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  1. Well thought out and excellently executed.
  2. Uh-huh. It's the Return of the King.
  3. That looks like a shoggoth that's been baked in a brick mold.
  4. Fruitcake is only usable as terrain. And you need a lot of it to build a castle. With the only treasure being dried pieces of fruit. Which would motivate my players to kill me. I don't like those odds.
  5. Pingo got me this as a present. Pingo and our children all play in a game of Exalted that I am running. I said, "It's a warstrider." (basically a magical mecha). Our daughter said, "Stop getting dad things to kill us with."
  6. He was a delight in so many parts. One of his more fun not-too-well-remembered roles was as the vampire mentor in My Best Friend Is A Vampire.
  7. Bang the trash can lids and remember.
  8. There was an animated series (six parts I think) made from the book Soul Music. It can be found on YouTube. They do a very good job of showing Death Riding his motorcycle.
  9. Excellent adaptation of the Harlequin-derived color scheme to a very different aesthetic
  10. I'll tell her. Also, the Halloween video goes up this morning, and I think they're planning to do another Let's Play type thing tomorrow.
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