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  1. Aridwyn is impressed with Ben's quick work; she hadn't realized he knew anything about the care of horses. "Thank you, Ben. Much obliged. I believe I'll walk Daffodil today just to be safe, though. Hopefully she and I can return to our riding tomorrow."
  2. Aridwyn sits quietly by the fire, half-listening to the conversations as she watches Bhogmur doodle. She is about to speak of her dream of a Taltos without undead, Darkspawn, or slavers when Rai begins to reminisce about Rachaeu. She raises her eyebrows but remains silent. The longer Aridwyn spends with humans, the less she understands them. Curse them with birth in a dump like Taltos and they'll long for a land of peace and prosperity. Give them a land of peace and prosperity and they'll go off to find trouble anyway. She shrugs and falls into her trance. Aridwyn is blinking awake wh
  3. Aridwyn feels a pang of guilt at Janara's words, paired with a meaningful look. "Perhaps I spoke rashly," she murmurs. "Perhaps... but more likely it's because we stand back and let the burlier races rush into fights while we snipe from a safe distance," Aridwyn deadpans. "No wait, that's just why I have lived a long time."
  4. "Of course I won't laugh, khami," Aridwyn replies, touched. "I must confess that I'm quite dying of curiosity now!" As they ride on, Aridwyn's tone turns more serious. "And since you're a good secret-keeper too... Don't tell anyone, but something's worrying me. I barely know Rai, but she seems so weak. Do you think she's up to this journey? She's already had a close call and we're only one day out."
  5. As she sits by the roaring fire, Aridwyn falls into the trance state which takes the place of sleep for elves. She wakes to a little tug on her sleeve. Bhoggy grins up at her toothily; Joe and Zeke stand behind him. "He wanted to try his hand at keepin' watch," Zeke says by way of explanation. Aridwyn is pleased to hear it; Bhoggy's night vision is better than hers, and the company will be welcome. She thanks them, compliments them on the dinner, and sends them off to bed. She then moves away from the fire a bit, so as not to disturb the sleepers, and hoists Bhogmur onto her lap. Bhogmur
  6. "Sleep well," Aridwyn replies, but Rai is already out like a light. Aridwyn sits quietly for a little while, enjoying the fire and the crisp fall night. Moments of silence have become rare since Bhogmur came into her life, and while she wouldn't trade him for all of Taltos, she savors the moment, knowing it is unlikely to come again on this journey.
  7. Aridwyn returns to the fire just as Rai is curling up for the night. She nods and speaks pleasantly. "Is there anything I can do for you, Rai? You've had the hardest day of all of us, I daresay."
  8. Hey Kevin, Would love to come, but my Eberron group plays every Saturday. Maybe I'll make it one of these days! Or maybe you could play Warlord with us one Sunday! Kelly
  9. Aridwyn relaxes by the fire, enjoying its warmth and the company of her fellow travelers. She raises her eyebrows at Rai's rather snappish response to Janara, and leaps in quickly to change the subject. "I have traveled through Tirilithia, the homeland of the high elves," she begins casually. "It is a beautiful land, more temperate than Taltos, and greener. Its streams and rivers are dotted with the loveliest waterfalls you can imagine." She smiles at the memory. "Someday I hope to travel further north and see Terembithil, the great forest that humans call the Woodspike. Niriodel and his wood-
  10. "Oh, is that what that gods-awful stench was?" Aridwyn replies, delicately wrinkling her nose.
  11. Aridwyn blanches a little at the question. Despite her intense hatred of all things Darkspawn, somehow it just seems not quite right to her to teach little Bhoggy how to desecrate corpses, even with the noble purpose of preventing undead. He's already seen so much for his age... "I don't know," she says carefully. "What do you think the Crusaders would think?"
  12. "Let's go make some!" Aridwyn replies with a wicked grin. "That'll bring Bhoggy and Nokhai running... I cannot speak for orcs, but there's nothing little boys and little dogs like better than mud." Though Aridwyn's tone is light and her smile playful, behind it she cannot help but think that Janara seems on edge. Perhaps playing in the mud will do us all some good. It's far too early for us to be getting on each other's nerves.
  13. Aridwyn quickens her pace as the group returns to the wagon, anxious to make sure Bhoggy is all right. Janara sometimes tells her that "ya coddle the boy too much, 'speshally for an orc," but she can't help herself; poor Bhoggy gets chided by half of Denelspire every time he gets in trouble, so she tries twice as hard to make him feel loved. As Janara greets Nokhai, Aridwyn hurries to the wagon to see Bhogmur. "Bhoggy? Are you all right? Did you behave?" Bhoggy grins, a death-grip on his axe as usual. He begins to babble happily about the battle. "I stayed like Joe told me to. Mal sai
  14. Aridwyn gleefully assists Janara with her grisly task. She takes a moment to search the bodies for any useful information, but finds only the usual Darkspawn detritus and some items which appear to be stolen. Once she and Janara finish beheading the corpses, Aridwyn approaches the freed hostages with the items. "Are these yours?" She then heads back to the wagon with the rest of the party, anxious to check on Bhogmur.
