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  1. They have posted a video update showing how all sorts of markers do on the board from UV light to a lot of brands of dry, wet and permanent markers https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cursedcrypt/mimics-grid/posts/2553831 Sorry wanted to add it has gotten itself an EU friendly arrangement for shipping
  2. They have decided to unlock the hex grid and blank slates since they hit 40G. At 400 they are unlocking a 2d terrain set for each grid set backer "What's next? Well, we thought you might like something to put on your Grids, so we're making you some walls and stuff. Every Grid set included in each reward level will come with a Cursed Crypt Dungeon Starter Kit, a 2D Element set of 1x1 or larger dungeon walls and doors that will let you design your own devious and dastardly dungeon adventures!" https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cursedcrypt/mimics-grid/posts/2548884
  3. Glad and sad to see its not just my tact tiles that are starting to have issues removing the dry erase from them. Project has funded and first streach goals added. Hex's and blanks at 400 backers. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cursedcrypt/mimics-grid/posts/2544993
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cursedcrypt/mimics-grid?ref=user_menu Came across this and liked it enough to share. Been looking for something as a long term grid for gaming, price as always is a consideration but I like the durability.
  5. Normally UPS picks up vary a bit by deals you have but around 1pm to 3pm local time is what I have seen at jobs Ive worked
  6. I was backer 25, advantages of working overnights I guess.
  7. Locked in on first day of pledge manger was open, no email but checked the pledge manager 30.9 pounds, two items from the list of doom hut and raiders.
  8. This is why options are good, I have always found metal or plastic templates fiddly once a fight has closed in. But i run a game for a lot of players and there tend to be a lot of mini's on the board. Would have been better if he had said shipping would be payed after though with how shipping internationally has gone through the roof there might not be a good way to do it theses days. Its the first one for this company I am willing to cut a little slack, then again I'm in the states and can afford to.
  9. Hello All, Came across this looks interesting so thought I would leave it here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oraclesights/oracle-sights-handheld-projection-devices-for-tabl?ref=email I've been running games for 20+ years and I can hand wave AOE or mark it out with dice etc, this just looks like it would be fun and satisfying to see the full fireball effect in living color so to speak.
  10. I think thats one of their own miniatures, a one of theses things is not like the other moments
  11. Mine arrived yesterday along with an order I placed in October and the extra mini to cover shipping that was offered. really fun stuff.
  12. Neither could I, I ended up picking the archer as he reminded me of a character from the 13th warrior.
  13. Things can come in oddly handy I used a good chunk about 18 or so of the core as victims of a medusa for a recent game. Pained them cloudy grey and boom done. Now I have 18 base coated minis looking at me reproachfully but such is the price one pays ;)
  14. Not sure if this will work but here goes
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