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    02319: Amathor Arch Mage

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    Female Archer from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Thanks. I get my tufts and flowers from Gamers Grass. I've tried a few different brands and they've been my favorite so far.
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    77276: Sea Hag

    You really captured the spitting image of a politician here.
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    Female Cleric from Dark Sword Miniatures

    The lamp is highlighting it a bit, unfortunately. Most if it is the paint though. I can't quite get the photography aspect correct. I paint eyes like so: 1. I slightly thin down some Grey Liner from Reaper with water. 2. Use a Windsor & Newton Series 7, Size 1 brush and load the preferred amount of paint. 3. Get my hands in position for the attack. 4. Hold breath. 5. Carefully attempt to darken the whole eye socket. Coming from the side works best instead of going straight in. Loading the brush with the correct amount of paint is obviously key. Steady hands help also. 6. I then thin down some white paint and dot either side of where the pupil would be. I've found this is what works best for me. The process of darkening the eye, then whitening the inside while leaving a black outline, then creating the pupil with a black dot always seems to turn into a disaster when I attempt it.
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    Female Cleric from Dark Sword Miniatures

    I kind of do my own version of James Wappel's "shaded basecoat" technique. I typically put down a basecoat, then go over the area with some watered-down washes and go back over the area with the basecoat color and then highlight with the basecoat + white or an off-white color. I might throw in some more carefully placed washes afterwards without messing up the highlights.
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    77034: Male High Wizard

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    02774: Braskus, Gladiator

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    60081: Runelord Alaznist

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    60081: Runelord Alaznist

    Actually, I use the "Wargamer: Vehicle & Scenery" brush from The Army Painter. It's a large brush. It has nice, firm bristles for this kind of work. What I do is dip the tip into a little bit of white paint, dab the brush onto some cardboard, then lightly stipple it on the miniature instead of flicking. Nothing wrong with flicking a toothbrush around, but it's best to do that out in the garage so paint doesn't fly all over my desk/computer/other partially painted minis (I have loads of these sitting around), and it's been a cool 100+ degrees recently here in Fresno, CA, so I try to stay indoors :)
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    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    ReaperBryan: "Hey Julie, we got a job for ya..." Julie: "Let me guess. A dragon?" ReaperBryan: "Nope! Oh wait, yeah."
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    03600: Praying Paladin

    I started with a standard metallic color, I believe here I either used Speed Metal or Heavy Metal from Scale75. From there I applied some watered down Biel-Tan Green from Citadel Shade wherever I felt inspired. For the shadows, like underneath his arms, I darkened the wash with Nuln Oil from Citadel.
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    03600: Praying Paladin