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  1. Seeing Janara charge forward, Aridwyn mutters a prayer to any gods who might happen to be listening, and aims for one of the horse's knees.
  2. Now, now. We're not evil. You must be thinking of our wayward Darkspawn cousins Seriously, though, I know the next time you head up this way, my Elves are in big trouble!
  3. Watching the cabin, Aridwyn sees Janara heading toward the cabin and moves to join her. "Care for some company?"
  4. Aridwyn steps forward to follow Nokhai, an arrow still at the ready.
  5. Aridwyn looks ahead to see two men in Malverite armor, one with a pavisse and crossbow. He is loading it and looking straight at the group. Aridwyn shouts an alarm and lets her arrow fly...
  6. Aridwyn frowns and halts as she sees Janara's motioning. She takes an arrow from her quiver and peers ahead, listening carefully.
  7. Aridwyn returns to the front, watching Nokhai as closely as she can and allowing a fair bit of distance between Janara and herself.
  8. "But if Joe's not with the wagon, who's going to protect it?" Aridwyn offers. "Knowing Joe, I doubt he'd want to leave it, especially on such scant evidence."
  9. "I see smoke... possibly from a campfire," Aridwyn whispers back. "I hadn't hoped to find our quarry this early, and it may be someone or something entirely different altogether, but let's work with the assumption that it's something we don't want to know we're coming." "No, no. He's doing great... I must confess, I didn't realize he could do anything like this. I thought you kept him around because you liked having your shoes chewed on."
  10. Aridwyn follows Nokhai, watching carefully for any changes in the smoke or anything else of interest.
  11. Aridwyn suddenly stops, raising a finger to her lips with a warning look at Janara. "Shhhh. Let's not announce our arrival." "Look," she whispers, using her other hand to point northward to a thin wisp of smoke on the horizon. "Do you see it?"
  12. "No. They're worse." Aridwyn cringes. "The Onyx Chevaliers are cruel and merciless, and unlike the Darkspawn, they're meticulously organized, which makes them even more of a threat."
  13. Aridwyn gently spurs Daffodil forward to join Janara. Without a keen nose like Nokhai's, she is forced to rely on her eyes for any signs of the trail.
  14. Aridwyn follows Janara back to the main camp to take care of some personal business of her own. Aridwyn easily finds Bhogmur, who is happily doodling on his slate. She calls him over and scoops him up on her lap, as much to soothe herself as to comfort him. She pauses for a second, wondering how to explain Overlords and Chronicler's books, and finally settles on the simplest explanation. "A bad man did something wrong, and I need to go set it right. Janara's going with me, and Lady Rai and Malachias and Ben. We can't take you with us this time, but we should be back soon. I need you to help me while we're gone. Listen to what Joe and Zeke tell you, and keep a watch for anything strange. I'll be back as soon as I can." She takes Bhogmur in hand and heads to the wagon to find Jasmine. "Is Ernesto awake yet? There's someone I'd like him to meet."
  15. "I agree with Janara," Aridwyn echoes. "There's no way we can track a mounted warrior through woods and snow with a wagon... not to mention, Ernesto's not in the shape for it, and those poor drovers didn't sign on for something like this. I think we should keep as many of us together as we're able, but this isn't a mission for everyone." "I'm not sure, especially with this weather," Aridwyn replies, "but if we want to have a chance of finding out, we've got to hit the trail soon." "We still have my pigeons, so we do have at least some form of communication."
  16. Oh, Ana, I'm so sorry. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
  17. "We've got to get that book back," Aridwyn answers, her eyes already searching the horizon. "I know that the Chroniclers' books are the reason the Templars came to be in the first place, and that book has fallen into perhaps the worst possible hands. The Darkspawn would desecrate it and the Necropolis would... well, I'll leave that to Janara to imagine, but the Overlords are crafty and always looking to turn a profit on the blood of innocents." She sighs and turns to Rai. "I know I cannot ask for much. The mission to Aizen Krahl takes precedence, and we have no time to waste. But do you think you can briefly spare me and anyone who might join me to right this wrong?"
  18. Aridwyn doesn't even attempt to suppress her snort. "Yeah. Like everything. Any piece of information about Taltos they can get their bloody hands on is a roadmap to capturing more slaves. If Erik were here, he wouldn't let it happen. Since he's not, I'll just have to do it for him." She stalks off in search of Rai.
  19. Aridwyn makes eye contact with Janara, her eyebrows shooting up. "An Onyx Chevalier? Oh, dear..."
  20. "Can you tell more about this warrior?" Aridwyn gently prods. "I know you are a man of details by trade, Chronicler Ernesto. No detail is too small: his hair color, his eye color, the style of his armor, the accent of his speech..." A terrible thought pops up in her head, but she shakes it off, blaming it on the paranoia that has haunted her in the past few years. "Aridwyn." Aridwyn looks up to see Jasmine looking at her intently. "We need to get him up and moving, for his circulation." Aridwyn offers her most winning smile to Ernesto. "Chronicler Ernesto, will you walk with me? We hope to see you to warmer accomodations soon."
  21. "A sled? Is there anything to make one out of?" Aridwyn gazes about. She pauses a moment and turns to the ill man. "Please forgive my lapse in manners. My name is Aridwyn Starwarder, and these are my comrades Janara, Jasmine, Malachias, and Percy, on a mission out of the 'Spire." She pauses for a moment and offers the man her flask again. "Do you remember anything about who stole your book?"
  22. Seeing nothing more important she can currently do, Aridwyn begins to help Janara search for the book. "I don't suppose you could persuade Nokhai to dig this up for us?" she asks with a small, sly grin.
  23. "Malachias found him in the snow," Aridwyn answers. "We thought he was dead at first, but Janara discovered otherwise and gave him her cloak. And we gave him some wine to wake him up, but that's all we've had the time or knowledge for. What can we do to aid you in your work?"
  24. Aridwyn's laughter abruptly stops at Malachias' words. She nods agreement to Janara, who is already rushing over to examine the fallen Chronicler, and tightens her grip on her bow, intending to stand guard for Janara and Malachias. At Janara's words, Aridwyn forgets the watch and rushes to help, even though she knows but little about healing. She grabs a thick winter blanket from her pack and hands it to Janara. "I'll wager we can get her to us faster than we can get him to her." Aridwyn is already scribbling a note: Found deathly ill Chronicler, please send Jasmine. Hurry. She attaches the note to one of her carrier pigeons and lets it fly back along the road. She next pulls a flask of the leftover elven wine from her pack. "Think this might warm him until Jasmine arrives?"
  25. Aridwyn watches Janara's confusion with her usual inscrutable look on her face. Her pointy ears had already detected the new presence, but she had decided to wait a moment for any signs of aggression. As Janara brings her horse to a halt, Aridwyn does the same and nocks an arrow. She turns to see Malachias. Recognizing him, she lowers her bow with a frown. "Is all well? Is there trouble?"
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