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  1. HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!!! ::hugs everyone:: Thanks. I kind of needed that. This week has been a massive rollercoaster for me. The jury is still out on how it where it will land when the dust settles. It matters not where the rollercoaster lands. Rollercoasters are like airplanes. Any landing you walk away from is a good one.
  2. Dang nabbit, he can darn well do what he pleases. Elf the banjos, full steam ahead!
  3. As I said above, for the price of 2-3 minis, why risk your lungs which you cannot replace? You will understand when something like window cleaner gets in your nose and you can't stop sneezing, or get a sore throat. Yeah, if I'd seen the posts about the mask I would have bought one of those last night too, because when I got the compressor home, I found that I needed a regulator because it didn't come with one. And then when I got home from Lowes, realized the regulator was backwards, so had to make a second trip to get converters. And then realized I didn't buy teflon tape so it leaks like crazy. So I'll be going and getting Teflon tape tonight and to get back to my point... What type of mask should I buy again?
  4. So, I blame all of you that I went out and bought an airbrush and compressor from Michael's last night. Guess I should buy a mask too, before I play too much with it?
  5. Congrats, running water is a thing of great beauty. :)
  6. You'd be surprised at how many people have good paying jobs that their degree doesn't specifically say 'works well in their field.' If you can deal with managing people, I'd suggest shooting for the supervisor position. There's always room for a 'manager willing to roll up his sleeves' versus a 'worker-bee that occasionally leads a team.' Not to mention the much higher chance for good pay in a supervisor spot.
  7. Space Pope, I come to you with a plea. Will you ex-communicate Darsc, for the felony of accidentally editing my post out of existence? He has already apologized, but I demand justice! Or cupcakes. Cupcakes would do as well.
  8. Do we know that it's months away? I didn't think the new start date had been announced, and it may just get delayed a couple of weeks further into June. Oooo... what if the "delayed start" is a red herring, and they're actually still launching on June 8th? Muahahaha! Post eaten by Mod, reposting because I'm going to get him ex-communicated by the Space Pope (And the mod said it was ok! :P) They'll have to relock the thread if the Kickstarter is more than a month away, so keep hope! 31 days or less until start of Bones 3!
  9. Hit Florida with what? Do you take suggestions? As someone who lives in the plywood state, I suggest a woodchipper.
  10. Yes, you do. Please feel free to join the 'wolf and I on our quest to slay Monday! I'm sorry to give you the bad news, but Monday is actually a lich. It turned Saturday into it's phylactery as well, which means you'll never fully get rid of it unless you destroy Saturday as well.
  11. But at least now you're thinking the right thing.
  12. Let me fix that for you then. Lochar came from my days in Everquest back in 99. My first character's name was Lochar Isma.
  13. I'm vertical today. And back at work. My to-do list is extensive and It's exhausting me just looking at it. Welcome back to being vertical. I understand that's a fairly important thing. Would giving out Bones 3 spoilers give you some energy back? :D Or share the list with the crowd. I'm fairly certain we've got a barbarian roaming around who can go rage on at least one thing on your list.
  14. Not to mention the hell we'd all give him on your behalf. LoL i spent 19 years in the jungles of Miami with a hispanic mother who loved to throw shoes at me.....I think I could handle your hell =P Well, you just told us how to give you hell. When every member of the forums calls said mother complaining about you, she'll be throwing shoes at you to quit just so we quit bugging her.
  15. You missed a word in that statement she probably heard. "I won't spend more than the last two combined"
  16. 4: Can I order just the top rack replacement part for mine?
  17. Depending on how much you pledge, you may be on the streets anyways. :D
  18. Contract I signed states that Special orders can't be refunded, with the exception of if they've failed to deliver a working product for 180 days. While I've already waited out 10 weeks, I'm not waiting another four months or so.
  19. *starts to froth at the mouth in rage for you* Can I borrow you for a bit? Second attempt at shipment on my curio cabinet, and it didn't have the shelves. Refused again, and got a refund minus restocking fee (stupid special orders). So, that's one furniture company not only crossed off my list, but I have to write a new list because I nuked the previous one for having Hudson's Furniture on it. You know it's bad when the delivery guy calls them a fraud.
  20. Reminds me of a joke: Teacher writes defense, deduct, and defeat on the board and asks the students to use the words in a sentence. A student writes "Deduct went over defense, the head before defeat." The phone goes 'Green, green.' I pink it up and say 'yellow?'
  21. Quoted in case anyone missed it. There would now be one less swag bag in the store...
  22. Today, we shall have our Revenge of the Fifth!
  23. Hooray! Now you don't have to leave the Space Kracken as the guard when you go to Con.
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