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  1. Fanfiction, largest single story was probably 90k words I think? Haven't written any in a long while though.
  2. I'm going to be buying into the Kickstarter for a semi-sane amount, then probably going semi-insane on the pledge manager. That way it shows up in two separate month's bills and I can feel better about how much I'm ultimately going to blow on this.
  3. Like everything after the original movie, it ended up in a landfill. :D
  4. Jumped off a bridge into the bayou below? 20-30 foot drop. It's when I discovered while I don't have a fear of heights, I do have an issue with large amounts of empty space under my feet.
  5. My wife has already said she would. Me: You know, Fallout 4 is coming out on the 10th of November... Wife: Oh, yeah? Cool. Me: Which is two days after our anniversary... Wife: So too late for an anniversary present, then. "You could go buy a pre-order and give me the pre-order receipt!"
  6. I am beyond ecstatic. Final Fantasy 7 is actually getting a remake. And Sony broke Kickstarter by putting up a Shenmue 3 kickstarter. Nothing's making the next few days bad. *cackle* *giggle madly*
  7. You do realize that the ghosts are of goblins, right buglips? Then explain Capcom's Ghosts N' Goblins, smart guy. Checkermate, go fish. Goblins and dead goblins, of course.
  8. You do realize that the ghosts are of goblins, right buglips?
  9. Not to me, I think it's the angle of the picture. Tre is usually spot on with dimensions with his figures so I'm pretty sure it's the angle that's throwing you off. It's possible. I'm just bringing it up now, while Tre can still take a look and tell me what he thinks. My own pipe stem arms don't really provide a good comparison. Hard to judge when your own armature never got enough material on it.
  10. The gods look less like they're plastic and more like they were carved out of wax. And I'm definitely glad the gods were freebies. I wouldn't have paid for 'em.
  11. If you have to justify everything you purchase, you'll never buy fun stuff. Do eet!
  12. You know, there's a collector's edition that comes with a pipboy...
  13. This is exactly what I'm (inexpertly) saying. All discussions on the subject internally are about what reasonable efforts are, and if those efforts set up unreasonable expectations of future efforts. But we're being perfectly reasonable in our unreasonable demands. Didn't you know? We who only represent a fraction of your buyers are also the loudest, so therefore we're always the target audience. And always right. :P
  14. A blister is the only way the mail would take it. Otherwise it'd be chemical warfare.
  15. So, of the not-mini related acquisitions. I have bought a NAS, with a final total of 10TB of storage because I was getting annoyed at having to delete stuff from my computer. In mini related purchases, I bought some prepaints from Paizo for my Wrath of the Righteous game. Shush, I'll probably touch them up once they get in. I just wanted some of the main bad guys (and Deskari!) that are a fast table quality.
  16. The one that doesn't have paint on it yet. Nobody likes a smartelf. Better a smart elf, than a dumb elf. *thinks of something mean to say* *mod bats self* Eh, if I'm ever called a smart elf, I tend to ask what my elf's IQ is then. Does it just register as smart, or do I have a genius elf?
  17. So apparently Mad Jack and I share a brain on the first couple of questions. Swimming. Mead/Ciders. Hmm, I guess SGDQ doesn't count since I won't physically be there, so Tampa comic con?
  18. If I have to go find that stupid song to get it out of my head now, I'm going to rage on you, uber.
  19. "And Now For Something Completely Different" Randomstarter 6: The Randoming
  20. I have four gargoyles on my desk I'm trying to get to a minimal tabletop quality for tomorrow night's game.
  21. I smell a business opportunity. Well, it's a kind of business you're smelling, but not the kind you're thinking of.
  22. Sweet, thanks! So delivery by UPS, FedEx, or USPS, what's the tracking #? Interestingly, woot has a roomba on sale right now as part of their woot off. Are you attempting to enable the Dark Lord? I do not have to enable you. I only give you the opportunity to enable yourself.
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