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  1. The ReaperCon website breaks each category down by the percentages. https://reapercon.com/contest Edit: Heisler beat me to it.
  2. KrisL

    EVENT pictures

    You are the one who said "non-toxic". You are already doomed... beware of shadows and linseed-smelling places. It's just a matter of time now. I've already started running into creepy children singing nursery rhymes foretelling my demise. One... Two... Pingo's coming for you... Three... Four... Lick your brush no more...
  3. KrisL

    EVENT pictures

    I dare you to stand in front of a mirror with a brush in your mouth, turn off the lights and say Pingo three times.
  4. KrisL

    EVENT pictures

    It's fortunate that the paints we use are non-toxic.
  5. *starts sharpening handle of paint brush* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Looking forward to getting my BootShanked! ribbon.
  6. Doooooo eeeeet! I can try and see what happens. I hope it does not end up in the pile of "AHHHH! BURN IT WITH FIRE!" That's all you can do. If you decide to, give it your best shot; remember, it's the thought that counts. Silly Chaoswolf with your typos. You misspelled hat again. "remember, it's the hat that counts"
  7. I guess these criticisms just make me appreciate the two Jessica Rich classes I took even more. I cannot recommend her classes enough. She would explain the step, then do the step on her mini. Then she would do a lap of the table letting each one of us see her mini under our lamps and she'd explain exactly what she did and where. Then she'd take another lap and check out our mini to offer feedback. Even when she would ask us to mix colors or make a glaze or wash, she'd come around with her pallet to show us the color or consistency she was looking for. She was always open to questions and happy to go back over a step if we still hadn't gotten it down all the way. I'm still a bit of a newbie painter, but not once was I ever confused as to what she was doing or what I was supposed to be doing.
  8. Then we'll just have to get you a hat. A hat so extreme that it can't be contained by mere banquet walls. We can have a hat party outside!
  9. Oh wise and noble Space Pope Bryan, from where did your title originate? I've only seen the title used once before and you didn't look this reptilian when I met you at ReaperCon.
  10. Need some hand sanitizer and Lysol spray in the swag bags next year.
  11. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Unless he kills by... scaring people to death!
  13. KrisL

    Home Safe

    It took 5 days, but I now see light at the end of the con crud tunnel. I could totally breath this morning and everything!
  14. Big shout out to the entire ReaperCon crew! Not everyone gets to walk around the con basking in their own cosmic divine awesomeness like the Space Pope himself. But whether it was the people serving burgers Thursday night, the people working the registration line or the people checking items into the paint competition - every single one of them was friendly, helpful and had just a great and fun attitude. You don't always get so lucky when dealing with 'staff' at cons - but you Reaper peeps are just wonderful!
  15. ...but Peen-uh-lope is a girl's name!
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