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  1. Yeah that's how they come. My lot shown includes a bunch of the add-ons. The minis from the core set + stretch goals I think total 37 minis, including the animals and fairies.
  2. They told me I could be anything. So I became a mini hoarder. The minis are outstanding as expected. I'm going to start with the Female Ranger from the unlocked stretch goal.
  3. Indeed heartbreaking, and I simultaneously had my mind blown by Jen Haley's paint job toward the bottom with the purple dress.
  4. Lt. Coldfire

    Sea Serpent Step-by-Step painting

    You make this look so easy. It looked really good after just the first wash.
  5. Lt. Coldfire

    60025: Gray Maiden

    I always play around with metals, so I don't have an exact recipe. My process is to begin with a base coat, obviously, in this case I think I used Dwarven Gold and Speed Metal from Scale75. From there I apply various washes in various degrees of dilution. The blue tone is watered down Drakenhof Nighthshade from Citadel. When it's all said and done, there's probably 3-4 coats of controlled washes on this model. I then go back and highlight with the base coat, thinning as needed.
  6. Lt. Coldfire

    MapForge battlemap creation software for tabletop RPGs

    Not that I'm capable of creating a program like this, but this is one of those inventions/ideas where it's so obviously needed that you're thinking "darn it, I should have thought of this!"
  7. Lt. Coldfire

    Tara The Silent

    Agreed, I think you need to line your eyes. Are you familiar with Marike Reimer? She has a website called Destroyerminis and has a nice guide for painting eyes. I would point you there. Her guide is very detailed, but if you can just get through Step 4 then you should have some good looking eyes already.
  8. Lt. Coldfire

    02757 - Gastaroth, Vampire

    Very good. The face is especially stunning, but the red armor and green swords are nothing to sneeze at.
  9. It's safe to say I had an amazing year. I learned so much in 2016 and hopefully I can learn more in 2017 and continue to improve. These pictures are in no particular order. Edit: Oops, I just noticed that 11 of the first 18 minis I actually painted this year, in January. This is why I should have put this post together sooner. Oh well. Less those minis, the rest I painted in 2016.
  10. Lt. Coldfire

    Do I need to seal my Wargaming Minis?

    Yes, seal them for sure. I use a brush-on Vallejo Matt Acrylic Varnish. Never had a problem.
  11. Lt. Coldfire

    Year in review, 2016 Edition - Very picture heavy

    Agreed, but the way I saved them on my computer was by miniature company. I think this year I'll number them so that I can see how I progressed. I sell many of these. I used a free online site that makes photo collages for you. There's quite a few websites.
  12. Lt. Coldfire

    Muse - Clio from Dark Sword Miniatures

    I basically cheated and copied Jessica Rich's version, but oh well. Sue me.
  13. Lt. Coldfire

    02760: Jalinrix, Female Devil

    I used the following Scale75 colors for the skin: Petroleum Gray as the base, then layers of Graphene Gray, Brown Gray and Rainy Gray (all these grays are from the Black & White paint set) with a little bit of Amarth Blue mixed in here and there.
  14. Lt. Coldfire

    Maledrakh's Avatars of War Necromancer

    I was miffed at this model's detail as well. I haven't touched mine since I took it out of the blister lol. It will no doubt frustrate me if I ever get around to painting it. Good job on yours!
  15. Lt. Coldfire

    My First Mini: 77200: Sir Conlan

    Very very good for a first mini. This was about my standard after 6 months of painting lol.