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  1. Mine has made it as far as Charlotte, NC. Getting closer....closer...
  2. Suffering right along with you I promise. Horrible drive into work this morning.
  3. Never going to get my Bones. :-( First the package was left behind at the facility by UPS and delayed the delivery. Now it's caught up in GA with severe weather. More delays.
  4. That's right down the street from me. LOL I need to go track that person down.
  5. Funny I had the same hopes for work. Only my boss had the forethought to book me (and four others) a hotel room nearby so we could get here. So the company is closed officially but I'm here working. Double sting for me.
  6. That cloak is absolutely amazing. I like the vibrant color of it.
  7. Many thanks everyone for the warm welcome and ideas. :-) I'm half way through watching the Dark Sword DVD series and they just started talking about NMM. So soon I should know what that is (at least in concept). Next attempt will be the third guy in the Reaper painting kit. He's a bit intimidating right now but I plan to give it a shot anyway. And yes, I did back the Bones kickstarter. I'm eagerly awaiting my package.
  8. So I'm new to the forums and new to the hobby. New to painting. I picked up one of the L2PKs and gave it a shot. Forcing myself to share in hopes of motivating myself to keep sharing and hopefully keep improving. Had a hard time with the eyes and the teeth. The iPhone had a hard time taking pictures.
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