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  1. I haven't backed a KS for several months now. I have three projects expected with a high level of probability that they will deliver what was promised and roughly on time. I've adopted an low risk approach, so two of my three incoming are from Reaper and Scale 75 and the other is a pretty simple product. I still have the scams and one super late delivery, if it is delivered at all -- I've written them off. I've discovered that I am much happier by moving away from KS -- except from reliable sources. The late deliveries and shoddy products and scams and failures and vitriol from some of the developers have just put me off. I doubt that I'll be around KS much in the future -- Bones and a couple of other high quality, high performers excepted.
  2. Well, you solved that problem. Recall what I said about idiot?
  3. Speaking of my classes, let us first agree that I am an idiot. Having agreed, let me whine. I registered for my classes -- things hit the fan during and after registration -- and now I can't find my list of classes. I can reconstruct most ... cause I ordered the minis for them. But I'm still uncertain if my list is complete. Is there a function which will let us know, by our name, which classes we registered for? A magic button? A tonic or elixir? The milk of human kindness. If not, life will not end.
  4. I think the Reaper motto is - "You can never have too much Reaper stuff. If you don't know, then get another of each."
  5. Thanks for your help. I just discovered that spares are in the store. So, I got them. Basically all of them. The prices are reasonable. Now I can use what word of mouth says is a very good airbrush.
  6. I did contact Help, as stated above, and was told that the needles were not available for sale .... yet. So they did not assist or offer to assist me in getting the needles I want. Which is a first ever for Reaper. HST, it appears, or it has been stated, that efforts are underway to make Vex spares available for sale. I will keep an eye out ... as I have from the first day the airbrush was put on sale. I won't use the airbrush without appropriate sparing -- I've learned the hard way. I have had good reports of its quality. I went to the Badger website and could not find a parts breakdown diagram that matched the diagram for the Vex. And I found no reference to a Reaper airbrush. It makes sense that Badger has parts in common, but, without assurance, I'm not going to guess which these might be. The Vex needle is significantly different that those pictured on the Badger website.
  7. Actually, no. I just got a reply from Reaper Help. I was told that Reaper has extra parts targeted for contingencies such as parts damaged in shipping. And that, sometime, there will be sufficient stock to sell spares. So -- if you damage a needle, you're SOL. I just asked for the projected date that sufficient needles would be available to be placed on sale. I await an answer. I spent my working years planning for the support of new systems, including provisioning for spare parts -- both quantities and timing and feedback data to refine parts acquisition. Reaper seems to have missed the boat on this one.
  8. An update*: Projects Pledged: 55 Projects Delivered (On Time or Late): 37 Projects "Delivered" Which Did Not Deliver What Was Promised: 3 Projects with Delivery Date Still in the Future: 9 Projects that are Very Late to Very, Very Late: 5 [1 was a total scam; the creator disappeared as soon as he got his money. 2 have very infrequent communication -- 1 of those looks to become a scam, as updates have ceased and the second has informed backers it won't deliver until the product is submitted and judged in some industry event (that 1/2 to 1 year delay came out of the blue). The final two have reasonable reasons for being so late and have provided frequent and, apparently, truthful updates; one of them, I am informed, is in the mail.] Unsuccessful Projects: 5 Cancelled Projects: 3 Projects Backed out of: 1 *Edited with a minor update. With some level of experience with KS now, I only support proven KS creators (Bones V, Scale 75, etc.) and those which I've backed before. No matter how egregious the violation, KS will take not action against scammers and those who deliver something other than what was promised.
  9. Still waiting for mine. This was another disaster of a KS campaign ... but the creators persisted and, of paramount importance, communicated openly ... which, I think, bought them patience and goodwill. How is the book?
  10. Another possibility is that the receptacle the tab is to fit in is also too small ... too tight. You might have to carve it out a bit ... a tiny bit .. so that the tab fits better. All of these misfitting issues involve lots of dry fitting, then micro-adjustments, then dry fitting, then.....
  11. OK. Let me try this. If the Vex is produced by Badger and Reaper is not going to support it by making spare parts available, is there a Badger part that will substitute? Specifically, needles? I'm not going to use my Vex without having a spare. Past experience.
  12. Thanks again. That clarifies things.
  13. Thank you. I understood that titanium, zinc, and mixing white all have different opacity and intensity. The mixing white I saw in a video desaturated the least. I'll look for the zinc oxide in a fluid form.
  14. Anybody use acrylic mixing white to change the saturation of a color? I mean tube acrylic paint that you'd have to thin/mix/condition to use with a mini paint. If you have, what have the results been?
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