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  1. yup I had same thought. I guess they are just keeping future waves closer to vest.
  2. And the balor rounds out the list at $99🤒 With no Wave 16 announced as of yet, Im worries Wizkids got out of cheap minis business for high end sprues
  3. Im a touch disappointed with the price point for the frameworks, $50 for 5 Orcs (even customizable) is a bit more than I want to pay. AJ
  4. so I fially finished inventory and gluing .. all pieces accounted for!... and I get a ring on my doorbell... UPS man with a big box of reapcon swag..... back to inventory 🤪
  5. Glad to see so many peoples getting their orders my advice ... Buy some extra glue before. Seriously though I just finished gluing over 100 minis with ~ 100 minis to go. I have heard some complaints over on KS about not enough coming in 1 piece. I got 1 of everything but modern scenics and there were 450 that DIDN'T need any glue, so KS might have been inflating the issue ( a 1st I know). plus the dragons /giants were a snap to assemble. I'm not a huge fan of the smaller models coming on sprues though. I'm sure there are reasons but my sausage fingers have a hard time putting them together. Th
  6. I watched mine via ring doorcam.. so no pirates stole my pirate ship!
  7. Some initial reactions as I do my inventory. 1. Why the heck did I buy soooo much plastic? 2. I have been painting the remains of my Bones 2 hoard and the increase in quality and detail is amazing. Seriously just ask Yephima. 3. While there are many minis with pesky bits to glue there are a LOT that do not. TBH I'll probably paint the ones that don't need assembly first.. 4 The pirate ship is cool. Making it glow in dark... cooler. Can anyone suggest GItD paint for me to paint a ghost crew? 5. Lotsa of dinos... not enough Mice. 6 It may seem minor, but ther
  8. I KNOW ITS IMPOSSIBLE But in an ideal world. Don't tell anyone a specific date . Box up All orders. Then ship out staggered so everyone gets theirs on the same day ...YES Im being silly
  9. well said . There is something afoot. Starting of Tuesday all wave 1 should have been head of line.. it APPEARS they were not. I do not discount anyone's disappointment but whatever the issue may be its probably quicker to just push thru it and let Reaper do a post mortem, which Ed also mentioned. Methinks they will have an explanation ... but after fulfillment is done
  10. FWIW I got an email from UPS and its in PM ... but nada in My choice
  11. Just got my email... wave 1 with everything... so its progressing fer sure. keep the faith.
  12. You are not alone. For various reasons some wave 1 orders may not have been shipped . Unless you really want to dig up some bad blood my advice is to wait til next week. Many (including myself ).. in wave 1 are waiting still.
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