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  1. Wow, a 1:1 scale car miniature. How much primer and paint did that take? (Also, congrats!)
  2. Considering what thread we're in, if you get back on topic I think the mods are honor bound to split that off into a thread of it's own.
  3. Looks fairly good. How well does it handle larger stat blocks though? Can you put a quasit on there cleanly?
  4. The save DC is set by the caster's Cha modifier. The save itself by the target can be Fort, Reflex, or Will. For a Demilich, Devoul Soul is a supernatural ability. The target saves with a Fort save. The DC is 10 + 1/2 the demilich HD (15/2, rounded down is 7) + the demilich's Cha modifier (5) + Ability Focus (2). 10+7+5+2=24
  5. Since you already own 20 minis, that's a perfect reason not to be picky. It's not like your mini count can go over 20, ya know?
  6. SLA's DC is 10 + Spell level + listed modifier, almost always charisma. Extraordinary and Supernatural abilities are 10 + 1/2 HD (rounded down) + listed modifier. Modifier for this can be any one of the six stats, depending on the ability. Example: Poisons are generally Stamina.
  7. 4x6 unlined index cards. I print them out, and then I can mark them up for damage. The players fill in cards for themselves, and then I can run initiative with them.
  8. Check! Hmm... I haven't bothered with skills so far, but see where you're coming from. If their relavent to combat, and used in the mob's tactics, I'll include them. I think Tumble and Stealth are the only two skills I've ever used for mobs, though I guess Intimidate needs to be there as well for the occasional enemy that wastes their time trying to do that.
  9. Your futile attempt at distraction has been noted and added to your file. :P
  10. Bruce Lee. I see your Bruce Lee and raise you one Chuck Norris. I see your Chuck Norris and raise you one
  11. Nope. Poor Mrs. Bones has been left dateless. That may be why she has an axe to grind...
  12. Basic derived modifiers, such as CMB/CMD for Pathfinder enemies. Combat relevant skills, such as Tumble and stealth.
  13. If a group of horsemen show up at your door, make sure there isn't four of them...
  14. Well, I didn't want to take up TOO much of the Space Pope's time.
  15. Ways we will be announcing the new date: forums Facebook Twitter the front page of reapermini.com via e-mail to the backers of Bones 1 via e-mail to the backers of Bones 2 via our Newsletter, which you can sign up for by logging in at reapermini.com and checking the box under account details that says you'd like to receive updates and emails and things. We are also planning a launch countdown timer to be added to reapermini.com. It is our hope that the variety of announcement types means that each potential customer will be reached by at least one of them, and the ones that are not will be reached by our fans discussing this amongst themselves at local stores, game groups, other forums, and in person. See, you're obviously slacking because we're not all getting personal phone calls from you and your handpicked subordinates letting us know. F5's the forums. F5's Facebook. F5's Twitter F5's reapermini.com front page F5's Kickstarter Bones 1 F5's Kickstarter Bones 2
  16. I'm with you! Bones 6 is a definite "pass" for me. Yes, yes. And when we get there you'll be all "Pass me my wallet, I need mah credit cards!"
  17. Lightsaber chainaxe? Combining the cut through anything ability of the lightsaber with the rip you into little giblets ability of the 40k chainaxe, what could go wrong?! Honestly, any sort of energy weapon that is self generated, ala Ryoko's sword in Tenchi Muyo.
  18. Watch June 8th come up and they launch on time. This whole past month has been to screw with our heads.
  19. Not a bad photoshop, that. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Did not see the shark. But I like to think I know that sharks don't operate in fresh water... It's Texas. While it may not be salt, do you really believe that all that water is still fresh?
  20. One of the disappointments I've had with Bones I & II, is that when I go into my FLGS and see their wall of Bones, it's hard to find something I don't have yet. I _want_ to buy more Bones from them, but I have most of them already. I think this is termed first world problems. :P
  21. The button I would press would choose the form of Gozer the Destroyer as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Saw that coming. Well duh. Not like it was the Quistors or anything. Them, you wouldn't see coming. You mean like they come for people on this thread who don't ask questions? They do?
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