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  1. I really love Patrick's work, but Zombicide 2 and Bones 3 are my last miniature expenditures for a long while. Until I get 20 of my 20 miniatures painted up.


    You know, if you goblin math that right they're already painted.

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    Especially since it had a fragile sticker and somewhere in the realm of six feet of bubblewrap and peanuts.


    I once read that it's better NOT to put a fragile sticker on it, instead put a sticker DANGEROUS CONTENT or BIOHAZARD on it. They will handle that with care :devil:



    Honestly, I don't put notices of any type.  One among many tends to get ignored.  Call out anything about it and it's going to get a second look for whatever reason.

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    And on schedule to be delivered tomorrow is 72 pounds of cardboard from Battle Systems Fantasy dungeon Terrain Kickstarter.




    Having worked in shipping and warehousing I know cardboard gets really heavy really quickly, but that's still a whole lotta stuff...



    Well, UPS says it weighs 72 pounds.


    I'm curious to see how big it is, actually.  I'll take a picture.

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    If there is extraterrestrial intelligent life, do you think they'll come for peace or war? (Depending on how far away they are, they may think we all wear tiedye still...)

    The history of life on Earth (being the only sample we have access to) suggests that violence or conquest is inevitable. Even among the plants, survive at all costs, kill the competition, and take the resources I myself need are the most common practices. I have little doubt that conflict is an inevitable result of intelligent life discovering us, and fewer doubts that discovery of a habitable but uninhabited (by intelligent life, I assume that plants and some animals might exist anywhere it is possible) planet would not result in war among humans as we fought to control the new resources.
    Kinda like the avatar movie in a way then?



    ...my theory is the us govt will want to send the planet financial aid :ph34r:



    See, other intelligent life doesn't recognize our fiat money.  So instead, the US Govt will strip mine our planet and send it to them.

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    So, I have a very nice five headed dragon on the truck for delivery today from Siri.


    And on schedule to be delivered tomorrow is 72 pounds of cardboard from Battle Systems Fantasy dungeon Terrain Kickstarter.  I... didn't realize it was going to be that much.

    72 pounds of cardboard...........



    Yeah Siri dragon!



    Siri dragon had a broken wing claw.  *cry*


    Thankfully, superglue fixed it.  Just a tiny line visible now.

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