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  1. Aridwyn casts a sideways smirk at her friend. "And may I ask why it was so noisy? Or did Zeke make it just too crowded in there for yours and Joe's taste?" She waggles her eyebrows wickedly.
  2. Aridwyn gazes into the overcast sunrise. "Poor Bhoggy," she echoes Janara. "It's a terrible thing to lose one's family for any reason, especially so young, but to the Darkspawn is one of the worst of all..." She shakes her head as if trying to shake away the bad memories. "And then to be captured by them, after he witnessed whatever happened. Such horrors have broken many a brave warrior. Perhaps it is the hand of your Aurellius that has kept him strong and pure of heart. I think perhaps our little Bhogmur is destined for great things." She turns to Janara. "It was a long time before I co
  3. To Aridwyn's vague surprise, the physical pain in her leg seems nothing compared to Bhogmur's wails. She clamps her teeth down on her lip in an attempt to look strong for the orcling. "It's all right, bhasamagh. I'll be okay." She manages a wan smile as she squeezes his hand. As Jasmine ministers to her, she sighs with relief. Bhogmur continues to cling to her. Aridwyn offers her half-orc friend a smile. "I've had worse. I'll just be happy if I can get enough rest tonight."
  4. Aridwyn screams, her tone a mixture of pain and fury. She bites off an orcish curse and fires an arrow at the wolverine.
  5. Thank you so much, Kevin, but my co-worker has decided that since his stepdaughter will want to do something on Christmas and he hasn't bought the paints yet because he's going to let her pick the colors, their Christmas-day project will be assembling and priming the dragon. I'm going to pick up some MSP for him this weekend -- any recommendations on how much to thin it for use with an airbrush? Thank you all for your generous and wonderful help! Kelly
  6. "It looks much better, thank you, Ben," Aridwyn replies. "Daffodil didn't seem bothered by it today at all, though I will need to keep an eye on it." Bhogmur runs over and deposits himself on Aridwyn's lap, proudly showing off his jar of music. "Did you tell Lady Rai 'thank you?'" Aridwyn notices the volume is much softer this time. Over Bhogmur's head, she makes eye contact with Rai and mouths a silent "thank you." Aridwyn reaches into her cloak and pulls out the young hawk, then feeds it a bit of her supper. Bhogmur examines the hawk with great interest, and Aridwyn shows him how t
  7. I apologize for asking a fairly nitpicky question. One of my co-workers has purchased Marthrangul for his dragon-loving stepdaughter for Christmas so they can paint it together. (All together now: Awwwwwwwww... ) He wants to go ahead and prime it and asked me which primer I would recommend. I haven't primed anything that large or used an airbrush (he has an airbrush he might use) so I thought I would come to you fine people for advice. The primer must be water-based. He was thinking gray but he's flexible about color. The painting will probably be fairly simple because of her age, so a da
  8. Rather than replying, the elf gives the half-orc a very long and inscrutable look, one eyebrow raised.
  9. "The pigeons don't really show enough interest in me for me to consider them pets," Aridwyn replies. "I'd describe it more as a mutually beneficial professional relationship. They carry my messages; I give them food. Other than that they're mostly content to be left to themselves. But to answer your question, my family has a great fondness for cats. When I was a young ranger, I once tried to tame an elven fox. It did not go so well. Hopefully my animal handling skills have improved since then." She laughs nostalgically. "Adeline had somewhat better luck with a squirrel."
  10. I'm glad to hear that. I know it must be a comfort to you and your family.
  11. "Something like that," Aridwyn murmurs, cradling the hawk, who miraculously only has minor injuries . "I think Nokhai brought this one here for a reason." Tucking the hawk away safely, she asks, "So which of these pets was your favorite?"
  12. Aridwyn smirks at Rai's joke. "Pigeons it is, then." Aridwyn feels a sense of relief as she and Janara ride out of Yanus. For some reason the town had made her uneasy, though she was certainly grateful for the hospitality. It feels good to be out on the road again. Nokhai trots along; today is his first day joining the scouts. "Y'dont mind, do ya?" Janara asked as they started out. "Of course not. Dogs are excellent company." Aridwyn scans the horizon, eager to find a deer of her own to satisfy her competitive streak. "But isn't it exciting?" Aridwyn replies, though she cinch
  13. Aridwyn trots up on the recovered Daffodil just in time to hear Rai's question. "I can take a couple of the carrier pigeons with us. We can send a message through one of them if necessary. Now I believe it is time to, as you humans say, head 'em up and move 'em out."
