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  1. Actually, it would be the equivalent of you getting hit by a dragon. This is assuming you are also a man.
  2. I believe Bryan mentioned that they were spacing them out more at the start, so they can make them closer together when it kickstarter slows down in the middle. Ah. I can get down with that. Seems like it'd slow things a bit early, though. Temper my expectations a little, maybe. it might slow down day one but the idea is that during the slow days coming up, we can space them even closer and keep up the excitement. Excellent plan. Or is it?
  3. You know it will be epic in the end. May as well post up your $100 now. Do it. I believe in you.
  4. Agreed. It looks like this one may come down to the wire. Fingers crossed, lads!
  5. Nicely done! The skin is especially excellent. A great mascot and internet meme, by the way: "you've been trolled", featuring your mini. If I may:
  6. Nice job on this diorama. The succubus' wings and body leave a bit to be desired though. A little depth in those colors would be preferable. Maybe the photo is hiding some detail on it. The rocks and lava look excellent!
  7. Dang, excellent job! Whoever received this is a lucky duck.
  8. This specimen was available under the Lords of Darkness option in the Bones II Kickstarter. I started painting her a while back, but buried her in my to-do pile in favor of other projects. In fact, one could say I necro'd her from the to-do pile. Zing! G'night every'body!
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I think I used a little too much black, but that's alright. Next time!
  10. First off, FOUR DAYS AND 10 HOURS UNTIL REAPER BONES 3!!! Is anyone else as excited as me, ready to call the bank and tell them to open the flood gates on this bad boy? Here I have painted the Large Fire Elemental from Reaper Bones 1. For me, painting large figures like this are a bit tricky. I'm not sure if it's my patience that wears due to all the coverage needed for a miniature of this size (and let's be honest, this thing is minuscule compared to some of the Reaper dragons), or maybe I simply don't know what I'm doing, or maybe I'm just overstating it. Either way, here it is:
  11. What an awesome model. She really turned out great in the Bones transition, like most of the models have. The base I used is from Wrath of Kings. I didn't even realize that she came with a base from the Kickstarter, but oh well I'll use it for something else, and I think the base I used here works quite well.
  12. I'm not the best source of information, so I'll leave most of that to the pros. For paints, I primarily use Vallejo and Reaper. I like them both. Honestly, I couldn't choose a favorite, but I will say that in terms of red colors, "Blood Red" from Reaper Master Series is hands down my favorite red. Red can be a bit of a pain to paint, so when I finally found a good one, I rejoiced. I think the best advice I can give to someone starting out is to firstly, thin your paints. If I see someone painting directly out of the pot or a dropper bottle, I swiftly jump out of my chair, do a shoulder roll, latch onto the wrist of the would-be victim of said crime and tell them to thin their paint before they ruin their model with the blob of paint. Listen, I'm passionate about this. It will take a while before you get the consistency you need, but thinning your paints is pretty vital. Secondly, get a nice brush. There's no sense wasting your time with a crappy brush. I would recommend a Winsor and Newton Series 7 (here) or a Raphael (here). I use both and love them both. I use a size 0.
  13. This is one of the Allied heroes for the board game Rivet Wars, which was a Kickstarter ran by CoolMiniOrNot (CMON). The game is actually a lot of fun. The minis are really fun to paint as well! I obviously gave this guy a bit of the Captain America treatment.
  14. These gargoyles are really fun and easy to paint. I started with a black primer, drybrushed on a dark gray, following by Magic Blue by Vallejo an then slowly worked up with lighter grays. I did some experimenting with the rust and yellow foliage. I think it looks pretty neat!
  15. Congrats, Jason. Ironically, I just finished this tonight: A little diorama I did with Stonekindle. Truly, this was one of my favorite minis to paint, of all time. OF ALL TIME.
  16. Very nice. I love the limited pallete. Whenever I try a limited pallete, it always blooms into twice the number of colors I originally started with.
  17. Great work, especially the newspapers! I can't help but feel like he's running on a treadmill, though...
  18. I can confirm this. I live in Fresno--the heart of the drought.
  19. 15-20 hours is a pretty dang good turnaround for something of this quality. Good job. That's a lot of time sitting on the shelf though!
  20. I keep a journal. Mine is a bit different than most of what people are posting here. Mine is more of a time journal that I keep in Notepad on my computer. I basically just use it to track how long it's taking me to paint a certain mini. It has actually been very helpful in realizing that sitting there staring at the model is not a very useful way to spend time. Since I've been using it (only one month), I have literally painted more than I have in the last three years. I know, it sounds crazy, but it has worked very well for me so far.
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