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  1. Gor of the North

    "How Did You Come Across Reaper Miniatures" Stories

    My dad gave me some for Christmas, and now my closet is overflowing with them.
  2. Gor of the North

    Woozy orc?

    Just wondering if anyone else ever had any trouble getting 77059 Orc Berserker to stay standing up? He seems top-heavy.
  3. Gor of the North

    Story ideas for a D&D game

    The title says all. Just wondering if anyone had anything interesting. I would post one of my own story ideas, but then I'll find out years later that it was plagarized and is being turned into a movie. It's happened to me before, I'm not being paranoid.
  4. Gor of the North

    DSM-1150 Female Thief

    She looks like a swedish girl I used to know from Stockholm. Yes, all swedish women are beautiful. No I'm not biased. Just look up 'swedish girls'.
  5. Gor of the North

    RBG Gunhildr of Utherby

    She's...uh...nice? Good job on the paint job, but damn is she ugly.
  6. Gor of the North

    Bent Bones

    Do you think that if (and I'm being serious when I say this) you held it in a certain position long enough, it would stay in place?
  7. Gor of the North

    The fighter of many names.

    I laughed for no less than twenty minutes when I read this. Not because it was funny. But because if how ridiculous an idea it is. Clearly we will always use dragons as Reapercon currency.
  8. Gor of the North

    Bent Bones

    A bones character I have is leaning so far to the side that he has a hard time standing up. Just wondering if there was any way to bend *already painted* miniatures into a better position.
  9. I wanted to go a little less obvious. I mixed a blue with pearlescent white and a touch of black for all the basic body armor and the helmet. So far the helmet, body (back/front) and all the "under" armor pieces are done. Slopped a little over the braiding on the front plate (And a lot of the subtle bits, such as the dagger on the inner thigh and the birds on the boots), but I didn't figure that was too bad a sin as those will get painted over later in white. John Sounds like it'll look good. Can't wait to see it.
  10. Congratulations, you made me nearly die of laughter. Like literally, I'm in the hospital right now. Almost dead. Thanks a lot. I will be sending my bill in the mail. Put $500 inside of an envelope and discreetly meet with a man name Pepe at your local Wal Mart dark alley. He will deliver the money to me in full. I will be waiting. These hospital bills won't pay themselves.
  11. Onwards my trusty steed! Awayyyy...!
  12. Gor of the North

    Bone Golem

    Looks like the guys in this. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lstDdzedgcE Warning: contains disturbing images and a bit of nudity.
  13. Looks good. Good detail on this one. I feel like a pretty obvious choice of color would be golden, but maybe you could try something different? It's up to you. Honestly I wouldn't experiment if this was mine. I would just go with a classic golden plate and red details or whatever colors you would use for the details. But like I said. Looking good.
  14. Gor of the North

    Bones used for D&D/Roleplaying

    Well more godzilla and transformers. Gotta have someone big enough to wrestle cthulhu. Exactly! This guy knows what's up.
  15. Just wondering which ones you guys prefer. Me? I personally enjoy plastic. Why? Mostly because I'm lazy and metal miniatures usually need a little more work than plastic. What do you guys think?