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  1. Aaron Williams' Webcomic Full Frontal Nerdity rarely delves into the minis side of gaming, then came this. http://ffn.nodwick.com/?p=1463 On a more general note, I don't think many gaming comics pay enough heed to the minis side of the hobby.
  2. Thank you all. We had a good day. Sadly, our attempt to play Shadowrun our anniversary was canceled due to an illness spread among our gaming group by one of our children. So we played a family round of Munchkin Steampunk instead.
  3. A a GM married to a minis painter, I have a luxury of figures to work with. This can lead to amusing usages, so I thought it might be fun to start a thread about interesting things that have happened with minis in games. The following happened in our last gaming session. Me: I need a human figure. Pingo (rummage): Here. She produces a beautifully painted human woman. Me: Sorry, I need a male human figure. Pingo (rummage, rummage, rummage): Here. Me: That's a mind flayer.
  4. I missed the subtle transparency. I'm going to go look at it again with more care. I may need to review all the minis she's painted. Hmmm. These were great birthday presents. She put an insane amount of work into all of it.
  5. She did a brilliant job painting it. The effects on the dress are really beautiful and the expression is the perfect image of a disdainful witch pretending to be disdainful aristocrat. For those who haven't read Pratchett, the book Masquerade is a combination of a parody of Phantom of the Opera and ironic commentary on opera.
  6. I used to play NetHack and some of its variants (Rogue, Moria and Angband). They could be fun especially with all the random dungeons. I hadn't played it for years, but an iPad version showed up (now no longer supported) and it sucked me in again. Time wasting this weekend is Pillars of Eternity interspersed with work. Regular Saturday gaming session was cancelled owing to one player's illness and another visiting with a friend from out of town.
  7. Part of the fun aspect of this kind of change is that the servants of the Illithids aren't mindless drones, but a fanatical, intelligent cult of servants eager to defend their source of pleasure. Thus mind flayer cities would have vast support structures and thriving economies as the people seek to outdo each other in order to get more tentacle. My players don't tend to be murder hoboes (we've been playing together for about 30 years and our munchkin phase was a long time ago), so I have the luxury of putting in more complex nuanced elements in the game. I have found that making the adventures require care and intelligence to complete successfully (as well as making them open ended as to what the players can do) can wean most players away from murder hobodom.
  8. Feel free to steal it. I recently finished a psionics intensive game (it's the one Pingo painted the ship for), and don't plan to run D&D any time soon, and if I did mind flayers would not likely be a major part of it.
  9. As a GM I often find the need to put in a new angle on various monsters that have been otherwise worn out through overuse. Here's one I thought of this morning (I don't plan to use it since I'm not going to be running D&D for a while). Mind Flayers are usually depicted as running a society based on enthralling other creatures through mind control and using them as a combination of labor force, food source, and breeding bodies. The life of the thralls is dull and horrible. But suppose that the touch of an Illithid tentacle to a brain stimulated vast ecstatic pleasure better than any sensation in life. Instead of mind controlled slaves, the thralls would be tentacle-touch addicts, eager to work for and please their Illithid masters. Illithid infiltration of cities would be like the wokrings of a drug cartel. The Mind Flayers would have armies of eager servants, begging to be recognized and given more contact. As for brain eating, with such a large population serving them, the Illithids can give the dying a day or so of pleasure then consume their brains. As for Cerebromorphosis. the Illithid breeding cycle wherein a larval flayer consumes a brain over the course of a week and takes over their body, that would be the greatest experience of all, one solid week of pure, unending bliss followed by death. The thralls would be vying for the honor and experience of it. This makes the job of adventurers trying to overthrow mind flayers even harder, because they have to contend with willing servants and secret addicts. For added measure one can make the Githyanki and the Githzerai immune to this effect provided they live lives of grim unhappiness.
  10. There was a D&D game I played in college where one of the PCs was a Berserker whose name (somewhat bowdlerized) was Die MothaF***er. This amused everybody until we started abbreviating it DM F***er, at which point the character was required to undergo a name change.
  11. I came into this too late: The mantle has been passed for the geology jokes, so I can't even use a core of irony. The series of math jokes diverged. The minis jokes turned figurative. And I'm left with barbarian jokes for which I'm just inarticulate.
  12. Finding minis for people who love them and love to paint them if one does not do so oneself is kind of tricky. What I've found works best is to see whether there are aspects of the mini that look like they would inspire lots of different ways to paint them or lots of things one could do to modify them. That way the present isn't just the object but the inspiration as well.
  13. When she finished that work Pingo asked me to step outside so she could show me the effect in full sunlight. It is absolutely amazing. For the first time ever I am having to consider what lighting should be present to run a game. I have to figure out how to show that off for great affect while running a battle with it. I will neither confirm nor deny that adding the interference pigments changed my idea of what the kraken's combat abilities should be.
  14. They look great, and the armed flying saucer ties the whole group together.
  15. To be fair to the movies, they were appalling! The discussion, however, was good. I can't comment on the breakfast quality since I made it.
  16. One of the things that fascinates me about this figure as I watch Pingo paint it is how many different kinds of sea creatures went into the modeling. The front is a combination of squid and octopus. The upper part of the back is clearly crustacean. The lower part of the back and the tail itself are more cetacean, but with crustacean spining. She's bringing out all those aspects as she paints it and it's giving me a lot of inspirations for how to use it in a game.
  17. Moo and Moo2 (but not Moo3) work like that. And so does Master of Magic (I really wish they would revive this game. It was fun). Lately I've been playing Civilization: Beyond Earth which is a rethink of Alpha Centauri. It has a lot more flexibility and it doesn't drag in the way that more recent versions of Civ have.
  18. Me to Pingo: Could you hurry up on the Kraken, please? I'm getting inspired for upcoming adventures. Pingo to Me: Sure. Sometimes I wonder if she has any sense of self preservation at all.
  19. It's papers and paychecks. I'm old enough to have been around when that first emerged. On occasion, during D&D games, we would sometimes talk about our characters playing Papers & Paychecks. I recall once that our in game game had to be put on hold while our characters waited for a miniature for a 12th level accountant to arrive. Sadly, there were no Chronoscope minis yet.
  20. I'm going to be using all of these that Pingo painted in an upcoming adventure. On the one hand they're inspiring me to heights of evil GMing. On the other hand, if I'm too evil, Pingo might be less willing to keep painting inspiring figures. On the third hand tail, the other players might not be too happy with either of us. I think I'll stick with evil. It's worked well for me so far.
  21. Thank you all. [Rubs hands together in evil contemplation]: These will prove most useful.
  22. The game store I go to has a wall full of Chronoscope. I've found some interesting things there.
  23. Thanks everyone. That will be of great help the next time I go looking.
  24. Hunting for gifts for Pingo's birthday, I sought out steampunk minis. Our local game store has a very wide selection of minis and has been excellent for characters and terrain (also boats). But there was a dirth of steampunk figures. I found a few by extracting steampunkesque figures from lines with other purposes. But I was struck by the lack of them given the rising popularity of the subgenre. A friend of mine ventured the theory that most steampunk games tend toward to be more abstract and drama based rather than tactical, so the games themselves would be less likely to generate lines of minis. But perhaps I've simply been looking in the wrong places. What do people think?
  25. One of the interestings for me as a non-visual artist has been developing the skills to give useful ciritques. I've learned a lot about things I will never be able to do.
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