  14. Noticing that the negotiations appear to be drawing to a close, Aridwyn finishes her breakfast and heads outside to examine Daffodil's hoof.
  15. Upon seeing that the villagers mean no harm, Aridwyn releases her grip on Bhogmur's hand, her thoughts turning to breakfast. Bhogmur takes the opportunity to dash across the room to join his hero. His little eyes get wide as saucers when he hears tell of the minotaur.
  16. Oh, she's beeyootiful!! Thanks, Bryan!!
  17. The restless crowd reminds Aridwyn of Janara's comments upon their arrival the day before. She takes Bhogmur's hand and watches for something to happen. Bhogmur seems remarkably unperturbed, although he would rather have both hands free to draw on his slate.
  18. Aridwyn frowns in solidarity. "I guess some people are just determined to find something to fight over. 'Tis a pity." "Oh, he'll love it," Aridwyn replies, delighted herself that Bhoggy will have a plaything that isn't smelly. She feels a pang, knowing that Janara has little coin and probably spent most of what she had on Bhoggy's gift. When she is certain no one is watching, she slips a few coins into Janara's coinpurse. As Aridwyn expected, Bhoggy squeals with excitement when Janara gives him the slate. Aridwyn feels great relief at how the Crusaders have accepted Bhoggy with open
  19. Aridwyn grins as she pockets the coins. "That's very generous of Denelspire. My gratitude. But let the next round be on me!" "I hear the Racheau fancy themselves the best vintners in Adon, though the Tirilithians beg to differ. One day we will have to acquire a bottle of the best of each and settle the question." Aridwyn watches with a grin as Janara dispatches their sotted visitor, and is pleased to see Joe take the seat next to her. Janara's feelings for Joe have become something of an open secret, she had realized when talking with Rai earlier, and she sincerely hopes they wil
  20. As the group disperses, Aridwyn taps Rai's shoulder. "A word with you in private, Lady Rai?" She gives her warmest smile to the young mage, mindful that the two have clashed at times. "I can see you are nervous. That is wise, for this is a big responsibility. But Denelspire would not have trusted you with it if you were not fully capable of it. Your planning is sound and wise, but be sure to take some time for yourself tonight. Have a nice meal with your fellow. Do not let worry consume you. And please, never hesistate to ask any of us for help; it is no sign of weakness. I know I speak for Ja
  21. Aridwyn nods. "This is likely to be our last night in a relatively friendly town for gods know how long, so I think we should take advantage of it. Personally I think we should get rooms for the evening and all get some food in our bellies and a good night's sleep. The fresher we are coming out of here, the better." Aridwyn returns the smirk. "I was going to suggest we just barricade him in his room for the night, but I like your idea better. Let's just go ahead and put him there now and then we won't have to worry about anyone waking us up in the middle of the night wanting us to co
  22. Aridwyn nods along as Rai plans aloud. She realizes quickly that she has underestimated Rai; the young human is well-organized and obviously knows far more about planning a watch than she would have expected from a mage. Suddenly she feels far less nervous about the coming journey. She does feel a little sheepish when Rai mentions her darkvision spell; the human she had thought had no night vision will be able to see better than her. Aridwyn looks at her friend for a second and then begins to laugh heartily, as if she has not laughed in a long time (and to be honest, it does feel lik
  23. "Thanks for the warning," Aridwyn mutters, somewhat distracted by all the implications of Janara's comment. She makes a mental note to watch Janara and Joe's backs as well, though in Joe's case in particular she finds herself thinking it's rather like sending a fly to watch over an elephant. If the hulking half-orc got into any trouble he couldn't handle himself, she doubted she'd be much help. The group begins to buzz, and Aridwyn quickly learns of the attempt on Duke Gerard's life and the reordering of the group. Her forehead creases deeply at the news of the assassination attempt; she g
  24. Aridwyn has very quietly walked up behind Rai and Janara as they discuss the possibility of Rai trying her hand at the bow. "I think that's an excellent idea. Archery is dependent on one's nimbleness, not strength. I have known casters who were quite good with a bow, and it's a priceless skill when the battle has outlasted one's spells. I could certainly assist if you like, Rai." She smiles. "Thank you for Bhoggy's music-jar. I've seldom seen him quite so delighted. Oh, and nice kill, Janara." She smirks. "But Ben tells me Daffodil should be ready to run tomorrow and then I'm going to give you
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