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  1. Lochar

    Going Native: New World Monsters

    I'm looking for my list. I know I had several things. Somewhere in the realm of too many things, but eh. :D
  2. Lochar

    Happy birthday, OneBoot!

    Happy Birthday! May you get polish and new laces for this most joyous of days!
  3. Always, I even require it of my writing staff. It never causes confusion when added, but it's omission can cause confusion and errors. When you are dealing with products that can maim and kill, confusion is not a good thing. You totally missed a chance to not use the comma by saying harm, maim and kill. :D
  4. Huh, neat place. Once I get around to posting enough I'll try to find time to look into joining this house.
  5. Radio alarm, annoying cell phone beep, other cell phone going off in other room. Why yes, I do have an issue getting moving in the morning. Why do you ask?
  6. Lochar

    Department of Acquisitions

    So are we supposed to announce acquisition of new house when the contracts are signed, or on closing day? ::D:
  7. Lochar

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    It's when someone misses hitting the spacebar in the sentence "Bud get me my checkbook!"
  8. Lochar

    Heresy Miniatures - Return of the Monsters

    You could have, as late as August 21st. But I don't know if non-paid invoice one is still up for grabs. Check out his facebook page.
  9. Lochar

    Heresy Miniatures - Return of the Monsters

    Yes, buy only one.
  10. Lochar

    Heresy Miniatures - Return of the Monsters

    You know, he's posted several times on Facebook about people that he can't contact anymore for their Dragon and was offering them up.
  11. Lochar

    Bombshell Babes 2

    You know, if you goblin math that right they're already painted.
  12. Lochar

    Goblin Math

    Sorry, even a 20 won't help you there.
  13. Lochar

    Ral Partha Checkmate Dragon

    Nice, glad to see it came in. I know you were worried.