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  1. I see March 7 ,,, a week.
  2. So, not today? For ticket sales?
  3. Still Friday, 25 February?
  4. I find this thread of interest because I have attended three annual major Cons, and a couple of chess tournaments, for some years -- I have been involved as the registrar for another major Con (one time event here because it moves every year, delayed two years due to Covid, now at high risk to pull off) -- and the interaction of room demand and room availability is usually a factor. Several observations: 1. The days of $99 rooms are long gone. The days of $129 rooms are probably gone. I consider $159-$179 to be the new norm. In one case, for a Con that my wife attends, the going rate at the Con hotel is now $249. RC is, therefore, an incredible bargain. Yet, for all my cons, there are persistent complaints about the cost. Reality intrudes. 2. RC is a business event run by a business. Reaper is oriented to make a profit. Like room prices, the days of a small, intimate RC are long gone. RC is a victim of its own success. It is now a major hobby con where demand exceeds supply in nearly every area. If you decide not to attend, for whatever reason, there are several who will take your place. 3. There is a common phenomenon for these Cons that can negatively impact their success. The culprit is the person who registers for a room, just in case they can make it, maybe, could be, one can only hope, and then cancels right before the event. Most folks understand that the con hotel requires the con organizers to sell a minimum number of room nights to meet the base contract. Which means if the minimum number of room nights are not met, there are financial penalties laid upon the organizers. In most cases, those cancelled rooms, even if booked again right before the con, are not sold at the original con rate. We see that with RC right now. Often, those rooms are not sold at all -- because they are available too late for folks to make last minute travel plans. If the Con organizers reserve rooms for staff and Con guests ... fewer rooms are available for attendees. In our local case, the national organization keeps asking for more "free" rooms for the national staff -- those rooms aren't free because they don't count for the room night requirement. One of my major Cons, like RC, sells out the con hotel in less than an hour. However, for the last five or six years, there has been suspense whether the minimum room nights requirement will be met. Because cancellations in the two weeks before the Con run 15-20%. Yes, 15-20%. In the case of our local major con, we are trying to renegotiate the room night requirement down -- we don't think we'll meet it. 4. There is also the "extremely frugal attendee" phenomenon. That is the attendee who gets a much cheaper local hotel room, but is at the con from very early to very late ... every day. In one case, all the hotels chairs and couches are filled by 7am and held for the entire day by spouses and friends. I've had my local hobby club members ask me to store their vendor room purchases in my room, take naps in my room, let their family watch TV in my room, and sneak them into the hotel free breakfast. This year, in another Embassy Suites in another city for another Con, I've already been asked it I will be using my drink coupons. That same con is now discussing raising family prices because of the "cousins" that showed up in droves this last year. The point of this observation is that the extremely frugal load the services and capacity of the host hotel .... without actually staying in it. RC seems to fit somewhere along the spectrum of cons I attend. It has become a roaring success, but hasn't broken due to too many attendees. It sells out rooms immediately, so it has no worries in meeting the room night requirement. Not many people appear to cancel. I do wonder how many rooms are alloted to staff, artists, teachers, vendors and how that loads room availability. Of note, it has seating like no other con I attend -- people can camp out at a table without impacting everybody else. The food trucks provide meals at decent prices right out in the parking lot. RC seems to actually evaluate and adjust each year -- unlike other hobby oriented cons. But it is no longer an intimate, casual event. For most of my conventions now, if I don't get into the con hotel, I won't attend. (With one exception, because I have a role in the con). There's always next year and I have other interests and other cons. I've had a good run of five consecutive years at RC and enjoy the drive and the Con immensely. But I do hope to win the RC Embassy Suites lottery again next year.
  5. Uh , yeah. I am engaged in a number of hobbies which involve various conventions and contests. So is my wife. And we often attend each other's events. It seems to make no difference how much advance notice we give to family, friends, and organizations ... we are constantly asked if just can't revise our schedule to fit the druthers of whomever waited until the last minute. And such folks never seem to appreciate me pointing out that they were notified of our unavailability up to a year in advance. As to the other issues above, our trip to Denton is a day and a half, no matter how we cut it. So we are gone as soon as we can get out on Sunday; we need five to six hours on the road if we are going to make it home on Monday evening. We actually look forward to the trip home as we have always managed to find a different route on back roads -- we avoid interstates. So, no matter how the ReaperCon schedule might be changed, we wouldn't attend on Sunday.
  6. The membrane on the wings is really interesting ... and realistic. I too like the steel NMM.
  7. Your imagination is to your credit. I really like it.
  8. The figure itself is not to my taste. But you've done a solid job with it. Kudos.
  9. Enthusiastic .... especially after 2021. Will be there ..., being retired means I can commit without work interfering. HST, can I be confident that RC 2020 will be in Denton at the Embassy Suites over Labor Day weekend? Specifically, have contracts been signed, not just planned? DW, who always packs her quilting factory in the truck and quilts whilst I play, also has her hobbies and associations, so will have to coordinate our schedules. I have often attended by myself, and will again if that's the way the schedules crumble.
  10. Yes, great job. And it will catch one's eye on the gaming table.
  11. Color choices are quite effective.
  12. To copy a British adjective --- "brillliant". Just brilliant ... your imagination is enviable.
  13. Yes, like those colors. Convincing.
  14. From start to finish, absent drying time, how long did it take?
  15. I'm gonna quibble a bit. I agree with the adjective "limited" in its literal sense. ReaperCon was indeed limited to @1000 attendees. However, IMHO, this year's ReaperCon was more different than limited. It seemed mellower, more relaxed, less frantic. And, for me, more enjoyable. A specific example would be the contest room; the density of viewers was way down over previous years and one's ability to view the entries was enhanced. I think Reaper adapted very well to the changed circumstance; I hope they did well. I expect that, in future, we'll return to "normal". If so, I'll miss the ambiance of 2021.
  16. I'm a numbers guy and this is what I got from the recent Reaper Live: Category 2019 2021 Attendees @2600 @1000 Contestants 347 273 Entries 1001 733 And: Bronze - 196; Silver - 76; Gold - 56 So, if I heard the guys correctly, there were fewer attendees (because of the 1000 person limit), but, proportionately, not many fewer contestants or entries. Which is in line with what I'm hearing from other contests and cons I"m aware of -- fewer folks but an intense level of participation.
  17. ... Folks who are immersed in social media and sites often assume everyone is. We aren't. HST, I was unaware that there was an info screen in the lobby. Else I would have used my drink coupons in a more Con themed way. I did get an upgraded drink though --- rolled a 19. Next year.
  18. Thanks for all the input from y'all. I took a class at ReaperCon, but it went so fast that I really didn't grasp the fine points of skin thru cloth. This thread helps.
  19. Never smelt it. Best primer ever; but does require cleanup.
  20. Kudos on presenting color in a way that I can understand. It is short and direct and simple ... matching my learning style. I await future posts. I do think that color affinity changes over time. When younger, I was drawn to anything blue. That has shifted to green. I find I am increasingly interested in oranges. I now recoil from the purple/blue area of the spectrum .... because I see it so much in current minis. IMHO, it has become overused, and, dare I say, a cliché. BTW, your FB link seems broken.
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