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  1. Awesome base. Snazzy paint job too.
  2. My last topic on this forum was a Brandle Birchstaff and I liked him so much that I decided to paint another!
  3. Michael Moore is looking good! Lost some weight, I see.
  4. This is excellent work, especially for the Bones version. We all know by now that she was poorly cast into Bones, which is why she got laid off until they could try and fix her, but you definitely made the best of her.
  5. Thanks. My first time trying NMM, actually. I tried NMM gold on this same model right after this moderate NMM steel success and the NMM gold attempt was kind of a disaster lol. It's bad enough that I won't post it here. I think I took the long route here (just trying things out), but what I did was use colors that led up to a bright leather effect on all the clothing/capes, and then I used inks to give the final highlights the subtle color. The cape, as you can tell, basically held on to it's leathery colors, just with some added yellow ink.
  6. I can't recall the exact colors I used, but I started with some kind of basic flesh tone with a tiny bit of green ink from Scale75. It gave her a bit of a green tint that tied her in with her dress. From there I just did a bit of highlighting with a lighter flesh tone. Cool, thanks! I had a hard time painting it actually because it had so many flat surfaces. I agree. Originally I was going to give her some pupils and a bit of an eyeball, but the white dots I had placed looked so perfectly done that I didn't want to ruin it with a bad pupil placing or something It gives her a bit of a Storm from X-Men vibe.
  7. ^^ this! like it very much, there's a feel of original D&D to it Yep, the old school wizard feel was exactly what I was going for. His posture and manner was calling for it.
  8. Yeah I kept trying to make it a bit darker but didn't want to make it too dark. After about 9 layers of blood I decided to just call it a day since I had already spent so much time.
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words on the freehand tree. It was easier than it looks. I used a painting guide I found on youtube where some dude was painting on canvas. I just translated it to our tiny brushes. He's one of my favorites too. I've painted him four times! Thanks. I'll be sure to invoice ReaperBryan for the commission sale.
  10. Wow, I got nothing hobby related. Santa, why you hatin'?
  11. The NMM chrome could use a little work; otherwise, good job!
  12. Please excuse the bent halberd. It was a little off when I took the pics and of course I didn't notice at the time.
  13. Sounds like something a little extra weird went on here, but yes, you should seal the miniature before you handle them. Absolutely. When I paint a pewter miniature, I plunk it onto some blue tac and once I start painting I do not touch it until I am done painting and I have sealed it twice. Oddly enough, even with this method, I occasionally still find a tiny chip here or there on the miniature before I finish it and I have to re-touch it before sealing.
  14. I got three of the IKEA DETOLF glass-door display cabinets a coupe of weeks back. I bought them on sale for $60 each. I only wanted one initially to make sure I liked it, but the problem is that IKEA charges a flat $99 for shipping, so it was either one for $159 or three for $279. I was almost enticed to get four but I contained myself. If you live near an IKEA store then you have been blessed by the hobby gods because these things are a freaking steal for the price without shipping. I was still very happy with the price I paid per: $93 + tax. I really like these things a lot. They are very good quality. Very sturdy. I've read some comments complaining about the small gaps that you can see towards the front and how dust can get through and dust up your miniatures. I'm not sure how much of a problem this is really going to be, but I'm sure someone who is a bit handy could find a way to plug up the gaps. The gaps only exist in the front, not in the back. The other issue is that there are only four shelves and with most of our miniatures being as small as they are we could probably fit in another 4-6 levels. There's a guide online on how to add shelves; however, the costs in doing so properly (custom cut glass shelving) is almost the cost of another cabinet. If you're okay with plastic or wood shelving then you could probably do it much cheaper, although it might look a bit ghetto.
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