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  1. Working on all eight of the gnolls (highland gnoll from "Thank You" included). Cursing how elusive the color of hyenas' fur is.
  2. I did my first boiling last night. Got a little too eager with the tongs (for I have no sieve) and ended up warping some bases... not beyond usefulness, but noticeably. Aside from the bases, everything else went well. The weapons I wanted unbent did a pretty good job of correcting themselves, and I also got a bit creative... One of my four identical Gnoll Warriors arrived accidentally warped into a different pose, and not an "I'm falling flat on my face" pose, but an actually usable pose. Inspired by that, I used the boiling/cooling process to reposition the weapon arms of two others, so that none of the four are actually posed completely identically any more. That bit turned out nicely.
  3. I love the freehand on the abdomen of the tick queen. Looks great
  4. Oy. Spent all day painting gnoll fur. Got the bright idea to do all eight of the Bones II gnolls (including the Thank You pack's highland gnoll, which turns out to have been sculpted in an almost entirely different style) in one go. And decided to mix up different colors so that no two would have identical shades of fur. Already regretting my ambition (and some of my color choices).
  5. This is probably not the best time to point this out, with Reaper still in the throes of the shipping frenzy (and me posting at the tail end of the weekend to boot), but a while back when people were talking about the learn to paint kits (or kit, rather, since only the one is currently available) I tried to find it and had a tricky time doing so. It's listed in the Bones section along with all the other Bones minis, and it comes up if you search "kit" and only "kit," but "learn to paint," "learn to paint kit," "learn to paint bones," and "learn to paint bones kit" bring up no results. It's also not categorized in boxed sets, though that could be inentional. Considering its entry-level role, I feel like it'd be helpful if it were easier to find.
  6. I did check there and found a couple articles that touched on it in passing, but none to the level of detail of this post, which is pretty much exactly what I was looking for when I asked the question. (Thank you very much, Bruunwald, and everyone else who's replied as well!) I think I've got the gist of it now, but thank you! That candle trick sounds familiar, I might've heard that one before, but I don't think I would've remembered it without your reminder. Hm, I didn't even think to look for videos. I'm a fast reader, and video tutorials often feel torturously slow compared to skimming through text (and/or photographic) tutorials, but they might be a good reference for specific technique. Thanks
  7. I like that color scheme a lot, particularly how well the varying greens work together, but I think it could look even nicer if the horns/teeth/claws weren't such a bright white. This is a big dragon, an old dragon, and one who's seen enough action to pick up that war wound of his, and I feel like that pure white looks a little too clean for him. I feel like a bone or ivory would work better.
  8. I love how beady the eyes are. They're reminiscent of some photos I've seen of spiders. I'm surprised how well the pink works with this color scheme, but it's really effective. Great job all round!
  9. I'm sorry. I tried to avoid that, but I only looked in this forum for older threads, I guess the older topics might've been placed somewhere else. Now I feel like a tool. And not the useful kind. Thanks for the advice, though!
  10. So, this... isn't exactly about conversion, at least not necessarily, but "assembly" doesn't seem to really fit in any of the forum's categories. My apologies in advance to the moderators if I should've put this somewhere else. So, here's the thing... I've never assembled a multi-part metal model. Single piece metals I've dealt with, multi-part plastic I've dealt with, resin I've... done a little with, but multi-piece metal? Never. And all the Work-in-Progress threads I've seen for them have frankly kind of terrified me. Pretty much everyone I've seen talking about pinning, here and on other forums, has talked as if the basics are common knowledge, and all the questions I've seen have been about specifics or advanced techniques... what size pins to use, how to do magnetic swappable parts so you can change out weapons, that kind of stuff. What I need is the "talk to me like I'm five," ultra-basic, what-to-expect-when-you're-expecting-to-drill-holes-in-pewter version, including stuff like... When does pinning become necessary? Are there any metal parts small/light enough to not require it, or is it required for any multi-part assembly in pewter? If there is a threshold, what is that threshold? What tools are required for it? I mean, I understand that it involves a drill with a tiny bit and small lengths of metal to serve as the actual pins, but what specific supplies are we talking about? Where would I look to buy such items? How much would they probably run me, minimum? How do you make sure that the holes are properly aligned? After pinning, what adhesive is used for final assembly? I think I understand that some people put greenstuff inside the joint? Does that serve in place of glue, or alongside some form of glue? How likely am I to utterly ruin my minis through incompetent pinning? Are there any major pitfalls to be wary of? The reason I'm asking these questions is that I got to browsing through the Reaper site while I was waiting on my Bones II shipment to come in, and there are some sorely tempting multi-part metals out there, some of them small enough that I'm not completely terrified by them. I'm particularly taken with the Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea II set (whose Sophie is multi-part) and this astonishing leaping dragoon-type guy (whose entire body's weight would be supported by the joins at his wrists... I'm guessing he'd definitely require pinning?). Help?
