almirithil: "Always treat the homes of others with the respect you would have them show to Almirithil."
  9. Aridwyn follows Rune's instructions. Looking straight ahead, she whispers, "You've had dealings with the Reptus before?"
  10. Aridwyn nods to Rune, and quickly and quietly scribbles a note which she then wraps around a pigeon's leg. She tosses the bird into the air and as it flies in the direction of the wagon, she advances to cover Rune, likewise with no weapons drawn.
  11. Aridwyn begins to giggle, her laughs becoming louder until she has to cling to Daffodil to keep from falling off. "No, we elves put quite the premium on cleanliness..." She wipes the tears from her eyes. "But certain of our elders are obsessed with propriety and frown on the sight of a fully-grown, fully-clad ranger romping through the water shrieking like a child."
  12. "Now I fear I am the one who must apologize for my people's lack of hospitality," Aridwyn replies with a light laugh. "Please do not be offended; they practically chased me out. Thought too much time by myself in the woods had driven me a bit mad." She omits the small detail of her announcing her admiration of the Reven philosophy of "kill 'em all" to Prince Danithal; while Rune is clearly more open-minded than the average dwarf, she sees no reason to push her luck. "Almirithil is a beautiful land, green as emerald, filled with the trees that are our allies and our friends. We of course would not wish to harm these trees, so our homes are built around them and sometimes in them -- graceful dwellings of stone, the finest embellished with the precious metals and gems that we love as much as your people do. It is a sight to see, the sunlight gleaming on the gold... Some of our distant kin from Terembithil think Almirithil is rather too bright and hot, but I find it lovely. If it gets too hot, I can always go splash in one of the crystal-clear streams that run through the land... I just make sure no elders are watching first, that's all."
  13. Aridwyn looks down and sighs. "My people are an ancient and proud race... perhaps too proud. The eldest of my family have told me tales of many a noble culture now long dead and forgotten, because they grew too haughty. My people would do well to listen to those stories, and to learn from the younger races..." She looks up with a sudden, impish grin. "I'd wager it's not too often someone from outside Aizen Krahl calls you young, eh? Before your arrival, I believe I was older than the entire rest of our little band put together." Aridwyn listens raptly to Rune's description of Aizen Krahl, exclaiming with awe periodically. "So different from my forest home, yet it sounds no less beautiful. I hope you will show me all these wondrous places when we arrive... all the places you are allowed to show an elf, that is," she throws in with a wink.
  14. "Nice shot," Aridwyn comments with admiration. "How exotic," Aridwyn replies. "My sister and I used to fish while camping outside Almirithil, but I was never much good at it... glowing eyes might have helped. I must say, I'm quite curious about your homeland. What is it like?"
  15. Seeing the commotion, Aridwyn follows Bhogmur to find a shivering and shuddering Janara. A swift pang of guilt goes through her; I can just as easily trance by the fire, I should have given her my tent. She attempts to aid Jasmine, but, not being a healer, mostly just gets in the way. Jasmine is kind enough not to yell at her.
  16. As Ernesto speaks, Aridwyn looks over at the sleeping orc she considers her son. Noticing his loaded crossbow, she frowns and removes the bolt, making a mental note to discuss crossbow safety with Bhogmur at the earliest convenience. She then smooths his hair, taking care not to wake him. Once again, she wonders what horrors he has been through, and marvels at his resiliency. Perhaps I will ask him about his pictures tomorrow. As Ernesto finishes speaking, Aridwyn turns to him. "I'm glad to know. Chronicler Ernesto, I hoped I could beg a favor of you... during the day, when we're scouting, I worry about what Bhogmur may be picking up from Freen," she says in a low voice. "Could I beg you to keep an eye on him, and let me know if there are any problems?"
  17. As camp is set up, Aridwyn is even quieter than usual, nursing her injury and helping where she can. She spends some time talking with Bhogmur about his day and then quietly listening to Janara and Ernesto's conversation. Aridwyn's ears prick up. She leans forward and listens intently, as this is something she has long wondered about.
  18. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody!
  19. "I heard Joe offer him the Mercy of Aurellius," Aridwyn tells Janara in a hushed tone, momentarily forgetting her pain. "It was... amazing. I've heard of it, everyone has, but I'd never seen it before." She gazes over at Joe with a touch of awe. Aridwyn bites her lip as Janara tends to her wound, determined not to swear in her friend's face. Aridwyn giggles in return. "Well, I think it's quite fetching. Wonder if it's in fashion in Almirithil this season?"
  20. Having dispatched her pigeon, Aridwyn drags herself over to Janara. "What can I do to help? ...Not that I think I'll be much help right now," she shrugs her uninjured shoulder.
  21. Aridwyn is dimly aware the battle has ended, but her attention is on the arrow sticking out of her right shoulder. She moans and bites off an orcish curse under her breath. "Verdammt ghakdush!" Aridwyn manages to retrieve a pigeon, but writing the needed note is far more difficult, as she is right-handed. Finally she manages to scrawl "please send jasmine quick" and send the bird on its way.
  22. Aridwyn is so intent on locating their assailants that she temporarily takes leave of her senses and remains where she is. Only Janara's well-timed shout pulls her back to the danger of the situation. Aridwyn fires her arrow at the man hiding in the tree and then dashes to join Janara.
  23. Aridwyn soon catches up to Rune and Janara. "Any new signs of them?" She eyes the tracks, trying to deduce whether there are two seperate groups or one big one.
  24. Seeing Rune and Janara take off, Aridwyn takes Bhogmur by the hand and leads him to Zeke. "Would you like some assistance taking care of Kaba?" she asks as she hands Bhogmur off to Zeke. "Be good," she tells Bhogmur with a smile and a squeeze of the hand. "And when I get back I have an idea I think you'll like." Satisfied that Bhogmur is in good hands, Aridwyn mounts Daffodil and takes off after Rune and Janara.
  25. "If you say so, Mister Freen," Aridwyn mutters, still examining the tracks, "then that certainly speaks to his ill character." Aridwyn leaves out the part she is thinking about how any mercenary Marcus Freen finds morally reprehensible must indeed be the bottom of the barrel of sentient existence. Bhogmur comes trotting out to join Aridwyn, her pigeon contendedly riding on his shoulder. Aridwyn smiles and ruffles his hair as she stands. "Good job, Bhasmagh." She wonders if Bhogmur might enjoy having the pigeon as a pet who could also carry messages ahead to her from the main party, and decides to talk with him about it once the mercenaries have been dealt with. "Janara's right," Aridwyn says, scanning the horizon as she speaks. "Based on what Rune's told us, I'd wager that ogre's signed on with sellswords. You can have anything you like fight for you in Taltos as long as you have the coin to pay for it." "As to your question, these tracks are very fresh. And look," she points ahead a short distance. "There the two groups of tracks merge. I can't tell if the two groups joined or if one is tracking the other, but the good news is we only have one path to follow. The sooner we get going, the better." "It seems to me we have the advantage in our new companion, for Rune has been tracking them for some time." Aridwyn turns to the dwarf. "You have knowledge of them that we do not; what would you advise?"
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