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  1. So I received my mega bundle and there was a Mesuline Darkember Mini in the box. I don't see her name anywhere. Was she part of any of the boxes/promotions? Or did she just escape from the dungeons of Denton? I mean reaper's warehouse? AJ
  2. I got Nathavarr right under the wire. I already have one painted...But what the heck ... Paint this one to see if there is any improvement in Skill :)
  3. Yup My FLGS had them in stock here in Austin. Wave 13 if you are keeping track. Darklings look OK. But I was actually entranced with the large pieces from the Magic the Gathering. I wasn't going to go in on them at first, I collect enough and they are a little big for a D&D demon or Sphinx. Still they look nice and I m sure I can make use of them as a Big Bad at some point... Im not a zealot when it comes to scale. Better to scare players with a big ole sphinx :P AJ
  4. Looks like Wave 14 was announced https://www.phdgames.com/2020/10/20/unpainted-miniatures-collection-wave-14-wizkids/ Lots new critters Koalinth, Koa-Ta, Red Slaad and a unpainted sky coach
  5. Yea I noticed a "wave 12.5 " for pre-order and got excited.... so its just repackaging eh? Oh well Hopefully they wont price themselevs out of market
  6. Yea they jacked up prices in US as well. Seems like they are doing a bit of a relaunching. I still think its a good deal though, and some of the monsters are nice to see FLUMPF!!!!
  7. I m happy I missed Hobgoblins on 1st go around so I get another chance
  8. I'm still not seeing 4 of them in any store.. online or brick and Mortar Satyr/Dryad Wererat/weretiger Dwarf Fighter Female Ranger Yes Im OCD collector, but I really want to paint the dryad!!
  9. Yea.. at 37 cents a mini...Rewards are outweighing risks. Ill give it a shot... Hoping their next one goes beyond the basic fantasy...
  10. Has anyone gotten all of Wave 11 Minis. I bought some online but it looks like a dozen or so are not out there. All things considered Id not e surprise if there was a delay.. but still curious if the full wave shipped... AJ
  11. get out of that rabbit hole.. 1st its reaction videos than its ranking videos and before you know it you will be waiting for Mr Beast latest giveawy video to drop
  12. There is a generational gap in my play group where half of us are in over 40s and half are under 30s. It actual works great as fresh ideas and wonderment meet with hardened experience and knowledge. As for Critical Role, the kids love it .. the elders wonder why you would watch someone else play .. instead of just playing yourself. This runs beyond just RPG as you can watch people play video games on twitch or listen to people summarize TV and Movies on Youtube... Southpark did an entire Episode on this mentality. i gave up questioning it years ago. Why we SHOULD care is the fact that th
  13. I didn't scroll down at first to see the add-ons. Thanks I missed his first 2 campaigns. Might need a second printer LOL
  14. Looks to be metal. I must say I appreciate Reaper continuing this trend despite not having a new like Bones black or Dungeon Dwellers to promote... and giving a choice .. even more Kudos. That being said, I'm gonna wait to see what Feb brings... Christmas just wiped out my discretionary Budget :(
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