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  1. Time For another DEEEP THOUGHT: "I never knew I needed the Peti-Mau Barbarian, until I needed the Peti-Mau Barbarian... or 2"
  2. I see the distinction, and you are most probably right. What I don't know is how to right the ship at this point ๐Ÿ˜’
  3. I see your point and can't argue... the value to you is dependent on you. though, to me it just seems a catch-22 though as initial offerings have dissuading backers from pledging and this in turn has slowed the advancement, slowing stretch Goals and their reveals. I suppose Reaper could show all their Stretch goals now, but then if they have minis they didn't get to their be complaints " I backed for a core and then they never got to the dragon I wanted...." So its tricky, they need to reveal targets that they can get to . As always just my 2 cents. I think removing waves, the shipping costs, competition 3D printers and economic malaise have all had an impact. AJ
  4. Here's my enthusiastic Deep Thought of the day: "Its good to be an obsessive collector of Bones. I don't have to worry if Bones 6 has value or entices me like past KS. I'm buying one of everything no matter what." That's been another DEEEEEP thought. AJ
  5. has anyone see the pentadrone in FLGS? cant find it in any of the 3 North Austin stores I frequent
  6. Yea. I don't know Reaper's business model, how much they rely on KS cash infusion , how shipping costs impact it all and whether the disruption during fulfillment would be reduced.... BUT.... I do like the concept of smaller campaign. Maybe a bones USA campaign with limited scope but a much quicker turnaround? For me the models and pricing in Bones 6 are GREAT.. its that 2024 delivery date that caused me to pause (yes Its not my 1st rodeo and I am aware of what happened in Bones 1-5). Id like to see other cultures; Meso american, African, South Asian and East Asian ( yea Dino samurai didnt do it for me) plus they can do an occasional fan favorites to keep the most wanted lists to a minimum As a customer, Id prefer this type of campaign, but to be honest Ill buy everything in bones 6 regardless and 7 and 8 and 10 ... not 9 I'm really looking forward to boycotting 9 in other word +1
  7. Not to mention audacious alliteration... forgive me I couldn't help myself ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ
  8. Wizkids Frameworks are $15 for singles and $50 for a pack of 5... granted they seem to be coming in way too high. IMy Local FLGS asked me If I wanted to preorder a "quick pick" for $700 I think I disturbed a few MTG games when i cackled NO WAY MAN
  9. Yea removing waves probably changed pledging patterns. I think this and the growing knowledge that you can buy stuff thru the pledge manager for manager tampered the urgency of pledging more than the bones piles of backlog than many of us have accumulated. Collectors will collect. Trolls will troll. Most of us will grab what we want.... and a little more ๐Ÿ™‚ But if you are a newbie... believe me this is the best deal you will see for probably the next 2 or 3 years.. TAKE IT
  10. never fear! look up kicktraq if you like but the bones KS always spike up in the last few days. I find it impossible to imagine that any of the Expansions dont get fully done. Id willing to bet the Egyptian and Dungeon xpacs will as well. YES, there is a certain amount of jadedness this time around that MIGHT be more prevalent. AND it kills me how many people pledge $10 on KS just to tell the world why they wont be backing. **shrugs** What's been offered already IS a great deal. The core will expand and become even better deal. More minis will be added. Anything else is pretty much a guess and I have nOOOOO insider knowledge or crystal ball. AJ
  11. yes, and he seems to be favoring a GG add on pack. If only he had the authority to..... OH wait HE DOES
  12. They negatives come in packs. So far its been 1ROW shipping, 2Why cant we break up Core? and 3 nothing grabs me... Im guilty of #2 myself
  13. well we crossed over $720K...Lets see Green Griffin Part 4 next and the the Mongrel men? Go Reaper go! I mean this is an enthusiasm thread .... go team go!
  14. agreed but Prices are on rise. The Chibis 12 for $35 is just under $3... $2.91
  15. I too, fully support more familiars, but I'm a completionist that has to have a mini for every entry in the Monster Manual. The familiars fill soooo many of the holes in my collection
  16. Just got emails from Bones 5 and Bones 3 notifying me of Bones 6. Heres hoping that starts a day 2 run and builds into the weekend! I want more unlocks
  17. I thought the orcs were a separate option and not core? I thought the orcs were a separate option and not core?
  18. yup $35 for 12. I might have to rethink my buy 1 of everything strategy...
  19. A VERY good point... I was trying to shame Wizkids without mentioning their name
  20. $14 for mix and match Build your own minis... so much better than competition that charges that much for 1
  21. absolutely. I would have to to a comparison of MSRP per piece to get true value but... not enough hours in a day...
  22. I had a count of 188 for Bones 4 .. if you counted all the little skulls, orbs and gargoyle bits indivdually So excluding the bits from 4...approx Price per mini is B1 41 cents b2 50 cents B3 65 cents B4 61 cents B5 79 cents INCREDIBLE VALUE for all 5 and I expect B6 to be no worse. Sure they have gone up a touch BUT they are better quality IMHO and well inflation dude. Every time I say I have enough I think under $1 per mini... I can not miss this oppertuinity. AJ
  23. Guilty as charged๐Ÿ˜ . I asked for Stirges a few time in Bones 5... but never got them... Whats that you say? they already have them previewed for Bones 6???? squeaky wheel and all that.
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