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  1. The mini is fun. The concept is so over the top that I wish I were running D&D right now so I could use it.
  2. Excellent job and nice distribution of colors.
  3. He looks good, but it's the throne that's really stand out. That and the fire breath.
  4. Well thought out and excellently executed.
  5. Uh-huh. It's the Return of the King.
  6. That looks like a shoggoth that's been baked in a brick mold.
  7. Fruitcake is only usable as terrain. And you need a lot of it to build a castle. With the only treasure being dried pieces of fruit. Which would motivate my players to kill me. I don't like those odds.
  8. Pingo got me this as a present. Pingo and our children all play in a game of Exalted that I am running. I said, "It's a warstrider." (basically a magical mecha). Our daughter said, "Stop getting dad things to kill us with."
  9. He was a delight in so many parts. One of his more fun not-too-well-remembered roles was as the vampire mentor in My Best Friend Is A Vampire.
  10. Bang the trash can lids and remember.
  11. There was an animated series (six parts I think) made from the book Soul Music. It can be found on YouTube. They do a very good job of showing Death Riding his motorcycle.
  12. Excellent adaptation of the Harlequin-derived color scheme to a very different aesthetic
  13. I'll tell her. Also, the Halloween video goes up this morning, and I think they're planning to do another Let's Play type thing tomorrow.
  14. Don't worry. Partial leaking of information can create more trouble for the players than ignorance. Nothing misleads like a hint that points near to but not near enough to the mark.
  15. Yeah, I was concerned when I googled Reapercon Harassment Policy and all I got was the main page to the con.
  16. From what I've seen fun and friendly doesn't deal well with seriously problematic attendants, especially if they are strongly involved in the con itself. An SFcon I've been going to for years had a lot of problems. Indeed, my daughter was unwilling to go to the gaming room because of one person who would not stop creeping on her and other young women. The problem was only solved when the con instituted a serious policy and set up specific staff to enforce it. What's ReaperCon's Harassment policy?
  17. Note to all: This is not what her voice sounds like. The voice on the video is missing a number of harmonics that her live voice has. I'm not saying that the video contains undead Pingo... The video, however, is really good. Chocolate covered Kale? That's the most evil thing I've heard that wasn't about politics.
  18. Congratulations and mini happy days to come.
  19. This mini inspired an NPC in my Exalted in World of Darkness campaign: Lunar Werelynx who is captain of a pirate ship in the Hollow Earth. The PCs met her at the end of the last adventure and she's now conveying them (at their request) to an extremely dangerous place for adventuring purposes. Somehow, Pingo's minis keep inspiring me to make my games riskier for the PCs (including her).
  20. We're going to see Captain Marvel tomorrow afternoon. All the reliable reports seem to be in its favor. Here's hoping.
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