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  1. My take on this excellent dwarf. Dropped the hammer in favor of a sword. Need to work on my lighting.
  2. 02330: Templar Knight. I changed out his original mace as I noticed his hand was missing a thumb and I wanted a more dramatic weapon. I also added a sword to the left side for balance. Still some work to do. C&C is welcome.
  3. What brand is this? I have the Chronoscope Lord of the Jungle and don't recognize this.
  4. My first attempt to modify a Reaper figure. Was just going to replace Goldar's axe but thought his right hand needed something to balance out. The axe was a Halberd shortened and the handle was off another pole-arm, shortened and given detail with a micro-file. The sword is from a Reaper weapons assortment. I cut it apart and drilled out either end and fastened them to the replacement hand using a type of piano wire. The sword and axe have the blades sharpened with micro-files as well. Now to prime and check for any defects I cant see and then figure out a paint scheme. Might add some hair but
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