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  1. I think you have that wrong, my friend. Two days until the current speculation ends, and the rampant what's next speculation begins!
  2. Do you WANT Bryan to pull this thread over and turn around?
  3. In her defense, she is literally a soldier, having served two years in the Israeli Defense Force. She also apparently did all her own stunts in Fast & Furious, plays a bunch of sports, and drives a motorcycle. I don't really think she has the Amazon physique, but I also don't think it's fair to say she's just eye candy. She's very pretty, of course, but she probably has a better idea of what to do with a sword than 95% of actors in Hollywood. That's not a hard bar to pass. 95% of actors in Hollywood don't even realize 'pointy end toward enemy'
  4. But Bryan's already said they're all new sculpts. I need to correct this, I was mistaken. At first I thought they were all new, not all of them are new. There are more new than not new, but some are apparently already available. Also, I've just finished pricing one-of-everything, and if the project goes out to everything we have possible on the list, It's about $670. There's goals in there that are intended to be slotted in if demand is perceived, and some of the ones we have developed we are confident will not be used (There's always something we slide off the board to make room for something else). I would NOT assume that $670 will be the minimum to get one of everything, since our list has a little over $100 of goals that are in the "Holding" column. $500 to $550 is much more likely. Again, we never know how this will go. If we fail to break $3,000,000, then it will probably cost less than $500 to get everything. If we break $4,000,000 it will cost over $600... No, I cannot be more specific. Just like I cannot tell you how many possible figures there are for Core... So, what you're saying is we have to strong-arm every into pledging enough to push us over the $4 million mark. Gotcha.
  5. Yeah, the rational part of me wants to just throw my max $$ at the thing from the start, but the rest of me wants to put in enough for the core, and then increment my pledge to account for the new things unlocked I want. See, you already know you want one of everything. So pledge $500, and add $50 every time a new thing is added. That way you'll have all the things. Multiple times over. :D
  6. And now we see the true reason the Kickstarter got delayed. Reaperbryan didn't want to have to be running the end of the kickstarter on his birthday! Hairy Burpday, Space Pope!
  7. I'm pretty sure it was because the victim wasn't deemed as useful as the cultists themselves and their circle. Remember, every additional piece requires its own mold, so every piece needs to justify the cost. If it were a matter of offending people, I don't think they would have made the initial sacrifice sculpt in metal. Also, eff people who get offended... clearly they're the problem. Just imagine how hard it will be to work on the 7th, knowing that so many new updates and figure reveals are occurring while you're stuck working... The real reason they didn't make the sacrifice is if you get offended, then you BECOME the sacrifice.
  8. They did?? Hua... I'm not gonna hold it against them though. I can't imagine how tired they must have been by that point. to a degree, griping goes along with being a worker. I do my fair share of the griping at work. however, with a freebie like a pizza, generally one should say "thank you" and not gripe about a free meal. It wasn't actually a gripe from them and more certain dietary restrictions that directed different types of pizza to purchase, but I had to say that since it was mentioned we'd woof about a non-gluten free cake. :D
  9. Bones II was great with communication Bones I not so great... BUT Reaper actually listens and improves with each KS so they got that going for them. That being said, Bryan could give us all free cake and someone would complain about the flavor, someone would complain about gluten, someone would be a vegan. Someone will always be unhappy about something :D and somone else would complain about the lack of diabetic friendly options. Well, the packers were complaining about the pizza they were sent, so I think turn-about is fair play if they're going to offer us cake.
  10. Good choice. You have inspired me to create a Fina Fantasy channel on my Pandora! Which brings me to a random question (oops, wrong thread! LOL) Who here has been to Distant Worlds, A New World, or other Final Fantasy Concerts? They keep setting up entirely too far away from me to go to the currently running A New World concert.
  11. So I'm just quoting your last post so I don't have half a page of quotes, but THANK YOU for all the info. That ought to hold off the hordes of demands for more previews for at least 15 more minutes. :) And didn't you say Cadirith was one of the last things added in his KS? There probably wasn't enough time to build goodie demand during the kickstarter, and even with the forums there's not quite as much energy once the thing is over. We don't see your dollar amounts going up when we're adding in the Pledge Manager, after all. I like all the things and will probably spend stupid amounts on the LE one as well. Damn you Reaper, do you just want me to direct deposit my paycheck to you? :P
  12. To be fair, if he were around to use it, Twitter would happily skewer J. D. Salinger. If you do anything and you have Facebook/Twitter it's pretty much just going to be 90% unpunctuated abuse. Before those came along, the saying went: "you can't please everybody." Since then, I think it has morphed to "you can't please anybody." I don't have a lot of respect for EL James' crafting skills, but she gave a lot of people what they wanted. It's not her fault that people want what they want. Same goes for Twilight. I come out pretty neutral on those, because while I deduct points for lack of craftsmanship, I give points for pleasing their respective readership. The second is no less important than the first, and while it's always best to score high in both - given a choice between the two the latter is probably more important. A well-crafted book that doesn't attract readers and fulfill them is pretty much just an exercise in vanity. Too many times I see this excused by "the audience is stupid", and I think that's just a lame cop-out. If you're all that clever, anonymous fictional scribbler I have created as a strawman to make this point, you ought to be clever enough to find a way to be good and entertaining. If you can't, maybe you're in the wrong business. Having thusly staked out my opinion on the matter, I eagerly await the day when it comes back to bite me and the Twitterati set me on fire for my scribbling sins. Sincerely, - a burlap sack full of bad ideas and spiders How DARE you put those two together in a sack. Don't you have any feelings at all for the spiders?
