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  1. we could do avengers..... I'll go all in on the Hulk green body paint and torn pants is pretty easy. Heck I won a halloween contest as Shrek.... pretty much the same. iron man and cap might be a bit more work. AJ
  2. There is a theatre in th emall nearby no? Don't believe its IMAx...I have room for 3 more in my corolla
  3. Judging the amount of unpainted vs painted minis on Ebay sounds about right. Thoughg people might be less inclined to sell the ones they have put effort to paint...
  4. I just finished my first one... 77154 Lizardman.. Mind you I just git the box last Friday :)
  5. These are my favorite times of the con. Catching up with folks over breakfast. Coming down to the lobby late at night and hanging out with the people furiously trying to finish contest entries. After-hours games of Cards Against Humanity in someone's room. Hard Cider and S'mores out by the fire while talking about nothing to do with the hobby. Sure, you can do most of that stuff even if you are staying somewhere else, but it is certainly a bit more accessible and... immersive, if you stay at the con hotel. ~v Hard cider and smores? Late night cah? Ok definitely need to find roomies on site. Also: . Op: I go by AJ myself..maybe I should stick with NoZ (pronounced like nox with a z) to avoid confusion Im the newcomer So I defer to you sir.....
  6. Than you all! Your responses are great, I think I have a better jist of whats goingDefinitly looking forward to it now. Hopefully I can meet some of you up there... Just three months to go??? uggh! AJ
  7. OK, first hello all! I am an utter newbie ( though lifelong RPGer) to the fine art of minis. Just started painted a few months ago and Im hooked pretty bad :P. I am seriously considering Reapercon as it sounds a perfect way to spend a weekend. I have been digging thru the the site for info, but still have questions. First, whats there to do after hours? IS ther any gaming going on late night? I have never been to a con... Second, how long do the classes run? I am really interested in taking some of the basics hands on small classes, just curious what one gets for the buy-ins... Third, will I miss much Thursday morning If Im late? Thinking of dring in from Austin but can't leave until Thursday morning Fourth, will I miss much if I don't stay at the Hotel? I have a free place to crash ( about 45 mins away) Fifth, do you need to bring any paints or brushes for the classes? I understand the artists want to see some of you finished work for idea of skill level, but what elese do I need. I apologize if any of this is covered somewhere in a FAQ. LIke I said I looked, but Im old and slow so I might have missed it. Thanks AJ
  8. I was thinking of driving from Austin... but I may not be able to go to Thursday morning. Might cut some time out of you trip Greyhound station ( not far from me) to Dalas should only be 3 to 3.5 hours
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