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  1. Thanks. I decided to go for cheap. I often get put off by expensive STL files however nice they look.

    It looks like we will get that first stretch goal in the next couple of days. At the moment I'm working on the second update with the first of the 5th day freebies. In fact I'll post this after I send out the update so I can link it in. :)



  2. I painted this a while back. Lovely miniature (one of my favourite Reaper minis)

    Really nice and easy to paint. I used Nightmare black and highlighting it up to a blue of some description.

    I picked out the eyes in pure white. I feel it gives it that extra creepy look. Would be great photographed in a very dark dungeon.

    25902787428_35a3a708b4_z.jpg2018-01-19_09-06-14 by Kieran Me, on Flickr

    24905067257_d2dae39671_z.jpg2018-01-19_09-06-45 by Kieran Me, on Flickr

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  3. On 7/17/2018 at 1:16 AM, buglips*the*goblin said:

    That's a pretty figure.  My Grenadier knowledge is weak, I got into miniatures when they were waning and there wasn't as much of their product in the game stores.  She's a neat gem, I may look for one of my own.

    It's available from Mirliton miniatures. They recently put it back up for sale (after finding the mold I guess)



    You've done an awesome job painting this! Absolutely love the skintones.

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  4. Thanks I thought I recognised your name (You are on LAF as well correct) I did think about a telescope. Trying to make things very generic to begin with. Maybe I;ll look into that as an extension. I'm thinking of making loads of little bits that can attach on to this. But to be honest to make the telescope look best I would just  create a new roof option. Otherwise it could be quite tricky to attach it on. That wouldn't actually be too difficult as well, just amending the current file. I'm also thinking of making the $1000 stretch goal having 2 files. One that is accessible through the bridge option.

    The smaller prototype I have is currently stacked 9 high (with 2 bridge sections leading nowhere) it is quite impressive.

  5. Hi all, 


    I feel a bit bad that this is my first post here on Reaper Forum advertising a kickstarter. I used to go by the Moniker Kaybee or Kaybee81 (can't remember) but as I'm known as beefcake on other fora I thought it best to go by the same name everywhere. Anyway here is a link to some STL files for purchase.


    The Wizard's Tower contains stackable tower sections to create your own unique Wizard's Tower. 

    Files have been scaled for 28mm miniatures but, as with all 3d printable files, you have the ability to scale them up or down to suit your gaming needs.

    The initial reward consists of 7 different modular tower pieces and a ladder. All of which have been created on Blender, run through a repair tool, to check for any non-manifold parts and other errors, and printed.

    • [li]Tower roof[/li]
      [li]Single window tower section[/li]
      [li]Tower section with door[/li]
      [li]Tower bridge (2 bridge sections link together)[/li]
      [li]Double window tower section[/li]
      [li]Windowless tower section[/li]
      [li]Tower base[/li]
      [li]and a ladder[/li]


    All for NZD $10 (roughly USD $6.80)


    The tower pieces can be oriented in almost any direction to provide a different look each time you game.


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