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  1. Enthusiastic .... especially after 2021. Will be there ..., being retired means I can commit without work interfering. HST, can I be confident that RC 2020 will be in Denton at the Embassy Suites over Labor Day weekend? Specifically, have contracts been signed, not just planned? DW, who always packs her quilting factory in the truck and quilts whilst I play, also has her hobbies and associations, so will have to coordinate our schedules. I have often attended by myself, and will again if that's the way the schedules crumble.
  2. Yes, great job. And it will catch one's eye on the gaming table.
  3. Color choices are quite effective.
  4. To copy a British adjective --- "brillliant". Just brilliant ... your imagination is enviable.
  5. Yes, like those colors. Convincing.
  6. From start to finish, absent drying time, how long did it take?
  7. I'm gonna quibble a bit. I agree with the adjective "limited" in its literal sense. ReaperCon was indeed limited to @1000 attendees. However, IMHO, this year's ReaperCon was more different than limited. It seemed mellower, more relaxed, less frantic. And, for me, more enjoyable. A specific example would be the contest room; the density of viewers was way down over previous years and one's ability to view the entries was enhanced. I think Reaper adapted very well to the changed circumstance; I hope they did well. I expect that, in future, we'll return to "normal".
  8. I'm a numbers guy and this is what I got from the recent Reaper Live: Category 2019 2021 Attendees @2600 @1000 Contestants 347 273 Entries 1001 733 And: Bronze - 196; Silver - 76; Gold - 56 So, if I heard the guys correctly, there were fewer attendees (because of the 100
  9. ... Folks who are immersed in social media and sites often assume everyone is. We aren't. HST, I was unaware that there was an info screen in the lobby. Else I would have used my drink coupons in a more Con themed way. I did get an upgraded drink though --- rolled a 19. Next year.
  10. Thanks for all the input from y'all. I took a class at ReaperCon, but it went so fast that I really didn't grasp the fine points of skin thru cloth. This thread helps.
  11. Never smelt it. Best primer ever; but does require cleanup.
  12. Kudos on presenting color in a way that I can understand. It is short and direct and simple ... matching my learning style. I await future posts. I do think that color affinity changes over time. When younger, I was drawn to anything blue. That has shifted to green. I find I am increasingly interested in oranges. I now recoil from the purple/blue area of the spectrum .... because I see it so much in current minis. IMHO, it has become overused, and, dare I say, a cliché. BTW, your FB link seems broken.
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