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  1. You know, the release date is in the source code... ... And now that you're all back from checking, hah hah!
  2. The button I would press would choose the form of Gozer the Destroyer as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Saw that coming. Well duh. Not like it was the Quistors or anything. Them, you wouldn't see coming.
  3. And just think. Hurricane season starts in a few days.
  4. You realize that you can't get anymore scars now? They're your versions of the Scars of Destiny Ba-dum tish!
  5. Not to be confused with the Bat Repellent Shark-Spray, carried by crusader nemesisi everywhere.
  6. 10th grade, flag football. I managed to knock my two front teeth out on someone's skull. Thankfully I was wearing braces or else I would have swallowed my teeth. As it was, the teeth were 90 degree turned and you could see the roots. Walked up to the coach who wasn't paying attention, got his attention and showed him. Scared the crap out of him when I smiled at him. Dentist wouldn't take me, had to go to the orthodontist. Nearly broke my mom's hand squeezing it when they novacained me and shoved the teeth back into place. Also, X-ray showed I'd managed to crack my upper jaw. Braces came off a couple weeks later once my teeth re-rooted themselves. And yes, 15 years later I still have my natural front teeth. Sadly, this happened in March-ish, so I couldn't ask for my two front teeth for Christmas.
  7. So, no clue if any of you people play Exalted. But I just got invited to play in a pre-3e release game by Robert Vance, one of the authors. *cackle*
  8. Fun in theory. Reality is: shoot space debris? number of objects multiplies x1000, at least. Asteroid was: shoot asteroid? get two smaller rocks... A more challenging game would involve matching orbits with something, snagging it (magnetically maybe) and then dragging it slowly (with thousands of little nudges delivered over a period of weeks) out of orbit so that it falls and burns up. Don't bring logic and reality into my fantasy!
  9. COFFEE is the second stone in the Infinity Gauntlet, with Pizza being the first! So does that make the glove itself Schroedinger's container? The gauntlet acts as both mug, pizza box, etc... :P
  10. I'm not touching this comment, it could be taken drastically out of context and get me mod-batted from here to next year. [Out of context comment] [bawdy joke referencing above comment] [Double entendre involving rage] There, feel better now uber?
  11. I may get too many international 'sign for' packages when the mailman knows when to find me on my lunch break so he can deliver it. And I know where he takes his lunch break in case he misses me. I should really show him some painted stuff, I know he wants to ask what the heck I'm getting from all over the world :) My apartment management office is like that as well. "Oh, hey, package for you again!"
  12. Bah, it's already using solar power. Outfit the cube sat with solar powered lasers, and then charge gamers money to shoot the debris. 21st Century version of Asteroids.
  13. Why are there no Pictures. Camera committed seppuku.
  14. I think I'll quote The Oatmeal on that one. Jesus! Look at the SIZE of those hornets! Yeah ... that looks like a nice tall glass of NOPE.
  15. No, one Reapercon, then a Forumcon, where we throw a Con in the same place. :P
  16. Mini? Kaladrax Accessory? Airbrush and compressor.
  17. Work? See, that's the problem. If he hasn't been doing any all day so far, to start now will actually make him more conspicuous.
  18. Awesome, thanks. I think mine's got a .50mm needle, but I'll start at your numbers and work from there. :D
  19. What is this number? I don't recognize it. I thought it only went up to 20?
  20. Back when I was painting a Vrock, I used a lot of Army Painter's Red Tone and Strong Tone inks on these wings. First pic is basecoat, then warpaint red, then crimson red on the wingtips with a single layer of Strong tone and then Red Tone. Second pic is warpaint red over the rest of the wings, then two layers of Red Tone followed by another Strong Tone. I think I ended up with like 12-15 layers of ink.
  21. So, since I just bought a new airbrush and compressor, I hit up the Craft and didn't have anything there jump out at me. Anyone have any helpful tips? What levels you thin your Reaper paints out to, stuff like that?
  22. Ub3r! You enabler!! Whaaaat?? I didn't do it THIS time, it was the others who have and love airbrushes, they are trying hard to get me to buy one too! You really should. Even if it's just for priming and basecoating. Even with all the issues I had last night I managed to prime and basecoat a mini in twenty minutes, and that's with all the screwy pressure I had coming. Once I get it properly set up, I might actually start making a dent in my shelf.
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