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  1. Little over $10 for core+ fifth player expansion to central florida.
  2. An interesting article about Kickstarters, and even though it's about 3d printers the lessons learned in there work well on the stuff we generally Kickstart as well.
  3. What did those poor squids ever do to get used as a weapon? It'd be better to get a kracken. Less likely that the tentacles will break.
  4. Yes, especially since it should at least be in EDT by now. :P
  5. Did you get an email over it, or what?
  6. Does it hurt you three much? I'm sorry. It's all four a good cause, don't worry.
  7. You mean there's legal reasons we're not allowed to play with the molten metal? Drat. :D
  8. Erin, Opal, Katrina, several others. I live in Florida. :D
  9. You look more yellowish rather than black though. (One cookie for the reference)
  10. Work with it. Teach him shading in that single color. :)
  11. Pack now, before you have to dig through sheetrock to find your dresser.
  12. You know, instead of wishing him ill you could always try a timeshare. You get the kids when they're being awesome and Qwyk can have them back when they're looking for allowance or help with homework.
  13. That's the hilarious thing. If I go with a cheaper place, it works out fine. It's just when I'm willing to spend extra money that this crap happens.
  14. I almost acquired a nice curio cabinet this weekend. Then had to refuse delivery of it because they didn't unbox it at the warehouse and it was broken. I have the worst luck with furniture.
  15. That was E6 with a handful of artifacts.
  16. This. ... Just... don't use the 2e rules without the 2.5e patches. It makes the game workable.
  17. Sith forbid you ever get your expense report wrong though.
  18. I appear to have acquired some bookcases.
  19. Corollary: Have you glued anyone else to anything recently?
  20. Nice. Looks better with the highlighted fur.
  21. Received (bunch o' Reaper stuff): 14333: Incubus 03132: Male Angel 02466: Ape 77033 Callie 77068 Aniron 77075: Khale Some boneyard stuff Some paints Most of this stuff is to get some PCs and NPCs created for a game I'm running.
  22. So, converting a miniature over for one of my players. I've removed the sword the mini is normally carrying and I've got a bow to replace it with. Miniature and bow are both Reaper metal. Is super glue enough to put the bow into his hand? It's the Incubus and I'm planning on probably putting the bow into the offhand if only because that hand is easier to work with.
  23. Reminds me of a fanfic that had corrupt cops. Guy got booked for loitering with intent. And for loitering within tent.
  24. I'd rather it have had a goat head, but it is nice. Even if it is a couple of size categories larger than a normal chimera in D&D.
  25. head cold, can't think enough to be witty If you drink enough cough syrup, you eventually lose enough coherence to be witty again.
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