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  1. I'm working on a proposal on Stack Exchange (a really good network of informative Q&A sites) with this being for scale modeling. Mini sculpting/painting is on topic, so if you are interested: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/82797/rc-scale-modeling?referrer=SENMXjMUdi1lwV8Xx0LbxQ2 John
  2. Hrm. You say "The", as if they were limited editions or something? John Like Mad Jack said, these are pretty rare nowadays. Especially in boxed condition, prices on Ebay for these are not funny anymore.. So if you get your hands on such a collection for a decent price, then you are very lucky indeed. Hrm. Almost makes me want to investigate the price. Almost. John
  3. Hrm. You say "The", as if they were limited editions or something? John
  4. I have the shield done in black and the unicorn in silver. I picked up a box and am going to create the mini lightbox I found somewhere in the painting tips forum, once I get that done I will take pics and update. I also need to start a second thread, as my Reaper order came in (after 2 days only!!) and I glued/primed/washed the Kiramor lead figure. John
  5. I edited the title. Looked at the base, and it had A33 stamped on it, which on the Lost Mini's wiki page, it shows that as being part of the Dragon Killers box set (#2015), and I have that set in the collection. I must have opened it and seen the mini and pulled it out as nice and not remembered. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:G-dlfbs-2015g.jpg John
  6. https://www.zeemaps.com/edit/ntSN6rqf4A5r16R_2oRPiQ Looks like I have two fairly active people near me, Talae (Far away though) and Girot (Decently close). John
  7. Here's the photos of the base coat. It's a lot bluer than this, so obviously my lighting needs work (For example, the "grey" background is actually a white sheet of typing paper). The bare spots on the legs are where the raised birds and other embellishments are. If you have any tips/critiques, they are welcome. Front: And the back: John
  8. I wanted to go a little less obvious. I mixed a blue with pearlescent white and a touch of black for all the basic body armor and the helmet. So far the helmet, body (back/front) and all the "under" armor pieces are done. Slopped a little over the braiding on the front plate (And a lot of the subtle bits, such as the dagger on the inner thigh and the birds on the boots), but I didn't figure that was too bad a sin as those will get painted over later in white. John
  9. Mostly to document my process, and get tips/advice/snerks along the way. I'm guessing it's a paladin of Ehlonna, as there is a rampant unicorn on the shield. This was a loose mini with no packaging. Here are the pictures of the wash, I have the main body armor/helmet done but those pics are at home, I will upload them later. John
  10. Well, I didn't get a catalog, but since last discussion I have already acquired 6 more Reaper Minis (on order), a pin vise, glue, 5 more paint colors. At least I've managed to paint the body (lowest layer) on the first minature. Maybe get the next layer up and do the elbow/knee/boot armor pieces. John
  11. Sir. And thanks. Hoping to get good enough to do it justice. John
  12. That's amazing. Keep it up, you provide inspiration to us struggling n00bs! :) John
  13. Having seen some of the works featured, I don't think even in a year I'd be competitive. Is there contest/category for novice painters, those that have done less than say, 5 miniatures? I realize that verifying it would probably be impossible, but it would give the newer painters something to shoot for. Random thought. John
  14. Yeah, I almost got a Citadel pin vise, but I suspected that it being branded citadel added at least $10 to the base price ($27.99), and I don't need it yet. It'll be a little bit before I tackle any of the assemble first minis. John
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