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  1. Thanks, Cygnwulf. That link is very helpful.
  2. So -- we're gonna go virtual sometime this fall. Based upon some preliminary discussion. What is the latest? Or is there a latest? Since my summer has been completely wrecked and since two other events are "postponed" until an indefinite date in the fall, tentative dates would be helpful.
  3. With all the difficulties using Growtix over the last two (?) years, I willing to try anything else for a Con, virtual or not.
  4. I once go into a contest with Amazon because the shipper had confirmed a delivery ... to Tucson, Arizona ... about 320 miles from my house. They kept insisting that the package was confirmed delivered and couldn't seem to grasp that I didn't live there. I finally spoke to someone, with an IQ above 12, who arranged a replacement.
  5. For a very first effort, I 'd try to copy the illustration of the mini. Unless you don't want to, then don't. Get a set of basic paints --- Reaper is good -- and a couple of basic brushes. Then, watch about two introductory youTube videos. Then paint.
  6. A month of silence. Multiple requests for updates and shipping status; multiple updates from backers that they have not received their product. I hope all is well with their health, but this is more of the same.
  7. I'm sorry that the creator had to run into the GW monolith. But, I am happy that the redesign will be more generic ... as I don't do GW. I can wait.
  8. To pose the question hanging right there in the air ... you can see it ... when swag bags?
  9. Got my refund. That makes it official.
  10. I don't know if it was a good decision, but I'm convinced it was the best decision based upon the information available. We cancelled our 2020 Astronomical League Convention about a month ago. So, lift a glass to 2021. Next year in Jerusalem.
  11. If more ES rooms become available, then there will be fewer attending ReapeCon. I don't know what Reaper's budget estimates are, but few attendees means less income. And less income might impact future ReaperCons.
  12. I shouldn't like it. Too monochromatic, too dark, too dirt encrusted. But you made it work and made me a believer. You really pulled this one off.
  13. Great work in incorporating the mole. Sanding it off would have been difficult ... and destructive. Kudos.
  14. But it won't happen to me if I'm not there. Con crud is one thing; Wuhan virus is another. The issue here is risk versus reward. ReaperCon is high reward; Wuhan is very high risk -- at the moment. It may not be by mid-August, but we won't know until mid-August.
  15. I'm upping my painting and using lots of bottles. Including metallics. Which are now pretty sludgey. How do you maintain your metallics in their bottes? I understand thinning with water is a no-no. Do you use matte medium instead?
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