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  1. Hey Doogy, I will help out. I'm a bit of a dodo with this kind of stuff so you might have to give me some pointers. I will be willing to do Elves and Tembrithil. It would be very cool to have printed cards.
  2. Here's a great idea based on the cat comment: use a litterbox as the base for Kaladrax!
  3. Excellent. Great movie. Great paintjob.
  4. I regularly quote lines from "Land of the Lost" and "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters." No one has ever complained and it remains topical.
  5. Money, money, money...

  6. Firstly, my goal is to build two Warlord armies, both out of Bones. I'm going with Necropolis and Kagir which is helpful since they appear to have the most models in Bones. I'm not going for a particular army size, but I do want to have a variety so I don't have to use the same army each time. Probably something like 2,000-2,500 worth per faction. I've started Necropolis here: Gauntfield,Scarecrow and Malek,Necromancer. I have Judas Bloodspire painted but haven't posted him yet. Currently working on the grunts of Necropolis: skeletons, zombies, ghasts. Secondly, my goal is to win the lottery so I can retire and have more time for painting.
  7. Hmm... according to this they are still keeping Hell Dorado: http://cipher-studios.com/2015/02/cipher-studios-announces-anima-tactics-discontinued/
  8. I do have one that I did not paint as he needed boiled to straighten out some and as I didn't feel like the fuss I put him back in my bones drawer, so after I finish my Dark Sword Erato I may just do a quick tutorial showing how I condensed these guys into a few quick steps, although with only one it will take longer as with speed painting its all about using the color in the palette across a few minis that way I don't waste paint and of course with a unit I don't have to wait on paint to dry. But while paint is drying I can snap some photos.
  9. I like the blue too and it was the easiest of all the armors. If you like I have some gnolls up next which will get the same treatment and I can take a quick snapshot to show you how the material did most of the work. His blue armor was all about saving time. The first step in painting these guys was Reaper's Nightmare black thinned just a bit on all the armor bits. Nightmare black is just a really dark blue. Since I thin my paint on the bones(unprimed) it left an easy highlight for me. His looked the best with an even enough coat that I left it blue and simply applied P3's Armor Wash on all the blue areas creating the shading. So just two steps Nightmare black applied slightly thinned allowing it to pool in the recesses, then P3's Armor Wash. The other armor was the same Nightmare Black applied then Metallics drybrushed with P3's Armor Wash. The rest of the steps were easy too, basically I just thinned Reaper's Walnut brown and applied it everywhere other than the armor. The fur was Reaper's olive skin applied on the muscles like a basecoat carefully to leave definition from the walnut brown underneath, but drybrushed where there was sculpted fur over the Walnut Brown. Then a quick wash of a Reddish brown I made with thinned paint. The only area I took time with was their faces, I used brown liner to bring out their eyes, teeth and mouths. Then I took my time painting their eyes, teeth and tongues. I should've also taken time to at least attempt to remove a few mold lines but I didn't so I did my best to not wash heavily around those to not draw them out too much more. Hope this helps and I can't wait to see some blue armor in your future. Dare I say--a complete tutorial for one of these bros would be awesome. If I could get this kind of quality in 40 minutes, I might actually make some headway in my bones models.
  10. All I know is when the Sultan of Brunei contacts you DIRECTLY with a job offer of any kind, you should absolutely accept his offer.
  11. Maybe this could be an island? Or a small castle with a moat?
  12. I like this. I may use this as a template for when I paint my own!
  13. This guy was a fair amount of work, but worth it! One day I'll get around to basing him. One day. He actually looks pretty good without a base...
  14. I just got an email that has a shipping date of 01/29/15, but I already have my Bones II which was shipped on 02/11/15 according to UPS and I got CAV 2-3 months ago. And according to the tracking number, the package has just departed my City... this is interesting.
  15. Yes, it is. Great! I was afraid it would turn out to be a little too much like a traffic cone, but I think it worked out. I did all sorts of weird stuff with it including brushing a bunch of Secret Weapon rust pigments. It's definitely a look I'd have a hard time replicating.
  16. I'm in. Location: Fresno, CA International Shipping: No Starting box: Depending on how much stuff is needed to be considered a "box starter" I think I can do it.
  17. Other than the aforementioned eyes--which seems like a tall task to a new painter--this is outstanding for a first go. You should see my first mini: http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/312074-Sisters%20of%20battle.html
  18. Hi everyone. I'm starting a Necropolis army using Bones models. I decided to start with Malek because he's one of my favorite Reaper models. The base is from Scibor Miniatures, which was exquisitely detailed. Let me know what you think! I'm not a very creative guy, so I basically copied the paint job by Rafal Maj: http://bloodybeast.com/2010/08/reaper-14040-malek-necropolis-mage/
  19. Since this thread hasn't been touched in a while, I figured I'd necro it (yes, pun intended) with a list I've come up with. May the record show that I have not played a single game of Warlord--I've just decided recently to put an army together using Bones and I'm limiting my army to Bones minis since I love to paint those, plus they're cheap. I plan on playing a game once the new Bones 2 models come in. For Graverot, I'm using the Clay Golem (#77170) which looks pretty similar to Graverot. Skeletal Giants are the obvious Bones Skeleton Giant guys. Lastly, the gargoyles are the Bones gargoyles. Necropolis - 996 points Troop 1 Rhasia, Zombie Queen Zombie x 10 Luck Stone Troop 2 Graverot, Ghast Gauntfield, Scarecrow Ghast x 4 Troop 3 Railor of the Unbodied Malek, the Hated Skeletal Swordman x 5 Familiar Troop 4 Gargoyle x 3 Troop 5 Skeletal Giant Troop 6 Skeletal Giant Speak to me.
  20. I'd like to see all of Warlord minis brought to Bones (Reaper Minatures Bones III: Warlord). Hopefully that would help breathe some life into that game as well.
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