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  1. The pledge manager would likely be open till then, just do a small pledge and add more
  2. Yeah, WHY. I am sorry but please for the love of god don't make videos more than 10 minutes long unless you're like... nintendo, and every minute is polished and bursting with news. I have ADHD and I really dislike Reaper's move to video over text coms.
  3. I wouldn't mind them upping it so much if they hadn't upped it SO MUCH that it knocks us over the customs threshold. That really sucks Reaper. If they had even kept it to $70 there would be more chance we would be able to slide on through. Worst is you get charged mostly for the collecting of the charges for stuff around $100. Yeah I feel that. Being a tabletop gamer in Canada who really doesn't want PDFs vs books is... a very expensive hobby. In retrospect I am sort of relieved pathfinder is pretty much done... I no longer have incentive to back RPG books on KS really... that was costing me a fortune. Yeah, most of my orders have been impulse buys because of the mini of the month tbh. This threshold removes most of that temptation.
  4. seriously. I keep feeling regretful about figures I missed this year and it makes me realize I will never reach my financial goals with this promotion going on. Also a dwarf sounds awesome for the november mini.
  5. -Kitsune -Tengu -Catfolk -Dragonborn -Heroic ratlings (not wererats) -Gnomes In metal please. And, for the kitsune and tengu especially could there be more variety in classes? Like, not-samurai type please? Kitsune druid, Tengu Bard, etc. Agreeing with everyone that there needs to be more dragonborn - and not reptus. And catfolk are seriously underepresented. As are ratlings that are not wererats. Also, I am surprised at this but there really aren't many halflings and gnome minis in reaper's stock.
  6. I basically bought stoneskull for the behir alone and I'm also disappointed with the looks of it to be honest. Looks like I'm going to have to shell out for the prepaint. It's weird cause usually reaper bones are better at scaling big creatures. I also don't like that it's mashed so much into the broccoli base. On the bright side the froghemoth looks way better than I thought it would. You win some you lose some. Thanks. I sent you a PM before seeing this, so it can be safely ignored. I appreciate the response, I really do.
  7. I'm trying to be patient! I promise. I know you are all working hard over there. I have no doubt you're going constantly. Sorry for getting cranky. I really didn't mean to gripe, but getting told to check my spam folders again kind of put me over the edge there.
  8. "We're looking into it" isn't really an answer. Not when it's not followed up with further information. I expect if someone is actually looking into to something that they will communicate what as been found/the plan for action when they do look into it. If you meant "we'll look into it in three weeks" I would actually have preferred folks to say so. It's standard practice as a customer to ask a follow up question if your order still hasn't appeared and no plans for sending it have been communicated. I waited more than a week before asking for further information. My order was messed up and missed. Twice. First with other Canadian orders and then with my wave order. I don't think it's villainous to request information on it.
  9. I sent an email on more than a week ago and haven't heard boo. I religiously check all my folders (I've got several kickstarters in fulfillment) - the address they have is exactly the same as the one they had when they sent me hecklemeyer and styx the other month. At this point, as a customer, I shouldn't be asked to guess at what I've done wrong. Because the problem is not on my end. I'm not blaming anyone, it's just sort of a bummer and I'd like news about what's up.
  10. I still haven't gotten any notice... are they actually sending the lost Canadian orders out? I'll admit I'm starting to feel despondent about the lack of news about what's going on with my order.
  11. Such tremendous models. It's really awesome what a great product reaper is putting out.
  12. This is great news for folks that got shipped via hubs. Really ace of Reaper to help costs come down like that.
  13. Seriously, nicest looking iron golem around.
  14. I'd love more big burly women figures. And dinomen are pretty appealing to me to be honest - can use them as dragonmen or lizardmen but they are a little cooler. I'd really love to see more tengu/bird people... especially a few that aren't dressed in eastern garb and ones that aren't based on crows (owl tengu, eagle tengu, etc) ... and not looking like thieves. Basically if you want to play a tengu character it is devilishly hard to find an appropriate mini. Ditto with kitsune. More please.
  15. Definitely looking forward to finding out... though I'd probably get some real side-eye from my sweetheart if I get a giant kickstarter box and another order in one month...
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