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  1. It's not the coffee-zombies you'd have to worry about, you can outrun them. it's the Coffee-vampires who might think you're a walking pot of coffee...
  2. I'm sitting on two EB pledges at the moment. Need a handful more unlocked and I'll be able to spend all the benefits. I'll let people here know at the 24 hour mark if I'm going to let one of them go.
  3. So, for all you coffee addicts, I give you the best way to start your morning...
  4. Thanks. It's two 28mm humans and a 70mm (120mm to the wingtips!) Lilith, so I'll get some brush on primer. And yeah, I've got to do some cleanup on them. But I have to finish my gold dragon first before I start painting these guys.
  5. Specifically, I've gotten some Nocturna models that are really nice and I'd rather not ruin them if they don't need to be primed. Do they need priming? If so, do you suggest spray primers or a brush on primer? I'm leaning more towards just ordering some brush on, but I'd like to know.
  6. Go get one of those stepper boxes. Then while you're watching netflix you can at least be doing steps for some exercise.
  7. You know what happens when you do that? The gunk in your sinuses just bubbles out and fills all the other cavities in your head. Nothing important, like your mouth or eye sockets...
  8. Which means you still need to check it, in case he's pulling a fast one on you. :)
  9. 1. Done 2. Done. 3. Couldn't pin down anyone long enough to steal their talent. Also, must research how to do so. This one is temporarily on hold pending acquiring the talent to steal talent. 4. Done.
  10. Wow, the Nocturna Lilith is detailed, and well made. The smaller models have more to clean up on, but are detailed as hell as well.
  11. There were 30 minis unlocked at funding. A set of 5 basic troops for each army.
  12. Yup. Just need to pledge as much as you can now to get more unlocks. That's why I'm trying to scrape together more dough... But only up to $250, right?
  13. There's something wrong with this picture... Oh, I realize what it is. Neither girl appears to be looking down at the hordes that are climbing up their cake to shoot zombies! :D Awesome though, very awesome.
  14. Congrats. Now be careful, it's not rage proof. :P
  15. X-Terra just opened their pledge manager. I'm getting all sorts of fun demons. And a dropship! Now the inevitable wait...
  16. Same, but I figure last 48 hours will open some of it up. If it doesn't, I drop my second pledge. :P
  17. Today was a strange day. I'd been dreading it all weekend, consider the software I work on was only hobbling along on Friday evening validating user logins. I get in early to start working on it, nothing seems to be fixing it. I call the (no)help desk. Get redirected several times before ending up back where I started at. Turns out, the problem was the external site my software uses to validate users had crashed and they'd brought up the backup. And the group that runs it hadn't bothered to send out a note so we could make adjustments to where the login check was being sent to. *sigh*
  18. Well, well, well. Lookie there. They've filled in some of the 10k gaps with the freebies at the 5k markers. Nice upgrades.
  19. 1.5 deliveries today. From Miniature Market, I got Reaper's Brood Dragon and Raziel from Anima Tactics. I also got a 'we need you to sign for this' delivery slip for my Nocturna stuff, which means I have to make the PO trek tomorrow.
  20. Huh, I just went through and ticked out the things I want that are actually unlocked. Even including one of the altars, I'm only at 583 out of the total $1410 I could spend if they'd unlocked everything. :P
  21. Better to have and not need, than need and not have...
  22. Yeah, I saw someone had opened an EB Captain and grabbed it myself. We'll see if I hold onto it or not.
  23. My choices are unchanged, moar unlocks!!!!!!!! :P Depending on how Monday goes, I may just bite the bullet and move up to a Colonel.
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