  13. So, with that in mind would you guys be willing to let us know the actual final dollar count when you do lock the pledge manager some time next year? I don't think we've ever released concrete number for post-project additional funds raised. I think after Bones I we released a ballpark figure, but I'm not 100% certain. Unfortunately, I do have an NDA with Reaper, so I'm under strict controls for what information I can and cannot provide. Financial data is typically considered a big no-no.I read it as "what is my final pledge total - after the many smaller additonal orders placed?" No, no. Bryan's got it right. I wanted to know how much difference they ended up with as additional pledges. Perhaps a comment of 'If this had all been pledged in kickstarter we would have ran out of stretch goals' remark?
  14. I do go for at least 2 runs every day, and am currently averaging 2.5 miles (total) per day, and my goal is a 5k (3.1miles) be summer's end, I am very likely to run around. Will I hurt him? Absolutely not. The anti-personnel mines I had installed in the crawlspace will hurt him, if he is not careful, however. That's ok. Goblins aren't persons, so anti-personnel mines won't work on him. You might want to shove a bar of soap or two up there instead.
  15. So, with that in mind would you guys be willing to let us know the actual final dollar count when you do lock the pledge manager some time next year?
  16. You know, the most dangerous part of Bryan's post is that you'll be able to continue adding to your Pledge Manager. "Ohh, I found another $30. I'll go buy another mini." It's like the gift that keeps on draining your wallet. :)
  17. A warlock powered by three divine beings. No, not Din, Nayru, and Farore. But Navi, Fi, and Tingle.
  18. So I have VERY GOOD NEWS for you. We're changing the system now so that you don't really Lock In an order, you Save it. We'll explain it better in an Update, but the Nuts & bolts are this: During the project, it's all in Pledge Calculator Mode. You can make changes all day every day and nothing is permanent. It remembers your selections, but they can be changed at your heart's content. After the project (about 3-4 weeks, if memory serves) we go into Pledge Manager Mode. Everything you chose from calculator mode is still remembered, but now you have the option to Save your selections. At that point, if you spent more than you pledged, you can pay additional funds for the additional rewards. Any Saved items, now paid for, are Locked. Tthis works like before, but with one major difference! Note that you MIGHT choose to Save your rewards while you still have an outstanding balance (maybe you pledge $150 but accidentally selected only $120 in rewards). In the past you'd have been up a creek, but now you can simply go to the next bullet point If at any time you want to ADD MORE rewards, you may do so. Simply make a second, third, or nth payment (as appropriate) to cover the cost of the additional rewards (and shipping if any) and we'll add those to what's already saved. When we ship, we'll ship all of your different Saved orders as one order, combining them for your convenience. Edit to add: At some point, probably right about the time the boat hits the water, we'll make an announcement that no more additions can be made. At that point, all backers are on equal footing, whether you saved all of your selections on Day 1 or Manager Mode, or on day 300) Edit to ALSO ADD: Be aware that Saved Selections cannot be removed. We'll try to be accommodating to reasonable requests, but to remove an item from your rewards we would have to directly enter the database and manipulate the data by hand - not a thing that is always safe or reasonable. It helps if you think of Saves as permanent. You can always add, but subtraction just isn't practical except in extreme cases. Yes, money added in Pledge Manager Mode does not count towards unlocking new goals, and if every backer added only $1 and then decided to add their funds afterwards, in Bones II we'd have only raised $14,000 and not have even met minimum funding. Obviously this would have not been as good of a bargain in that case. Please balance this knowledge with what is financially responsible for you and your family. We would rather have you not pledge than pledge and endure significant hardship for our product. I think I speak for most of us when I say "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" to that. Sir, you are awesomeness!
  19. Only game I played in 5E I played a Warlock. His Patron was a Great Old One. Specifically, the DM. I was channeling OOC knowledge. It was a fun campaign.
  20. F5... Nope. Not yet. F5... Actually, we are there. Welcome, to the INTERNET! Oh, you were looking for a specific page? Error 404 Hmm... Well, I'm sure they'll get that one working eventually. :D
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