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  1. My humble contribution: Dagon the Yellow (Inspired by a yellow ribbon eel photo, though he also looks a lot like a yellow chiclid.)
  2. Today (actually done last night) we have some of the kitchen staff at the zoo. The Kitchen Dwarf turned out pretty well, but the others are back to “it’s got paint covering it” standards.... November 3: November 7 and November 8, with penalty minis:
  3. It’s Minivember again. Time to clear out the Shelf of Shame and put some things into the Completed pile. Personal rules: Paint a mini every day. Aim for “it’s better than a pre-paint” quality. Minis painted ahead will count on a 2-for-1 basis. Let’s start off with some animals that have been sitting around for a while. Also, these have possibly the worst integrated base I’ve had to paint. It has deep crevices in the base that is nearly impossible to reach with a brush. But... it’s better than a pre-paint! November 1 and November 2+Penalty Mini: Boar from Bones 4 Dire Beasts set
  4. The pattern on the cloak is very effective. Looks great.
  5. Thanks. I waited a long time partly because I didn't like how the head-mounted ones looked. I finally found a nice looking one mounted on a swing arm. It's my new BFF. :)
  6. I recently splurged and bought a magnifying lamp. It's really leveled-up my painting. I can't believe how much easier to paint small details when you can clearly see them. <purple>Who would have thought?</purple> Here's my second mini with the light, a bones black version of Anthanelle, Female Elf Wizard.
  7. Maybe we just all found a good use for those bottle of BRCA pink we have.
  8. Thanks. I haven’t sealed it yet, so I may go back and have another go at adding definition to the purple panels.
  9. Agreed. The extra time really shows. The scales look amazing. And I really like the color variety. They go together, but will be easy to tell apart on the table.
  10. Thanks for all the kind words. But I feel it’s only right that I mention that the decorations are not actually freehand — they are molded into the piece and I just traced the ridges.
  11. Well it took me all of 2019. But I got them done. Here’s the rest of the monsters: Hounds of Tindalos: Mi-go: Byakhee: Crawling One: And Nightgaunt: Hmm. I don’t have pictures of some of them.... Leaving this here so I remember to take pictures and add them for the rest of the monsters from the Second Edition base set, Recurring Nightmares, Supressed Memories, and Sanctum of Twilight sets. Maniac, Witch, Zombie, Child of the Goat, Dark Druid, Goat Spawn, Wizard, and Wraith
  12. I painted my wagon, I’m ready to go! A painted a vardo wagon to be precise. The rest of the campsite set this came with is “primed” with liner and might get finished soon, but the wagon is the star of the show. I wanted something traditionally colorful, but the typical red, greens, and blues weren’t showy enough for what I pictured. But this purple from P3 is one of my favorite colors.
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