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  1. Hey Everybody, Been probably a month or so since I have posted on here. This guy isn't actually a reaper mini, but the player of the character decided he wanted to switch up from the model I bought from Reaper. I was super excited still to paint this guy and share him with the community. So far I think this is my favorite base, and I just love how dynamic this models pose is. Hope you all like it, and of course comments and critiques are very welcome. Cheers.
  2. Hey there everybody, It's me again, and this time I have Sajan, the monk from Pathfinder. We are using this figure for a monk in our Pathfinder RPG (just not as Sajan). I had a lot of fun painting this miniature and I tried to thin out the paints more when layering colors. I did find that I got smoother blends and overall better results. I did not originally base this miniature, another player was going to paint him but then left it up to me. I wasn't a huge fan of his rock and land placement so I added a bunch of grass to give him a meddowy feel. His face I feel falls short (first non-hooded mini), but since its not a studio piece I thought it was good enough for our table top game. Figured it'd get a good wear anyways from handling. Thanks for looking guys, Look forward to seeing what you all have to say. :) Cheers.
  3. Thank so much everyone, I appreciate all the kind words. Ive got a few more miniatures to go but I think they are steadily improving. Hopefully I can keep posting minis you like to check out Also, I think basing is my favorite part lol. I like creating a little scenery
  4. Hey Guys, Been a while since I've posted up a mini on the boards, been super busy at work with tax returns coming in and the weather getting nice in the midwest lol. Finally got around to finishing this Sea Lion, which my group is using as a stand-in for a Bunyip in our Pathfinder RPG. Tried out a few new things with this figure but ran into my typical problem of rushing and not thinning my paints down enough. Sadly painting at work gives me some sporadic start and stop times haha. Also I tried out using some Woodland Scenics Realistic Water, and Water Effects to give his base a shallow water vibe. Not sure if it turned out exactly how I had envision but it still looks cool to me. Hope you all enjoy :).
  5. I've watched some of the "schnauzerfaceminis" videos on youtube, and I am kind of interested in also creating unique bases for the miniatures for when not being played with. and the use of "water effects" that stuff looks amazing. With the paladin, I tried using some brushed on dry pigments to give his armor a kind of worn and abused type feeling.
  6. I agree that I need to thin my paints more, and the cloak especially is pretty gritty. I did originally paint the cloak in a series of blues and decided after painting the body of the figure didn't look right and then covered it up with the whites and grays. I did kind of the same thing with the shield and ended up reapplying the red in a thicker coat to "cover" my tracks lol. I'm still just getting into the hobby, but I would like to see things improve overall. I'm not necessarily trying to become a "studio" type painter but to have really nice miniatures for table top play. I would like to try pushing things further to create softer miniatures if that makes sense. And I suppose also while the minis are not in play, they may a cool display in my booth at work; which is where I am painting all these.
  7. Hey Guys! It's me again, TheBeardedEagle. I took a lot of your feedback from my last miniature and tried to apply it to this second miniature. This guy had some armor pieces and different styles of metals as well as cloth pieces and jewelry. I had a ton of fun with this guy and again cant wait for the third. I think it is a lot stronger than my first but I feel there is still a lot of room for improvement. Again I would love to hear what you guys think and criticisms are always welcome. Cheers!
  8. Once I had my miniature painted to where I felt satisfied, I went through with a wash of Winsor & Newton Ivory Black oil paint. I mixed it down heavily with odorless mineral spirits and washed it over the whole miniature. I saw a guy do it in a tutorial video on youtube and liked the way it worked so I figured i'd try it out. You can also pull off some of the oil paint if its to heavy in some spots by just using a q-tip and mineral spirits. I do have to state that before using the wash I sprayed a gloss varnish over the mini to "create a smooth surface for the wash to run over". <-- paraphrasing the youtube video
  9. Thank you to everyone who has commented and to all you guys who have left me feedback and suggestions. The idea of looking at things in black and gray is a super solid idea and I will probably be doing that from now on. I still have two more miniatures to paint for this game of Pathfinder, but I do not see this hobby stopping for me. I will say I do have a bit of an art background, I attended art school and currently work as a professional tattoo artist. I'm more used to painting in oils and water colors though so some of these acrylic techniques are new to me. But again sincerely, thank you to all of you, I'll post my next mini soon. Cheers, Will
  10. Hey there all, This is my first time painting a miniature; I have always wanted to do it and just never did. So finally a group of my friends and I set up a game of Pathfinder and I needed a mini for my character. This presented the perfect opportunity for me to try my had at painting a miniature. I tried out a few different techniques, layering, drybrushing, oil wash and like the final product. Any constructive criticisms would be appreciated. Cheers all, Will
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