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  1. If it was an Asian elephant, most houses could probably accommodate if it was on the smaller side, they grow 7-10ft tall. An African Elephant, you'd need some cathedral ceilings. Now granted, getting one in the door… Not to mention reinforcing your floor joists. Also an issue I will have to consider with my Bones II box. I live on the third floor of an apartment complex. I'm fairly certain getting an elephant up my stairs is the start of my problems, not the doors. :P Although, the people I live above would probably be passing out pitchforks once it fell through.
  2. Yeah, I'm seeing paragraph markers and such. Hopefully they're ok. Perhaps next time ASCII code character versions of the strange letters?
  3. Well, most houses don't have a room big enough for an elephant, so my suggestion of getting a bigger house is still completely on-topic!
  4. ...Getting used to the clean storeroom from Bryan's work over the weekend
  5. Yes, but only because you've ran out of house to store them in. The answer is obviously to get a bigger house.
  6. No, no. We don't need no stinking elephants. We need Oliphaunts!
  7. I missed Bones I, and regret backing II for as little as I did (when did $400 bucks become little? Damn you Reaper!) So yes, I'd likely back the hell out of a Bones III.
  8. It'd work well for Cthulutech.
  9. Looks really good. Keep up the good work! I have a feeling my first mini from the LTPK is probably going to be three or four colors, hopefully not blobbed together. We'll see how badly I fail when it comes in this week. :)
  10. That's just a cover, Bryan. We all know it stands for Reaping Massive Profits, right? Or at least, I would hope so.
  11. Oh... Matt's expendable I guess. Go Matt go!
  12. Bryan, the tracker moved by 3 times what you said you had to pull. Quit and go home. We'll all be here on Monday. You're not going to cure miniature hunger by yourself.
  13. Now, if you want to walk around, take pictures of everything, and post them for us... I'd be all for that. But falstius is right, don't kill yourself.
  14. Since you'll be by yourself, please don't drop anything heavy on yourself.
  15. Well, my package won't be delivered until Monday -- meaning actually Tuesday -- but at this point I find myself hoping that.. just maybe... I might get... two? As one of the guys in Wave 10, if I don't get mine and you get two, I'll assume you got mine. Where do you live again? :P
  16. Ha! I have Monday off and I'm neither government or non-profit. And yes, I do have a job. I work for an IT security vendor.
  17. Crimea doesn't need any more issues at the moment, Grim.
  18. I've got a Wave 10 Bones II incoming and I've never painted before (I want the minis!), so I ordered the LTPK. Here's to either a big mess, a lot of fun, or both.
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