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  1. They have had quite a few prepainted, but here have also been 2 waves of unpainted... Which I generally like and can fit into a campaign... but I am a mini collecting addict ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. so 49 hours and Ill be hitting the Back this project button. I know there are no waves but I'm spending money no matter what so might as well get going on those stretch goals !!! AJ
  3. My FLGS had the Latest MTG figures but No Nolzurs yet. The have lady half treant is neat kind of a Huge Dryad I guess.... AJ
  4. Yeah What Haldir said... Myself I wanted to buy in to Frameworks but the price has scared me off. AJ
  5. Yea I was excited to see this but $400 is just more than I will pay for 1 Mini.. shame Id love to have it
  6. today was a street date for Wave 16. Has anyone seen them in FLGS yet?
  7. Agreed ANY commonly played race. Right now if you want to use a bones for a ninja your choices are a mouseling, a pterasaur or a Snakeeyes clone.
  8. I argued then and I still contend the problem with Daimyo is the lack of humans. Even if the Dinosaurs are cool as heck, they are not very useful in most Far east campaigns (which I love) While there are some in Humans Bones already (a samurai and a Chronoscope ninja) there are more mouseling and dinosaur ninja/samurai. There are plenty existing metal sculpts which might be converted? My fear is the aparent unpopularity in Bones 5 may make an Asian expansion impossible. Frankly all we need is an encounter set with 5 or 6 non dino minis and 1 piece of terrain to fill the whole. AJ
  9. I know there is a shipping mess and their minis have always been a great buy but I'm starting to lose interest due to the higher prices. Off topic: I went to buy their pre-painted warband of 8 Kobolds and the clerk of my FLGS told me $48. I laughed and said you musty have scanned it twice... He then checked and said no the price is $45. ๐Ÿคจ I put them back. AJ
  10. yup I had same thought. I guess they are just keeping future waves closer to vest.
  11. And the balor rounds out the list at $99๐Ÿค’ With no Wave 16 announced as of yet, Im worries Wizkids got out of cheap minis business for high end sprues
  12. Im a touch disappointed with the price point for the frameworks, $50 for 5 Orcs (even customizable) is a bit more than I want to pay. AJ
  13. so I fially finished inventory and gluing .. all pieces accounted for!... and I get a ring on my doorbell... UPS man with a big box of reapcon swag..... back to inventory ๐Ÿคช
  14. Glad to see so many peoples getting their orders my advice ... Buy some extra glue before. Seriously though I just finished gluing over 100 minis with ~ 100 minis to go. I have heard some complaints over on KS about not enough coming in 1 piece. I got 1 of everything but modern scenics and there were 450 that DIDN'T need any glue, so KS might have been inflating the issue ( a 1st I know). plus the dragons /giants were a snap to assemble. I'm not a huge fan of the smaller models coming on sprues though. I'm sure there are reasons but my sausage fingers have a hard time putting them together. Things like the dino ninjas/samaurai will probably sit at the bottom of the bucket of shame for years. Still my point is there are plenty ...PLENTY of minis that are 1-piece to keep you busy until Bones 6 arrives. AJ
  15. I watched mine via ring doorcam.. so no pirates stole my pirate ship!
  16. Some initial reactions as I do my inventory. 1. Why the heck did I buy soooo much plastic? 2. I have been painting the remains of my Bones 2 hoard and the increase in quality and detail is amazing. Seriously just ask Yephima. 3. While there are many minis with pesky bits to glue there are a LOT that do not. TBH I'll probably paint the ones that don't need assembly first.. 4 The pirate ship is cool. Making it glow in dark... cooler. Can anyone suggest GItD paint for me to paint a ghost crew? 5. Lotsa of dinos... not enough Mice. 6 It may seem minor, but there are a number of resealable bags!!! Im compulsive I need to open and inspect but I dont want them falling out into my buckets 7 Bucket preference for Add-ons ( im keeping core and expac in boxes for now) 1 Dragons 2 Large minis one per pack 3 encounters 4 Others 8 Encounters... More please! 9 Is it me? or is the brinewind extras bigger than the Xpac... Just saying which is the Xpac and which is the "extras" 10. In regards to #1 ... Where the heck am I going to store all this plastic?? AJ
  17. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ LIke I said I was being ridiculous
  18. I KNOW ITS IMPOSSIBLE But in an ideal world. Don't tell anyone a specific date . Box up All orders. Then ship out staggered so everyone gets theirs on the same day ...YES Im being silly
  19. well said . There is something afoot. Starting of Tuesday all wave 1 should have been head of line.. it APPEARS they were not. I do not discount anyone's disappointment but whatever the issue may be its probably quicker to just push thru it and let Reaper do a post mortem, which Ed also mentioned. Methinks they will have an explanation ... but after fulfillment is done
  20. FWIW I got an email from UPS and its in PM ... but nada in My choice
  21. Just got my email... wave 1 with everything... so its progressing fer sure. keep the faith.
  22. You are not alone. For various reasons some wave 1 orders may not have been shipped . Unless you really want to dig up some bad blood my advice is to wait til next week. Many (including myself ).. in wave 1 are waiting still.
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