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  1. Maybe? We don't know what you've seen so far, so we couldn't say. Give me about an hour and I'll have all the pics you could ever want. :D
  2. Considering he went so far as to lock his Ask thread, I'd assume he's on vacation for the next few weeks.
  3. There's an answer other than 'yes'? Blasphemer. Seriously...that post gave me heresy... I have been getting more into metal and resin minis and not so much plastic anymore. It would have to be a pretty amazing sculpt to add it to the norse. Like if they had Mrs. Demon Lord of Minotaurs. I don't know you anymore. --Edit I'll acknowledge you again after the Kickstarter.
  4. There's an answer other than 'yes'? Blasphemer.
  5. Yes, because we couldn't trick a preview URL out of Bryan.
  6. You know, it's still 112 minutes even here in Eastern. Sadly.
  7. Too stressed thinking about the kickstarter?
  8. It might take 20, we don't know what the funding goal actually is.
  9. SERIOUSLY! I'm decades away, and have a list of things to do that will take decades to complete! (like painting all my minis) Twenty minis, twenty years of retirement. Works out about right.
  10. Considering the current page count is only 156, challenge accepted. 21 more pages before you lock the thread!
  11. Nah, they are pretty simple. People just need to actually read the instructions. Have you met people? This is the Internet, man! True, they need a LOT of hand holding and coddling. The biggest headache is going to be people putting solo units into the set location.
  12. I'm actually going to guess $300 or so. There are going to have to be some whales the first day, then. I expect most people will pledge $100 for the core set, and then those people who go all in at once will bring it up to $120/backer or so. *splash* Free Willy!
  13. Yes, and if we do that, what we have now becomes visible when you click it now. We're not going to be doing that, although we know it is a possibility. My point exactly, good sir. Bwa ha ha! Yes, and if we do that, what we have now becomes visible when you click it now. We're not going to be doing that, although we know it is a possibility.It was worth a shot... Yes, but he saw through my dastardly plan to get more previews. Drat it all!
  14. I'm actually going to guess $300 or so.
  15. I never remember exactly what I was going to buy, by the time the response is required. So this time I actually gifted a dollar out. :P
  16. Of the shoes or of me in the lockup? Of you locked up with the shoe.
  17. As a note for the Reaper email that just went out, if you create a preview URL that URL redirects to the actual Kickstarter once you go live. Just saying, ya know...
  18. Final setup. 1 Chosen, 2 Craven, 1 Berserker, 1 Warstaff, 1 HelMaidens. 2 Jotunns, 2 Hordesmen Heroes, and both riders. And a partridge in a pear tree!
  19. You should have been like me and pledged for one of pretty much everything. Choices? We don't need on steenking choices. We'll take 'em all!
  20. "Officer, I had to make an emergency phone call and it was too much stress to warrant driving safely while doing so." The two minutes it takes to do a pledge is fair for pulling over. Sitting there on the side of the road for the first three hours of the Kickstarter to watch pledges and comments, probably not. Just find a gas station and pull in.
  21. Unfortunately I'm at work and can't do this, but someone needs to modify their system time to tomorrow's date and see if the counter hits zero for them. Then post a pic here and complain that Bryan hasn't started the KS yet. :devil:
  22. Bragging rights is a good enough reason. :)
  23. Pretty much anything by James Galloway. He posts as Fel over on http://forums.sennadar.com. Start with the Sennadar series and work forward. It's a bit formulaic, but still good.
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