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About Me

I’m from the Columbus Ohio area.  I paint minis because I GM a lot of Pathfinder and I like having minis for whatever the PCs encounter.  I started painting minis in 2012 during the Bones I Kickstarter to determine if I wanted to pledge for mountains of plastic goodness. Since then, I've painted about 400 20 bones minis big and small,  plus a handful of metal and other non-reaper minis. In addition to my backlog of still-naked Bones from prior purchases and kickstarters, I am expecting to drown in a tsunami of minis when Bones 4 arrives this year.  As such, I need to make a serious dent in the pile.



Specific goals for 2019:


With all the current and future Bones waiting for a turn on the paint table, my first project for the year is going to be... painting all the minis for Mansions of Madness and a couple expansions.  Because I went and found a new favorite Board Game that needs a bunch of minis painted. :rolleyes:


Paint three or more “big” minis.  Maybe a Kraken, or Dagon, or a Dragon, or an Ent.


Paint all the Pathfinder Iconics from Bones 4.


Paint all the animals.  Including dinosaurs prehistoric animals and pack animals, but not Magical Beasts.


Other things as inspiration or need strikes.  In total, I’m aiming for 150 painted minis this year, plus the MoM sets.



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