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  1. Thanks! Great name too! We have a bunch of dragons lined up to do and will certainly be looking to this one for inspiration. It's not my preferred name as that was taken. I have also noted that someone has Dropbear soI want to change it but I can't figure out how. :(
  2. Plucked from the tree of awesome. :)
  3. Hi again all, Just sharing Sarah, painted by me over the last few weeks. Tried out a simple light box to get a better shot than Agramon (cardboard box version from the link in the Shutterbug forum). I guess we need a better camera. She is sitting on a plastic shot glass (what we mount things on to paint them) simply to fit the angle of the camera better. I must give a shout out to nomad_grrl for the method on the crystal balls. Primer, Sky Blue and a coat of metallic medium was the trick. Thanks in advance for any feedback etc. Cheers!
  4. Thanks again for all the comments & advice folks. I have a bunch of bones stuff in the works atm as well as some stuff from other joints. I'll certainly be posting some more stuff soon. :)
  5. Thanks for the likes and comments folks. :)
  6. Gudday all. This is my first post here and I figured I'd show you my Agramon. I welcome any feedback at all. Cheers and thanks. :)
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