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  1. The silence out of Reaper may be our answer.
  2. Yes, me too. Several years ago, Reaper had such a list and it was kept pretty current. More recently, gaps have appeared in the paint line -- and various one offs, special and limited editions, ReaperCon related paints, kits -- combined with paints being retired or just not available -- have disrupted the paint numbering system and muddied up the structure of the paint lines. I very much like Reaper paints and I would very much like to know the currently available paints.
  3. Thank you, I appreciate it, especially from N'Awlins.
  4. We passed through Childress as well. Shortly north of the town, we broke West and headed for the border. We try to avoid interstates. Gorgeous drive. Bet you got a glance or two. But, for the chutzpah, you're my hero.
  5. I'm pretty sure it has been posted elsewhere, but I can't find it. Can anyone provide a link to the photos of all the contest entries -- and/or the winners. Thanks in advance.
  6. The early Bones minis put me off plastic ... the issues with paint adhesion and lack of rigidity caused me to stick with metal. And I never developed a technique to clean mold lines without shredding the surface of the figure. I haven't painted a newer Bones figure, but am willing to try. HST, Reaper figures, in general, are the most paintible of the lines. I have learned, the hard way and over and over, that an appealing mini may be -- due to its sculpt -- nearly unpaintible. At least at my skill level. I'm guessing we all understand what I'm saying -- tiny details hidden in recesses or behind arms or equipment. Reaper seems to have sculptors who understand that someone is actually intending to paint the figure and who sculpt accordingly. Not always, but often. Other lines and other figures are often a waste of money, unless collecting is the only attraction. However, due to the mass of my unpainted minis approaching that of a black hole -- and considering that I do not want to cause the end of the solar system should that mass be exceeded -- I am very deliberate now in acquiring minis. And I have made attempts to rid myself of a couple hundred that I know I will never paint. I expect that at ReaperCon I will acquire the minis in the swag boxes and less than ten from other sources. And, as I have been doing recently, I'll purge the swag boxes immediately and give the minis I don't want to various attendees.
  7. Hey! You can never, never have enough pokey tools. When the economy collapses, they will be the only things which retain their value.
  8. I'll take my chances with whatever replaces GrowTix. If you said you had contracted RC registration out to a kindergarten class, I'd be willing to give it a try.
  9. Merhaba! If I remember how to spell the word. One year, long ago, I attempted to register for RC, got my classes in the proverbial basket, and the site froze. By the time I recovered, my classes had sold out. All of them. I called Reaper and someone there tried to enroll me. Since all my classes had filled, there was no luck. I then asked to have my RC registration refunded, which they did. Since I go mainly for classes, there was no reason to go. It was the only time I've missed RC since I began going. If Reaper determines that you case is unique, you might ask them if you can purchase classes through Reaper. Maybe possible, maybe not.
  10. Just my first step in cornering the market. As to substitutes, such as pins and lasers and needles ... they aren't pokey tools. I rest my case.
  11. You can never, ever, have enough pokey tools. For the desperate, there is a class on making your own being offered at ReaperCon.
  12. Milo Minderbinder cornered the market on Egyptian cotton. I'm gonna corner the market on pokey tools. And, if you have to ask, you've missed one of the great American novels.
  13. Yup. After ---- what has it been? -- 3 or 4 years with GrowTix? -- I finally got it down. By having an actual physical checklist in hand to guide me through the purchase process. Even then, I have to dry run the ticket purchase process several times to locate the appropriate buttons on the appropriate screens. In short, I have had to relearn the process every year. I sympathize with those who are using it for the first time. My first time was a nightmare. Come to think of it, so was my second ... I arrived at RC to discover that a class I thought I had purchased, I hadn't. IMHO, those who deal with GrowTix on a regular basis think that using it is trivial. It may be, but not for some who use it only once a year. So, off into the unknown. Thankfully.
  14. I got 8 classes over four days. I had resolved to take only 6 --- because, by the third day, exhaustion sets in. I compromised with myself on 7 -- but then the mysterious disappearing class caused me to enroll in my second backup. Then the class reappeared. Since it was my number one choice, I had to enroll in it. I made the trip to purchase class tickets three times. So, I too, have multiple QR codes. I am pretty pleased. I planned to avoid back to back classes and only had one exception. There were enough classes offered that I was able to go back to old teaching favorites and am trying some new teachers. I've taken enough classes at RC, that I have a good feeling for the teachers that match my .learning style and those that don't -- and I was able to use that filter. All in all, this year looks to be the best for classes -- considering the offerings, my choices, the teachers,a and the schedule.
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