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  1. Agreed. I for one could not stand the Dino-Ninjas in Bones 5. Especially since there was a lack of Human ninjas. I still bought and enjoyed the Daiymo expansion 🙂 AJ PS anyone want some Free Dino Ninjas???
  2. yes Ive been patiently waiting for Stirges since bones 3
  3. Yea The flumph has been a part of D&D since its introduction in Field Folio in 1981. Yet despite being around for 5 editions and over 40 years it is woefully underrepresented. Some of us do know what it is and are excited to finally get one in bones after we have gotten a pile of monsters that we toss into a box of junk
  4. Wow I missed yesterday but I feel 100% same way... thx for Asking!
  5. I think we get to 1505 with ease.... but time will tell
  6. Well, we dinged 1190. No new Stretch Goals, but being there are 8 on the table.... Not surprising they need to catch up a bit. We are getting close to the End game now. Hopefully with a big boost in backers.... AJ
  7. So Wont happened to Tonks? did Lupin bite her during a full moon and she is a werewolf as well now????
  8. @ $262 for 1 Mini? pass... I can get The core 3 Expansions for $13 more ... and have over 200 minis.... I wanna keep this on Bones 6 so I will not go about how expnesive some other companies have become...
  9. Id like to see more Female monsters. Not nymphs/Sirens or half nekkid Succubi (my apologies to Sophi) but run of the mill Monster manual 1 typers that everyone uses but there is a lack of female monsters goblins/orcs/Trolls/minotaurs/undead etc. I have 6000 minis but I'm always searching when it comes to female. There are SOME but just not enough variety and choices... and please NO CHAINMAIL BIKINIS need apply. Make an expansions of this and Id by 10. BTW after posting I search for Bones and females Giants and Half orcs DO show a fair number .... so OK those two races are represented AJ
  10. That's what I would like to see.... Reaper just keep adding Stretch Goals as people add funds to Pledge manager I think a lot of backers are holding off and we could attract a lot of new backers in that time. I'm sure there are reasons why they cant but I can dream. AJ
  11. seriously? pretty far even for that show....
  12. BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!!!.... sorry wrong prince
  13. yup Guess I could have said just that instead of my long winded answer LOL
  14. So To date Bones kickstarters have made $16.7 Million dollars so take anything I say with a grain of salt. I am in NO position to explain why Bones 6 is "under performing " at over 1M. But Yet I keep doing it. Why I want MORE. so here is a list of some of the reasons proffered so far: Poor overall economic shape huge piles of unpainted bones competition from 3D printers Competition across marketplace 5 Core break up 2 years to shipping ROW shipping uncertainty Not enough females models not enough basic starter models not enough unique models Lack of Dragons I dunno but Ron did it... And I'm sure I have missed another dozen..... Truth is it might be a little of all, some or none. OR it just might be my expectations. Its not a bad set of minis and at a great price. I hope it progresses and gets bigger. BUT for me I'm kinda done with playing Armchair QB. Reaper is full of CPA's that that have done this time and time again. They will deliver, it will be economical and completed with Level 10 customer satisfaction. That works even if I get a small pile than Bones 1-5. AJ
  15. Yea They said they would take it on more of a case by case basis. My 2 cents. The argument against breaking it up seem to me to be too much floor space during fulfillment. Not to be rude but We are heading to a lot less add-ons/Expansions/encounters... is that really a problem compared to last time? AJ
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