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  1. It was a commission project and the owner did not want any orange highlights. I did actually use three different shades of red, Bloodstain Red, Blood Red, and Fresh Blood. Once I hit it with the Testor's Dulcote, the whole thing got brighter and hid some of those highlights.
  2. This was a commission project for one of my Friday night players. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed.
  3. Pretty sure I want this mini for my next character!
  4. I've had the privilege of seeing these in person. The pictures are great but the blending on the fire themed one is really amazing. The winter one has some awesome flurry effects that really makes me the figure look pretty killer.
  5. No, not really. When I take my time, I can spend 6+ hours on a mini. These took me about three hours? It's hard to gauge accurately because I was painting 14 minis at once.
  6. I prime everything. I used Vallejo primer with my airbrush. Undercoat MSP Burnt Sienna, base coat of MSP Bone Shadow, drybrush MSP (another of the bone triad I can't remember), wash in sepia wash, then highlighted with Bleached Bone.
  7. I really like these guys. They're from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter II. The original zombies are nice, but these have great poses. Question: Blood or no blood? I've never done blood on a mini before so I don't have a formula. Feedback is appreciated.
  8. I speed painted these guys too. From Reaper Bones Kickstarter II. I like feedback.
  9. Here's some skeletons from the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter. Feedback is welcome.
  10. Some lizardfolk from the Reaper Bones line. I've had these for awhile and an adventure I'm running called for some lizardfolk, so I tried my hand at speed painting. I whipped these guys out in roughly three hours (not including priming). I'm satisfied with them, but I could have done better. Feedback is welcome.
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