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  1. Feeling less than talkative, Aridwyn quietly examines the tracks, in particular the new ones that Janara has just found.
  2. Aridwyn blinks in amazement as Rune dismembers the wounded man. She says nothing, however, as she realizes within a split second that she likely would have done the same against a Darkspawn. She feels a pang of sympathy for whatever pains their new companion has suffered.
  3. Aridwyn feels completely helpless as she sees her friend in anguish. "Don't think like that," Aridwyn urges. "It was a noble thing to do. Better far to do that than neglect an innocent. You are not like him. You are better than that." As Janara mutters, half to the others, half to herself, Aridwyn examines the tracks, hoping that getting on the move will distract Janara. "Let's hurry."
  4. Aridwyn puts her own anger on hold when she sees the fury in Janara's face. Though her heart aches for yet another indignity to her orcish friends and the orcling she declares her son, she knows that she cannot truly understand the pain Janara must feel right now. She places a hand on Janara's shoulder in solidarity. "This will not go unpunished. You know you have my bow." She gazes over at the fallen figure and feels her temper boiling over. "Damned curs. I should not even call them dogs, for Nokhai possesses loyalty and nobility, concepts these beasts would not recognize if they tripped
  5. Aridwyn finishes scrawling her hasty note to Rai, briefly explaining the circumstances and where to look for them, then lets her pigeon fly and nods to the others. "Ready when you are," she tells them, readying an arrow from her quiver.
  6. Aridwyn stands and nods. "I agree. No sense in letting the trail get any colder. Rune, do you think the three of us could take them? I'm a fair archer, and Janara's a fine swordswoman. Or should I perhaps start trailing them now and you can catch up to me once the others arrive?" She takes a piece of paper, waiting only for a consensus before sending a message to the rest of the party.
  7. Aridwyn scowls at Rune's words. "Cowards." She joins the two in searching, though she is very careful to keep an eye out for anyone approaching.
  8. Aridwyn dismounts and cautiously approaches Janara, looking around carefully. "I'm guessing you've been in the area longer than we have, Rune... have you heard any word of Reven bands?"
  9. Aridwyn chuckles in turn. "These must be some shoes. However, if you ever do wish for a mount for any reason, we should be able to provide one." She then smiles at Janara's barrage of questions. Aridwyn supresses some snickering at Janara's favorite subject. But when talk turns to Bhogmur, she holds her breath. And how to explain this one, Aridwyn thinks to herself. Aridwyn lets out an audible sigh of relief at Rune's comments. "I am glad to hear it. Your speech does your people proud." "Bhogmur is indeed my son, at least in every way that matters to me,"
  10. Aridwyn nods to the dwarven newcomer. "Aridwyn Starwarder, ranger of Almirithil," she introduces herself, extending a hand for the dwarf to shake. "I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance. I believe you've met Janara. Have you a steed?"
  11. Aridwyn is so fascinated by the goings-on with the dwarven newcomer that she fails to catch Bhogmur before he runs off. She sighs with relief as Janara deftly distracts the boy. He is a handful sometimes... I'd never be able to keep him out of harm's way without Janara and Joe. Though she is dying of curiosity to make their new comrade's acquaintance, she holds back so he can enjoy his meal and Joe and Zeke's company in peace.
  12. As she sees the dwarf's warm greeting to Joe, Aridwyn's curiosity gets the best of her and she approaches the group, Bhogmur in hand, before the brewing argument between Janara and Malachias can escalate.
  13. Aridwyn takes Bhogmur's hand as Janara turns him over to her and watches from a safe distance. Though her curiosity is killing her, she knows nothing of the dwarf, and is worried he might have an adverse reaction to Bhogmur. She listens as carefully as she can.
  14. As quickly as she can, Aridwyn hops off Daffodil and comes running for the wagon. "Bhoggy!" she calls, throwing her arms around the young orc and looking cheerier than she has in some time. "I missed you! What has Ernesto been teaching you to sing?" Once she has finished properly greeting Bhogmur, Aridwyn turns to Ernesto with a grin. "I fear I should ask what other naughty songs you've been teaching him, but first I have something that I believe belongs to you, Chronicler Ernesto." She produces Ernesto's book from its hiding place in her cloak and presents it to him with no little pride.
  15. Seeing the exchange between Malachias and Rai, Aridwyn mutters something under her breath and nudges Daffodil forward, keeping her own counsel for a time before moving to join Janara. "You're the best, Joe," Aridwyn joins in with a grin. "Because I am starving. Did Bhogmur behave himself?"
  16. Seeing Janara's increasing agitation, Aridwyn gently places a hand on her shoulder. "Janara's right. We should hurry," she says, turning to the others. Hoping to distract Janara from her jangled nerves, she begins chatting with Janara in a light tone. "Bhoggy will love learning to use the crossbow. Do you realize, at this rate pretty soon he'll have more weaponry than the rest of us put together?"
  17. "The sooner, the better," Aridwyn agrees, and begins to follow Janara. In mid-stride she stops, and instead moves to join Rai. "Are you feeling better this morning? You seemed upset last night. Is there anything I can do?" she asks discreetly.
  18. Aridwyn shakes her head. "No. You rest. I can handle it."
  19. "Shush, Mal, you'll wake the dead and then Janara will have a fit," Aridwyn grumps, coming out of her trance. She heads outside to take watch.
  20. Aridwyn stares rather blankly at Janara's cakes; cooking has a way of making her feel out of her depth. She idly pokes at one with her finger. I wonder what Joe and Zeke will feed Bhoggy tonight? She feels a sense of relief that the task at hand was quickly accomplished and tomorrow she will return to the orcling who she feels more and more is her son. She smiles to imagining the stories of the Reven Bhogmur may be telling Chronicler Ernesto right now. Glancing across the cabin at the recumbent Ben, her thoughts turn to his injuries and whether their severity will slow their movement tomo
  21. After Aridwyn manages to search the horse without incident, she turns her attention to its wounds, removing the arrows and treating the horse as best she can. "We can't abandon these horses out in the middle of nowhere. I think we should take them with us... the drovers would likely find them useful, and this warhorse is magnificent, even if the company it's kept leaves something to be desired." Aridwyn looks skeptically at the cakes, wishing that perhaps Janara didn't think her quite so competent, as she is most definitely not a good cook.
  22. Aridwyn feels palpable relief as her arrows find their mark, tempered with a sense of dread as she sees Bootknife take the hit. She shoots again, hoping her arrows can do some damage.
  23. Seeing that the horse is quite injured, Aridwyn turns her attention and her arrows to the Onyx Chevalier. My arrows stand little chance of getting through that armor, but if I can distract him enough for Janara to do her work, that will be enough.
  24. Aridwyn, cursing her wasted arrows, follows Malachias' lead and fires again at the horse. A crying shame to go after an animal, but I fear I have little choice, and I doubt I've a prayer of shooting him in that armor. I hope Janara knows what she's doing...
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