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  1. Wow! I took a blending class once in which we could use only black and white. Now I know what the instructor was trying to teach us.
  2. Never would have guessed that those colors would work ... but they do.
  3. More vendors with a wider range of products. Many, many more people. More varied and interesting swag; and lots more ribbons. Much better accommodations ... either at the Con hotel or nearby. More classes with more topics; but classes are more difficult to enroll in because of the demand. Better eating options nearby. Denton is much easier to drive in and out of than going further in to Dallas. All and all, IMHO, RC has gotten much better.
  4. I understand that, this year, the SWAG bags/boxes will be sold online -- directly from Reaper. That is, they will not be handed out at RC. Do I understand that correctly? And, if I'm correct, any guess as to when they will be available for ordering?
  5. You ought to be proud of the owl. Great composition of the tree and minis.
  6. Don't like orcs. Like this one. Well done.
  7. Striking colors.
  8. For some reason, small birds and fowl are not often sculpted well. I think that is the case for the little goose. The big one, however, is quite well done. And I think you really hit it with the golden eggs. Good work!
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