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  1. Another possibility is that the receptacle the tab is to fit in is also too small ... too tight. You might have to carve it out a bit ... a tiny bit .. so that the tab fits better. All of these misfitting issues involve lots of dry fitting, then micro-adjustments, then dry fitting, then.....
  2. OK. Let me try this. If the Vex is produced by Badger and Reaper is not going to support it by making spare parts available, is there a Badger part that will substitute? Specifically, needles? I'm not going to use my Vex without having a spare. Past experience.
  3. Thanks again. That clarifies things.
  4. Thank you. I understood that titanium, zinc, and mixing white all have different opacity and intensity. The mixing white I saw in a video desaturated the least. I'll look for the zinc oxide in a fluid form.
  5. Anybody use acrylic mixing white to change the saturation of a color? I mean tube acrylic paint that you'd have to thin/mix/condition to use with a mini paint. If you have, what have the results been?
  6. Weren't the airbrushes supposed to be out today? Or did I get that wrong? I'm hoping spare parts will also be available. If not, I'd ask from where can we get them.
  7. Speaking of purges, the word is out that Reaper is about to purge one or more paint lines.
  8. Congrats to you winners, I appreciated seeing the work on the various platforms. A lesson I learned, after looking at the myriad of very good minis, was that my photography skills can be greatly improved. I'm looking forward to seeing minis on the table next year.
  9. I can assume, then , that the winners have been notified?
  10. I'll admit that, if cleaning up the mini was a major issue, I may strip and restart. However, if cleanup was easy and I'm completely frustrated, then I'll trash and reorder.
  11. An excellent thread ... both question and answers. Thank you all. Let me address another question that was asked ... should I scrap it? I have found that, when a mini becomes an absolute disaster ... when I reach the point of hating what I have done to it but it still is something I'd like to paint ... then is it worth the $5-$7 to dump it and begin again. A fresh start is sometimes the only sane way to go.
  12. Thanks for the tip on Scale 75 as a replacement for Reaper metallics. I too have decided that I need to move on to other metallics; ones that are more predictable and consistent.
  13. I don't know that I agree with the precise approach that the YouTube video takes, but I absolutely agree with the premise that many "how-to" videos are contra-productive. And I agree with the premise that basics are often ignored -- either by assuming that the complete beginner magically knows the basics or because the video's author is bored by presenting basics. Or, it seems, the author is not able to teach basics. I have stopped following a popular Twitch feed by a popular and influential mini painter. Because the painter seldom (close to never) explains what the painter is doing or why. The approach is "Watch me paint for hours and you'll learn by osmosis."
  14. The triads are great ... for, as others have pointed out, for a start. I use them, but expand them to a pentad. I add a compatible shade darker than the triad shadow; then I add a compatible shade lighter than the triad highlight. And that's my starting point.
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