  11. Not 100% sure why the whole thread would be purged, but that's probably related to their (understandable) desire to avoid dealing with errors and complaints until after initial shipping is complete.
  12. Just finished a detailed inventory. There are so many minis in the Core Set that the heroes kind of blur together for me, but I do believe there is not a single error or omission in my set. Thank you very much, Reaper! (And ladystorm in particular, for pulling my order! ) I do have a lot of boiling ahead of me... my extra Sophie, in particular, is bent backward at least 30 degrees from normal at her ankles. Fixable, but I was taken aback when I first saw it. Poor girl.
  13. There's already been a separate thread about this (because someone couldn't identify the part), but the little anglerfish bit on this guy's forehead seems to love to pop off, and it's a TINY piece, and he's packed in with one of the big Core Set bags, so be veeeery careful about checking the bottom of the bag he comes in.
  14. Mine just arrived! So excited! It's definitely Christmas.
  15. Why not a whole new race of centaur-like Elephants?! I understand they're all the rage these days.
  16. I only have a relatively paltry 5.2 pounds on the way. Core, Expansion 1, Narthrax, the Hill Giants, the Lords of Darkness, Thank You, and an extra Sophie. Already wishing I'd had the cash to go in on Expansion 2, Nathavarr, the Kraken, the paint... but what I've got will keep me occupied long enough already. I'm still planning on getting the Dracolisk, Ursula on the bear, and the Caryatid columns (several Caryatid columns) from Expansion 2 when they hit retail. The room-full-of-carved-columns trick may only work once, but I'm looking forward to that one brief moment.
  17. In my email, if I click the big yellow Continue button by "To get an estimated delivery time for most UPS packages, click Continue" it demands that I sign up in order to access that info, but if I click the tracking number itself, later in the email, that hyperlink takes me directly to the tracking page without the need to register for an account.
  18. Not me, thanks. Bothans are a little too kinky... But so many died to bring you this information! At the very least you ought to respect their sacrifices.
  19. Chtulhu has just had a good PR campaign because he's the Lovecraftian beastie that's easiest to actually depict. That helps people forget that he was canonically defeated (at least temporarily) by a steamship to the face.
  20. I want to steal Alien vs. Predator's "Whoever wins, we lose" tagline for this eventuality.
  21. If anybody sees Douglas, GA go by, that's me! I'm super excited about this.
  22. 5th edition D&D is a weird playing field for both Kaladrax and Khanjira, because both dragons (including dracoliches) and the Tarrasque are lacking some of their traditional powers. Dragons don't have spellcasting by default (though it's offered as a variant build), while the Tarrasque lacks its signature regeneration (settling for simply being hard to damage in the first place) and doesn't require a Wish to put down. A 5E Tarrasque handily outweighs even an Ancient Red/Gold Dracolich in CR and has a definite edge in overall stats, but the dracolich's phylactery may make the difference. With Khanjira's regeneration neutered, Kaladrax could potentially win out just by attrition, wearing the World Breaker down over the course of multiple lives (in a manner not unlike that of a video game protagonist). Also, Kaladrax does have the advantages of potentially swaying allies to his cause or, as previously mentioned, taking class levels himself. Intelligence is the real superpower.
  23. Flight is a traditional weakness of the Tarrasque, but, as ub3r mentioned, some versions of it are tooled with better anti-air capability. I seem to remember the Pathfinder Tarrasque, in particular, being designed with a mind to eliminating the weaknesses of the 3.5 Tarrasque, making it harder to exploit.
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