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  1. Lt. Coldfire

    2018 Year in Review (pic heavy)

    Center is Goblin Queen from Bobby Jackson. I haven't seen it in stock anywhere since CMON's 2017 Black Friday sale. That's where I picked mine up. The top right is called Green Leaf from Black Sun Miniatures. Most if it is from Gamer's Grass.
  2. Lt. Coldfire

    2018 Year in Review (pic heavy)

    Stuff I painted this year.
  3. Lt. Coldfire

    Early Snow, Female Witch from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Nothing special going on. I just highlighted the robes then used some watered-down washes in the recess areas. I think the green colors I chose just happened to work out very well.
  4. Lt. Coldfire

    #03292: Almaran the Gold, Paladin

    The green tint was pretty easy. I just thinned down some green ink (Scale 75 ink to be exact) with some water and slapped it around without thinking about it too much.