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  1. So yeah... I've had co workers give me a hard time about my reaper bones addiction. Here's my response. Yes, I'm going to spend probably $500 in the next 30 days on bones miniatures. How much do you spend on your hobbies? Oh you just bought a $17,000 razor you will drive 2 times a year? Yes, I've done this twice before and have hundreds of still unpainted miniatures. They don't have to be painted. but when I do paint them they look AWESOME. Yes, I may never use these in a game. But if I want to or need to.... They are there. Yes, I'm going to wait nearly 2 years to get these figures. I'm not a millennial and can demonstrate a measure of patience.....I think. Yes, I'm a D&D nerd. ROLL INITIATIVE it's about to go down!
  2. To get around that weight issue, base the mini's and put weight or magnets in the base. A small magnet or metal bit under each tile would allow them to snap and hold into place. Or just base the miniatures so that they have some heft. I personally like the durability of the bones line over metal ( i know that sounds weird ) I'm always worried about scratching, chipping or otherwise breaking the metal ones.
  3. I am not a chess player, but the thought of an expansion pack in Bones 4 that was a Chess set sounded just too good to pass up thinking about. But the miniature selection has to be careful I think. you want to make sure all the pieces still fit on a 1" square. none should take more than that. And you want the pieces to be easily distinquished as the pieces they are, I find chess confusing as it is with pieces that all have a fixed look to them. Miniatures would mess with my head without some sort of tell tale sign. Pawns Rook Bishops Knights Queen King I like the ideas of Undead vs Heroes Mr & Mrs Bones vs Sofie and her Demons Dwarves vs Orcs I even liked later in the day the talk of a Mousling vs Katling board!
  4. Did anyone find this for reaperbryan? http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61593-reaper-miniatures-bones-3-launches-july-7th/?p=1164166 The post about the pledge manager?
  5. With my guidance my son put his first serious work into painting his new miniature for his D&D5 campaign. Here are his results. He wanted me to share.
  6. Whoa! I don't mean naughty, get your mind out of the gutter... When I got my order it seems many of the pieces were dirty, with brown bits all over. As of they had been dropped in the mud then hastily washed off before packaging. Did anyone else have dirty bones? Is this normal? All the prepackaged ones from original bones were pristine clean. Just curious.
  7. My version of the brass bull. Less brass and more just general metal. Used bronze, copper, and chainmail silver.
  8. I was wondering how I was going to paint this. The wings really look in the way for painting. Since it came pre glued i was thinking of breaking the wings off to paint then gluing them back on.
  9. Delivered! Now I just have to survive the last 2 hours of work and the drive home... Come to me 10.9lbs box!
  10. Turning into a great day today. The sun came out to play. Kicking butt at my IT job. Divorce paperwork being filed. Bones order arrives today! Welcome to terrific Tuesday!
  11. Angels of sorrow were first for me. To place on my desk at work to keep me from falling asleep by "not blinking"
  12. I love hearing that people are extremely pleased with their orders. Just makes me more excited to eventually get mine.
  13. Its a race! My ebay bones 2 purchase, some individuals from expansions i didnt get, just shipped. My wave 5 bones 2 should pack up today! Will the official horde get here first? Find out next week! Same mini time same mini channel! I cannot wait to be swimming in bones.
  14. Oh I know pongo, the mathematician in me is just coming out they did several hundred on Friday like 70 on Saturday another hundred on Monday today was 300 plus we were already down the row orders from wave 5 so I'm guessing that leaves like maybe 600 or so of wave 5? the reaper people have done a great job considering the conditions
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