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  1. awwwwww. Really it's got all sorts of sloppiness due to just being quick-coated starting on the heads tonight. (i actually aim to have her finished this week, let's see if i can do it!) I approve! :D
  2. $1,369. A little over $400 of that is a friend's, the rest is mine. The list:
  3. just don't get too comfortable... See, it wasn't her compassionate side that liked your post. It was her evil one, probably cackling while she did it. The compassionate side was the one that replied and told you to email help.
  4. So obviously Reaper failed because they should have made the kickstarter longer. Think of all the extra stuff we could have had! We'll just have to suffer with what few minis we're getting this time, I guess.
  5. So, is it safe to say that's probably one of the better hourly gains?
  6. You know, I'm going to have to put those two Oni together, with the male one putting his arm around the female one. It'll be too good of a shot.
  7. Well, that put the final total for mine and my friend's pledge at leet, otherwise known at $1,337.
  8. At least you're not a four digit figure yet, right?
  9. I think that is an exercise left up to the individual watching it. Though the description does say it took 6 months to do.
  10. So this showed up in my facebook feed from a friend... Friendship is manly...
  11. It is a hard call for me since I could use the monsters but the investigators are shelfwarmers unless I strongarm my group into a game with a timeline in that era. I'm at the 'F it, I'm buying it' level. I will swim in my albino minis!
  12. Reaper isn't given your backer information until the Kickstarter is over, so everyone is Wave 10 until then. You'll get adjusted once Reaper gets your monies.
  13. Basically until the boat hits the water coming from China.
  14. Too slow! *whine whine* Reaper, you're failing at your kickstarter! Tianot should be cheaper, we're never going to make it to that goal. Everyone going to pull their funding at the last minute. <End facetious whining>
  15. As long as he's not dipping into your commission money for his choices. Make him buy extra dragons too!
  16. Since the 48 hour notice is going out today, the averages are about to get seriously skewed. :D
  17. Well, looks like no one needs to mod the throne to get that dwarf off.
  18. I'm still thinking it will push 3 mil. My instincts point more towards 2.3-2.4m, but Reaper has consistently proven me wrong throughout the campaign, so absolutely nobody should pay the slightest attention to my numbers. It's possible that they are better at this Kickstarter thing than I am. I completely underestimated them the last two KS's. Not this time. I'm sticking at 3 mil. I may be wrong, but I don't think it is a wild hope either. I think would push it would be Flying Camels with Gatling guns!!! Well...I am still working on the camel (the side not seen in the photo), so possibilities exist, but wings are not currently on my list of possible gear additions. (Right now I am working on a water jar and small chest for the other side.) Instead of another weapon pack, we should have a wing (or alternate/extra limb) pack as a stretch goal.
  19. No no, go back and read the update. Those are just a couple of future goals they wanted to show off (to build excitement). There are more goals in-between now, Dreadmaw and Ma'aldrakar, they just haven't been revealed yet. You're right, that is a relief! there are also icons between Goremaw and the dragon, I'm sure there will be graveyard additions among them!! Thanks! I'm positive there will be Graveyard unlocks along the way. Trust me on this. An actual confirmation. Rare, blessed, and Liked. :D
  20. Wait, wait. You, not sure if you're going to get a dragon? @Reaper people: I think Siri's account got hijacked.
  21. Well done Reaper. $1,123 between two people. And if you put the graveyard golem in there, you might get another $50. Plus other unlocks. My wallet has committed sepuku, and yet I'm still taking monies from it's ghost.
  22. Very nice. I can't wait to see the detailing on the wings too. :D
  23. Exactly. What she calls basecoated I would be done with.
  24. Because 70k is a smaller percentage of the overall amount now. We're only seeing two significant digits, and 70k doesn't make that second significant digit really move. Yes, I'm saying on a seven digit campaign, only the million and hundred thousand digit is now significant to the average backer for speed tracking.
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