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  1. Have they ever? Would they again?
  2. More of the "young" dragon types like 77026.
  3. I had two day games that ran with just 3 players, which was not really enough. Also, Thursday night, the table before us ran very, very late. My GM was going to run his whole 5E adventure, but the hotel (I think) made us stop at Midnight. Would be nice to have been able to use one of those empty tables in the big hall when the group before us took too long.
  4. My second ReaperCon is now in the rearview (for me), and overall it was very enjoyable. I took no classes, but played in a good few 5e games. However, I do have a bit of a bone to pick in regard to the gaming. I registered for games through the Grow Tix website for Thursday and Friday. However, the GM's appeared to be generally unaware of the registration and things pretty much went "first come, first served". This was okay, until Friday night. I had registered for the Pathfinder 2E Playtest game, that Grow Tix listed at 4pm. The ReaperCon schedule showed the game at 7pm. So, I showed up at seven. Problem was, it wasn't a 2E test game, it was a Pathfinder Society game, and a "sign up sheet" was used to determine who would be playing. I was unaware that a signup sheet existed for the game. I didn't really mind giving up my seat to those who signed up, but it did kinda screw me over for the rest of the night, as other games filled up and I was left sitting around without much to do. I don't mind that the games are loosely organized, but it would be nice if this was explained beforehand. If they are going to be "first come first served", then it would also be nice if there wasn't any schedule posted that includes signup as this sort of led me down a primrose path. Other than this little hiccup, everything was great. Thank you for putting on an excellent convention Reaper!! I really do mean this as constructive criticism.
  5. Just an FYI for all here. I got my refund very promptly (and subsequently spent a portion of it on Bones I had been wanting via retail, I know, I'm crazy). Reaper has been accommodating an cordial throughout the process.
  6. That someone was me. I admit to being nonplussed by the auto-reply email, as it was not what I was expecting from Reaper, who has always treated me well. I probably should have waited a bit for a response from an actual person, but was pretty unsure of when that might occur. To be clear, I'm not really upset about Reaper reporting a delay in Bones 3, but I have grown to realize that perhaps Kickstarters aren't the best venue for me. I have a great deal of trust in Reaper, but I have a growing distrust of overseas suppliers and think I would prefer to deal in a more traditional exchange of commerce. perhaps, sort of... I answer [email protected] I'm out of the office until after the show and the auto email responder states that. If they chose to take it in that context, it isn't exactly wrong. The message was written when I left the office on Wednesday before I knew about the update. If I knew content of update in advance I might have worded auto responder different.
  7. A set of trees...with wooden platforms..or even tree houses.
  8. I would love to have a Hydra with snake body instead of the four footed variety...something like the old Ral Partha version...but larger.
  9. Wyvern Carts/wagons Large Tree with a door..ala the old Icewind Dale game. Troglodytes Mephits Hags (Green, Black, Annis, Winter) Thunderwyrm Ballista Heavy Crossbow Drakes (Pathfinder types) Ruined structures..from simple walls to stackable buildings. Constrictor snake Added: Cervitaur Ladder Snake Bodied Hydra Trees with platforms or tree houses.
  10. I remember in the tour it was said that you needed a larger machine for the big figures. Would the machine you have now do all the medium sized ones or do you need two of Thomas?
  11. A large tree with a doorway, akin to the Druid's tree in the Icewind Dale game.
  12. Hmm..for something different, how about a cervitaur?
  13. that at some point, you make the terrain pieces of DDS2 available sans the dragon and the adventurers? I should have purchased them in the Kickstarter and have been kicking myself since. It's starting to hurt.
  14. Won't you think of the players? Clearly we need Bones carebears, Bones heal-bots, and Bones treasure piles! They like abuse...and alot of it.
  15. I would like a Bones Naga..a Bones Wyvern...a Bones Manticore...a Bones Hag...these would make me a very, very happy dm
  16. I'm making steady progress on KS II and didn't get KS I, so I'd rather not see much delay. I didn't go whole hog on KS II either though.
  17. Played in my first PFS event with a friend. We had a blast.
  18. I signed up for the Goblin Blood Dead..Played Pathfinder but never in a Society game.
  19. How about new players who are sure of the class? Do you have to play with pregens?
  20. Thanks guys...all Bronzed up now.
  21. Considering going with the Bronze instead of paying for day passes on Saturday and Sunday. Will the Swag Bag be worth the 10 bucks extra guys?
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