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  1. So, I have a very nice five headed dragon on the truck for delivery today from Siri. And on schedule to be delivered tomorrow is 72 pounds of cardboard from Battle Systems Fantasy dungeon Terrain Kickstarter. I... didn't realize it was going to be that much.
  2. There's actually a fairly large searchable database of map type pictures. Drop that in on the map layer, then upload pictures of the minis and put them on the token layer. The token layer by default snaps to a 1x1 square. Tokens are also searchable if you want to use them.
  3. I make no promises about the state of your sanity after watching.
  4. Roll20. Now even comes with built in character sheets for most systems, 5e included I'm fairly certain.
  5. You do realize as a member of said guild, honor among thieves lets me negate your contract, right?
  6. Absolutely awesome.
  7. It says random die size, and 50+ hours of burn time. You'd have to preburn or cut out a fair bit of the candle to get to the die in a reasonable time.
  8. You have an inhuman Will Save. Loaded dice. I saw. Nothing but 20s. Mine, however, seemed to be loaded to 1s. Knew I shouldn't have been using my 2e THAC0 die.
  9. I got my tracking number this morning. It's been on the move for a couple of days already, with delivery estimate of Monday. Nice.
  10. *chants* Go Siri, go Siri, Go Go Go! Awesome!
  11. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/werefox/sku-down/03495 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/werefox/sku-down/02900 Is there any difference between the two Werefoxes here, that one is 52 cents more expensive?
  12. Kitsune type minature. I've got a new player in my Pathfinder game, playing a kitsune Juju oracle, allowing the pre errata Spirit Vessels ability so she can play a non-evil zombie maker. I need a good kitsune figure myself. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/werefox/sku-down/03495 I'm trying to decide if the werefox is a good enough one. I like the design, just not enamored with removing the bow, possibly arrows, and then adjusting the arm.
  13. Kitsune type minature. I've got a new player in my Pathfinder game, playing a kitsune Juju oracle, allowing the pre errata Spirit Vessels ability so she can play a non-evil zombie maker.
  14. Order a curio from Amazon. Watched it like a hawk on UPS tracking. It vanished off the truck. It was on truck for delivery one day, then 'rescheduled' for several days before I called and said 'WTF?' and they were looking for it, before I finally ended up getting a refund for it.
  15. Like I've said, I leave it up to your better taste. I have no issues with it so far.
  16. I'll get a better picture for you this evening then. There is a bit more color in the wings and such.
  17. In person, last Friday. Chat based, last night. Exalted 3e last night, we ended up, as the 'Good Guy' Solars, killing almost an entire village. Because we released the spirit that they'd had unknowingly trapped there that was providing the surrounding area with nigh immortal life.
  18. A bit of both. It'll primarily be a display piece, but I have no compunctions using it against uppity players. The painting is by Ed Beard Jr. and is an artist print. @wargamer: If I remember correctly, that Tiamat was done for Wizards, which would probably be why it looks pretty similar.
  19. I asked for her to use this as a guide:
  20. Fixed that for ya!Haha had me laugh out loud there Guess it is fair to say that my base coats are basically speed paint tabletop Honestly, the only reason I'm not agreeing that it'd be done here for me is you calling this a gem dragon. Otherwise I know I'd be done here and happy with it. Since it's a gem dragon, I'd have to go a step further and ruin the entire thing trying to make it shine. Hmm, we have a dragon running around with glitter, don't we?
  21. Looks like you're about to make another commission, Siri. Just do it at least slightly different than this one.
  22. Hope everything goes well. I hate that question though. The wrong answer is to say ignore it, but the right answer always straddles the line between 'Call them out' and 'tattle on them'
  23. Love the coloration on the eyes and the shadowing in the faces. You're doing awesome!
  24. Pezler, can you please edit that. It's breaking the page for me.
  25. *burns Siri's calendar* Nope, nothing on your calendar!
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