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  1. amuller33

    Thunderfoot behemoth - Bones 4

    Thanks I will use this as a guide and do a poor rip-off version
  2. amuller33

    Thunderfoot behemoth - Bones 4

    Ironic since noone have ever seen a living one... But yeah VERY lifelike. Id love for you to tell us what colors you used fro Base/Wash/Drybrush I so want to rip you off LOL
  3. amuller33

    MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    back in 15 I was just getting into the hobby and I was honestly more interested in getting some generic metal minis for cannon fodder than the terrain. At this point I have all the infantry I can paint so there is no need. Still it was a badge of honor that of 38 KSers I never picked one that didnt fulfill... until now. Oh well I have gotten so many Cheap minis from KS, taken one on the chin is hardly worth it. Sadly I must admit the Schadenfreude in me that enjoyed the ridiculous flame wars that came out of this project. There is a part, small part, that feels bad for the kid that tried to fly so high and crashed so hard.
  4. I did a greybeard. I just open the core box and they were the first thing that I picked. Seemed simple enough .. I just wanted to have 1 thing crossed off the Bones 4 Checklist ASAP. AJ
  5. I just finished up the barge !! which was the last of all my gluing ( I had 1 of each but left most wings and that globe unglued) When i was putting the barge away I knocked over the mammouth and broke a tusk... So Now I have tusk under my desk... he actually looks tough with it broken. i may not fix. AJ
  6. Yeah Im in Pflugerville and got mine essentially overnight
  7. OK so after doing 4 of the fan favorites -- Efrerrti Djinn Slaad and snai it seems like all 4 vary from the old insert Tab A to Slot B of old bones.. Each requires just a tad pressure and then SNAPPED in.... if that makes any sense
  8. dang i just opened the efreeti... yeah not intuitive at all
  9. Send You name , address, order number and missing part to help@reapermini.com... include Bones 4 in Title. They replace my mossman immediatly.. felt kinda gulty that others are still waiting.... but its a different dept I sppose.
  10. Hmm I had the same MIA Mossbeard and teh same paint.... But alas you are correct no entwives..... I think we need to start a faction now for Bones 5.. we want and Entwives or at least 1 Entwife!!!
  11. OK so I brought some minis to work to Show off and a co-worker saw Dance of death and notice the two dragons holding hands. She asked if this was a " a prelude to intimacy". I first laughed but ... maybe it is a mating dance???????? Now Im thinking I should paint the dragons both red!
  12. Im guessing they sent these out b4 the knew scope of problem... Thought you guys in Canada did let them know.....
  13. Yephima is one of my all time favorites bones but the new one???? Wow she looks much better.. Lets hop she is the Bones Black of a month
  14. Didn't order enough?
  15. Yeah the 1st wave is wayyyy more like have multiple orders