  15. Aridwyn's relief is palpable when she hears Janara's battle cry; she always finds the focus of battle preferable to the agony of indecision. As she had indicated to Janara, she takes aim on the Darkspawn in the middle, aiming for its head. She is not fast enough to stop it from throwing a dagger, but then it freezes for a mere instant, and Aridwyn knows that Rai has arrived. The arrow goes through the Darkspawn's eye, just as she had intended, and the Isiri hits the ground, allowing the hostage to escape. With the battle heat still coursing through her veins, it takes Aridwyn a second to
  16. Terror grips Aridwyn as she realizes Janara is right. Oh gods, don't let their blood be on my hands too... She wills herself not to freeze, to keep control as she silently nods and focuses on the warrior beside the one Janara has claimed.
  17. Aridwyn lets out a small yelp of surprise as Janara drags her after Joe, but as soon as her mind catches up to her feet, she eagerly dashes after her friend. Asking permission was somewhat instinctual with Aridwyn after her elven training, and she hadn't wanted to ruffle any feathers by not asking here, but she finds herself taking an almost childlike joy in the spontanaiety of the chase. And what was waiting for permission really going to do but waste precious time? Surely George would understand she meant no disrespect. Maybe I should take a lesson from Janara... "Maybe it's an unde
  18. As Aridwyn and Janara ride toward the rest of the party, both of them see Joe taking off in a dead heat. Puzzled, Aridwyn spurs her horse on, lowering her hood as the rain has stopped. "Did you just say Darkspawn?" Aridwyn grimaces as she dismounts. She pulls an arrow and nocks it. "Requesting permission to back up Joe."
  19. Aridwyn frowns as Rai reports on the pool of blood. I certainly didn't expect that, not this close to Denelspire... To Aridwyn's mind, the proximity to the Spire just emphasizes that this problem must be dealt with, and quickly. She thanks Rai, then turns to Janara. "Looks like we may get our wish even sooner than expected."
  20. Aridwyn's entire face lights up at the thought of little Bhoggy grown into a fearsome Darkspawn-hunter. "I think he's going to need a bigger axe!"
  21. Thanks, Glen! Aridwyn's had that under her hat a long time... felt good to get it out. Looking forward to Erik's special corner of hell!
  22. Aridwyn smiles sadly at Janara's story. "I do still miss her, just like I know you miss Sister Beatrice. She sounds like she was a very special woman. I'm sorry. I know how it hurts. It's funny, though, it doesn't hurt quite as much since we found Bhoggy. There's nothing I can do for Adeline, but I can try to make things right for him." Aridwyn nods. "Duke Gerard is a good man. My people think well of him. I think they'll need to do more than think, though. If we want to protect this land, we will all need to work together. I think it's hard for the elves to admit that... we're used
  23. Aridwyn's naturally pale skin goes even whiter at the question, but she keeps control of her horse. "I figured you'd get to wondering about that one of these days," she murmurs, offering Janara a half-smile. She looks off into the horizon for a long moment before beginning to speak in little more than a whisper. "I had a sister. Her name was Adeline. We weren't twins, but we looked so similar that most people assumed we were. We might as well have been twins; we did everything together. She was also a ranger. Once we were old enough, we took to camping out in the woods as often as possible
  24. "Why do you think I was so insistent on bringing him along?" Aridwyn replies. "The humans of Denelspire are kinder than most, but I wish to take no chances. He's already been through more than anyone should have to know, let alone a child." Aridwyn shakes her head. "I know but little of the Reptus, but our people have coexisted for many years. I have seen little malice in them; they just wish to be left in peace. Perhaps that's the problem in Taltos; there's just not enough room. At any rate, it is foolish for all of us to fight with each other when there are much greater dangers. I b
  25. As the merchants pass on, Aridwyn moves back to Janara's hiding spot. "Come on out." As Janara stands, Aridwyn looks at her muddy cloak and frowns. "You shouldn't be cowering in the bushes like that, getting your nice new cloak all muddy. You're a Crusader and a hero. Anyone who has a problem with you has a problem with me. And I think you know," she says, balancing a hand on the hilt of her sword, "how I deal with problems."
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