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  1. I just picked up Wave 20 ad when or even if there is a next wave/t FLGS and Im not sure if there is a 21 yet. Has anyone hear when or even if there is a next wave? AJ
  2. $40 ain't bad ... Maybe OP just didn't post the rest of the pictures... Wait $40 for 5?!?!?!?! yeah that's nuts!
  3. Im in. fat Dragon always has some Decent STL... great for the the old ender 3 printer
  4. I love Reaper and I'm usually a white knight defender, BUT... I didn't support Bones 6 for 3-D prints, no matter the quality, I wanted Bones plastic.. Ill be patient and hope its indistinguishable from what they have been doing as of late with Bones. Heck Id love to see a separate line of 3D resin. I might even support a separate KS. But I want Bones for #6... Hopefully Reaper will prove me wrong and I wont be able to tell the difference. AJ
  5. Austin you say? Any thoughts on Timing yet? I'm in Pflugerville and always up for a game. Where are you looking to post the videos Twitch/youtube/etc.? Not to be a Debbie downer, but it just seems like a crowded market. Are you planning on just a schedule C business? I think there you just need to show some legit revenue ( so people don't write-off their hobbies as a "business") Anyways good luck and keep posting about your progress. AJ
  6. really?? ALMOST too good to be true. Im in for an adventurers box!
  7. Im confused. Are the add-ons STL only or do you get plastic minis of all of them???
  8. Yea they must have had a break down on the Street date. I have had mine Wave 18 for a week now from FLGS, but all the online stores are still saying Pre-order. AJ
  9. Spelljammer Im assuming... Are those pre-painted or unpainted??? AJ
  10. Agreed. I for one could not stand the Dino-Ninjas in Bones 5. Especially since there was a lack of Human ninjas. I still bought and enjoyed the Daiymo expansion 🙂 AJ PS anyone want some Free Dino Ninjas???
  11. yes Ive been patiently waiting for Stirges since bones 3
  12. Yea The flumph has been a part of D&D since its introduction in Field Folio in 1981. Yet despite being around for 5 editions and over 40 years it is woefully underrepresented. Some of us do know what it is and are excited to finally get one in bones after we have gotten a pile of monsters that we toss into a box of junk
  13. Wow I missed yesterday but I feel 100% same way... thx for Asking!
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